7 Real Watch Ambassadors

7 Real Watch Ambassadors

Watch Ambassadors

Only yesterday, during a press occasion from a watch brand, the subject of ‘watch ambassadors’ and ‘red carpet brands’ was being examined with a colleague watch journalist. Here on Fratello, we contacted the subject previously ( click here for my rant on watch brand ambassadors ) so there is no compelling reason to do that again. Instead, let’s have a gander at the real watch ambassadors. Individuals who supported a watch that were not on the payroll of a watch brand. Individuals who made a watch famous even, without knowing it themselves. Or on the other hand realizing which impact they would have on the watch (brand).

Steve McQueen – Rolex

Although Steve McQueen embraced the Heuer Monaco during the movie Le Mans, he didn’t pick it himself. Instead, he could be seen wearing his Rolex Submariner most of the time. A Submariner 5512 and according to , a 5513 as well. Steve McQueen’s Rolex Submariner 5512 was auctioned in 2009 for $234,000 USD. Although McQueen has been spotted with different watches as well (yet never an Explorer II reference 1655 for that matter), he is most associated with the Rolex Submariner.

Other famous Rolex wearers

The issue with Rolex is, there are so many, so it will undoubtedly happen that someone cool is wearing one of their watches, without being a watch ambassador officially. What about Paul Newman and the Daytona, some references are even named after him. However, let’s not forget about ‘Magnum PI’ (Tom Selleck) and his Rolex GMT-Master, or Ian Fleming and his Explorer. This rundown would be very long frankly, yet please don’t hesitate to shock us with suggestions in the comments below.

Reinhard Furrer – Sinn

Professor, pilot and astronaut (amongst different things) Reinhard Furrer was ready of the Space Shuttle Challenger (Spacelab mission) in 1985, between October 31st and November sixth. On his wrist, Reinhard Furrer was wearing the Sinn 140 chronograph watch. This black PVD chronograph was later replaced by the Sinn 142 and today, you’ll locate a 140 back in the collection.

Reinhard Furrer

Bill Pogue – Seiko

NASA astronaut William “Bill” Pogue was initially planned as Command Pilot for Apollo 19, yet when this got cancelled, he was transferred to the Skylab program. In 1973, Pogue was the pilot for the Skylab 4 mission. This was the longest flight (84 days) to that date. On his wrist, the Omega Speedmaster Professional for EVA obviously. Notwithstanding, during the remainder of the mission he wore his yellow dialed Seiko 6139-6002 chronograph. Now known as the Seiko Pogue . Later on, Seiko attempted again with their Spacewalk Spring Drive timepiece to overcome space. Another Seiko enthusiast is Jay Leno, with his Sportura SLQ007J timepiece. Yet, simply not the same watch ambassador as Colonel Pogue. More on the point can be found .

William Pogue

Don Johnson (Sonny Crocket) – Ebel

There were times when Ebel was a cool brand. Truth. During the 1980s, Don Johnson was spotted wearing a fake Rolex Day-Date at first in the popular Miami Vice arrangement. That changed when one of the main characters, Sonny Crocket, started wearing an Ebel Sport Classic Chronograph. At the time, Ebel utilized the El Primero movement (ticking at 36,000vph) for that chronograph watch. It was before Ebel started using their own caliber (137) movement. Regardless of whether Don Johnson was given this watch or bought it himself, he could also be seen wearing it outside the set. A pity what they never really brand, they had some cool stuff going on.

Miles Davis – Breitling

Not just astronaut Scott Carpenter wore a Breitling, also jazz legend Miles Davis had a Breitling Navitimer reference 806 on his wrist. We canvassed it momentarily in our big Breitling ‘ Vintage Experts Interview ‘ article, yet it generally known that jazz trumpeter wore a Navitimer. There is a large number of images that can be found on the web where you can see Davis wearing his Navitimer. A companion for a long time, as it seems.

Gianni Agnelli – Omega

We might have two or three different names here, as there were many famous individuals wearing an Omega and unintentionally supported it. John F Kennedy, who wore an Omega during his inauguration and who was actually the one that made the space program so important. NASA for making the Speedmaster part of the official astronaut gear, or even better, astronauts Gordon, Schirra and Slayton who bought a Speedmaster even before NASA started a procurement interaction for their watches. No, we picked Gianni Agnelli. The former FIAT manager who not just made FIAT the most important company of Italy at the time, he was also known for his fantastic fashion awareness and fashion. Wearing the Omega Seamaster PloProf 600M over his sleeves, for instance.

Andy Warhol – Cartier

Just like most of the big brands, Cartier also has a line-up of famous individuals who can (or could) be seen with their watches. Jacqueline Kennedy (Onassis) wore a Cartier watch, yet in addition Lady Diana wore a Cartier watch (so does her son’s spouse, Kate Middleton), yet additionally very some men are and were seen with Cartier watches. Among them, artist Andy Warhol. He wore this 18 carat gold Cartier Tank, with white dial and Roman numerals. An all around thought about purchase, based on his statement “I don’t wear a Tank watch to tell the time. Actually I never at any point wind it. I wear a Tank because it is the watch to wear!”.

Shortly after his death in 1987, he sold most of his estate via auction to have a foundation created for the advancement of the visual arts. $20 Million USD was raised during auctions, of which the Cartier brought $5000 USD.

Have More?, Please Share!

These 7 was only a couple of the real watch ambassadors, however we’re almost certain there are other important ones to mention as well. Please utilize the Disqus comment system beneath to enter your favorite real watch ambassadors.

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