An Overview: The Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Watches

An Overview: The Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Watches

At the Chemin des Tourelles 17 in Le Locle, you will discover the base camp of Tissot SA since 1907. Tissot named an assortment after this road, called the Chemin des Tourelles (which means as much as ‘Turret road’). Also, it is surely a pleasant ‘Chemin’, where Tissot is found. An extraordinary motivation to name an assortment after it.

Tissot Chemin des Tourelles

The Chemin des Tourelles assortment isn’t new, however Tissot two or three new watches with blue and earthy colored dials. In their official statement, Tissot states these tones are a ‘trend’, which is valid, yet which likewise has been a pattern for very a few years now. Maybe the news doesn’t go that quick to the Chemin de Tourelles in Le Locle. Regardless, Tissot accomplished to make some beautiful cool looking watches with – surely – blue and earthy colored dials, controlled by their Powermatic 80 development. More about the development later.

Tissot has a long history, right back to 1853. It made some immensely cool watches in the twentieth century and even imparted a few developments and designs to Omega during the 1950s. Tissot two or three decent chronographs and jumping watches, that, in the event that you are into vintage watches, merit searching for. Attempt the Tissot Navigator chronograph, for instance, controlled by a Lemania development. Or on the other hand the PR516 from the 1970s, with a comparative Lemania based development as the renowned Moonwatch. At the point when Swatch Group assumed control more than, a great deal of brands that they gained were repositioned. Brands like Longines and Tissot were situated between the lower-end Certina and the better quality Omega brand. Pattern Group cunningly (in contrast to Richemont) stacked their brands, so they would not cannibalize too quite their very own bit gathering yet rather battle competition from outside. For devotees of vintage Tissot and Longines a pity, as these were contrastingly situated in the past than they are today, however useful for newcomers and fans with a restricted (or rational?) budget.

Powermatic 80

Back to the Tissot Chemin de Tourelles and its specifications. The Powermatic 80 depends on the ETA type C07.111, which is on its turn dependent on the work of art and demonstrated ETA2824-2. It has a force hold of 80 hours (subsequently the name) and ticks at 21600vph. It is really a lovely little development, with the enhanced rotor engraved ‘Tissot’.

The development can be appreciated through a sapphire gem that Tissot fitted for the situation back. This snap-on case back has a lot of etchings in the bezel, similar to the reference number, chronic number, the brand name, its establishing year and the degree of water obstruction. Gracious, and the way that it is made of tempered steel and has a sapphire gem. All in all too much if you were to ask me, why not make a fascinating etching of the model name for what it’s worth? In any case, some watch fans may like a great deal of specifications visible on the watch.

On the dial side, we find where the genuine excellence is of this watch. An exceptionally pleasant blue, or earthy colored, dial. Either complete sunburst or with a dash of a Clous de Paris design around the middle part. The watch comes with either stick markers (sunburst adaptation), or halfway stick markers and Roman numerals. The Clous de Paris in combination with the Roman numerals makes the Tissot Chemin des Tourelles a smidgen more exemplary as I would see it. The Chemin des Tourelles watch comes with a coordinating (21mm) lash with gator print and has a butterfly collapsing clasp.

With a measurement of 42mm, and a thickness of 10.9mm, it is a simple fit for the greater part of us I think. The watches are accessible either in typical (316L) tempered steel, or with a PVD rose gold covering. For the treated steel models, there is additionally a hardened steel arm band accessible, making the watch a smidgen all the more all-round.

The Tissot Chemin des Tourelles in steel and blue dials, just as the PVD gold with earthy colored dials, are accessible as of now, the blue dial adaptation with the Roman numerals and calfskin tie will be accessible as of September 2018 (which strikes me as odd, as it just concerns a strap).

Pricing is as follows:

  • Reference T099.407.16.047.00 (Sunburst), hardened steel, cowhide lash: 745 Euro;
  • Reference T099.407.11.048.00 (Clous de Paris), hardened steel with wristband: 795 Euro;
  • Reference T099.407.11.048.00 (Sunburst), PVD rose gold, cowhide tie: 855 Euro;
  • Reference T099.407.36.448.00 (Clous de Paris), PVD rose gold, cowhide tie: 855 Euro;

More data can be found on the authority Tissot .

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