A $215USD Rolex 6238 from 1968 – When a 15″ Color TV Set Cost $350USD

A $215USD Rolex 6238 from 1968 – When a 15″ Color TV Set Cost $350USD

There are regularly tales about watches that make us dislike a piece. Is it a genuine story? Is there – any – provenance to back this up? A watch that has been given over or has been sold multiple times effectively in its life time, regularly brings up these sort of issues. Not with the Rolex 6238 we have on Fratello today. We love first proprietor stories without a doubt, in any event, when it implies the watch has been adjusted (as it ought to) and might contain some unique new parts. A watch that has not fallen under the control of vendors or sale houses, where a few sections may have been ‘curated’ to make it an appealing looking watch. None of that on account of this legitimate 1968 Rolex 6238 that has a place with one of our perusers who contacted us, to share his story.

Rolex Chronograph Reference 6238

Before there was the – presently – popular Daytona, there was this chronograph with reference 6238. A 36mm chronograph with a hand-wound Valjoux 72B development, a development (of which there were various varieties) basically use till 1988 for their chronographs. The Rolex 6238 has been delivered from 1960 till some place in 1968, the year when our peruser purchased his own Rolex 6238 chronograph. In the then, Rolex likewise began to make the Cosmograph reference 6239 (1963). The name Daytona came just somewhat later, in 1964.

The Rolex 6238 was, and still is, an attractive looking little chronograph. The primary distinction between the Rolex 6238 and the 6239 ‘Daytona’ is the expansion of a tachymeter scale bezel to the last mentioned, just as differentiating shaded sub dials. As per “Rolex, The Watch Book” by writer Gisbert L. Brunner that showed up as of late, the complete creation number of Rolex 6238 watches is 3600 pieces. That’s more than we read on different sources that discussed 2000 to 2500 watches. All things considered, compared to different assortments and particularly to today’s creation number, that’s not much.

The $215USD Rolex 6238 from David

Our peruser David let us realize that he purchased this Rolex 6238 new back in 1968. It was a compensation for himself for finishing a test, and the watch must be requested and it required half a month to show up. In that time, the cost expanded by $10USD to $215USD. On top, he needed to cover 2% deals charge. In 1968, a 15″ shading TV set would slow down you $350USD. David was ready for deployment in 1968 as a Captain in the US Air Force. His compensation was around $11,000USD each year. Normal income each year was about $7850USD at that point, so you could say that the Rolex 6238 was not as costly as a Rolex chronograph today, compared to a normal month to month salary.

David kept the receipt of the Rolex 6238, which shows the cost of the watch that he paid. He wore the Rolex 6238 as an every day watch until 1976. He at times wears it however he is very much aware of today’s estimation of this chronograph.

FW: Why did you especially pick this Rolex? Did you definitely think about the brand and this particular model?

David: My dad was drafted in 1942 and gave a Rolex bubble back with the Roman and Arabic numerals, so I knew about the brand. I had been wearing a Gallet Chronograph ($50USD new in 1959) day by day since Christmas 1959 and needed an extraordinary award for breezing through a significant test. I went to a goldsmith and took a gander at indexes since none at any point had chronographs in stock in 1968. I picked the 6238 in light of the fact that I preferred the clean cleaned up appearance  compared to the bustling dial of the Gallet ( which I actually have and wear).

Have you worn it a great deal since you got it, and as of late since the worth went up? Did the watch accompany you on a particular outings or missions when in the USAF?

I wore it practically day by day till around 1976 when I was enticed by a quartz Seiko LCD chronograph. I wore the Seiko for a couple of years before I restored my advantage in mechanical watches. I was in the USAF at the hour of procurement so the Rolex was worn at work. As I was a non combatant nothing energizing happened

Did you begin gathering watches afterwards?  What uncommon spot does this 6238 hold in your collection?

I fired gathering around 1990 getting Swatch Automatics and USSR Russian hand-wound pieces. My advantage steadily changed to mechanical chronographs both vintage and more current. My most recent buy is an O&W Aviation 34017 33 with 24 hr dial.

The 6238 is I surmise the “Crown Jewel” of my assortment dependent on life span of possession and enthusiasm for esteem. I was stunned when I began utilizing the web in the last part of the 1990s a found that these were esteemed at $10,000 or more. The most elevated closeout value I have seen was around $40,000 back in 2006 preceding the crash.

Did you at any point consider take a gander at Rolex once more? Like a Daytona or maybe a Submariner?

I have taken a gander at a couple of Rolex chronographs yet the ones I like are out of my value range. By and large I keep thinking about whether in 1968 I would have bought the 6239 rather than the 6238 had I realized that watch existed.

A large thank you to David for offering his story to us on the Rolex 6238. Contact us in the event that you need to share your watch related story.

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