48 Years Ago The Speedmaster Became The Moonwatch

48 Years Ago The Speedmaster Became The Moonwatch

On July 21st, at 2:56 UTC, Armstrong set foot on the Moon and expressed his acclaimed words. Very little later, Buzz Aldrin followed him. On his wrist, the Omega Speedmaster Professional – from that second on, the ‘Moonwatch’.

Normally, we cover the Speedmaster only on Tuesday here on Fratello, however for this extraordinary date, we make a special case obviously. Today, 48 years prior, the Omega Speedmaster turned into the Moonwatch. Not unintentionally obviously, and surely not without a progression of outrageous testing. No, the Moonwatch was equipped for all monitored space trips in 1965 and around 4 years after the fact, it was on the wrists of the team that would be the first of 12 men that were (ever) on the Moon.

For this event, we overhauled our article on how the Speedmaster turned into the Moonwatch. It is completely forward-thinking and checked with Omega, and comparative (aside from some various pictures) to the article as imprinted in the Speedy Tuesday Magazine we reported recently.

Click How the Speedmaster Became The Moonwatch to peruse the full and genuine story on the main watch worn on the Moon 48 years prior and which references were utilized on the Moon.

Speedmaster on the Moon, workmanship by Teun van Heerebeek

To praise today, Omega delivered the accompanying short movie:

*Header picture (c) by NASA, picture taken by Neil Armstrong.

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