Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 Bronze – A Hands On Review

Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 Bronze – A Hands On Review

This is the first occasion when I have an Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 Bronze in my grasp and I need to say it is a major watch. Indeed, even so enormous, that when I removed my Omega Speedmaster Mark III to lash this on I was shocked by its size.

Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 Bronze

In pictures it looked a lot more modest, yet the size isn’t an issue by any stretch of the imagination. Following a couple of moments I understood that paying little heed to its estimations, the watch is incredibly comfortable. It went ahead an olive green NATO (which functions admirably with the bronze case) and the watch is super adjusted on it. It didn’t feel unbalanced by any means. I likewise saw how sharp the appearance of the watch is. It truly feels like a genuine plunging instrument. The weight, the quality, the looks all compare to the way that it is a pleasantly made tough apparatus watch.


As I said it over; the Bathyscaphe 100 Bronze case feels and looks tough. This is because of the way that it is cut by CNC from a piece of bronze compound square that is salt-water safe. The screw-down case back is engraved and furthermore made of bronze. It is 43mm wide barring the crown and 49mm from carry tip to drag tip. The thickness of the watch is likewise very remarkable at 15mm. Obviously, this strong case permits the watch to have a water obstruction of 1000m not that you probably at any point go further than 20-30m with it, in the event of some unforeseen issue. The entire case is brushed with the exception of for the two edges, which are cleaned. Bronze functions admirably on the wrist it stands apart a piece yet not all that much. The bezel is uni-directional and it’s very simple to turn. It is covered with Super-LumiNova, similar to the dial.

The case back of the focuses the logo with all data around it. You can discover the time of the first plan of the watch (1970), likewise the material it is made of (bronze composite) and the water obstruction in meters and feet obviously. In the second line they list the name and reference of the watch just as the restricted version numbers. The Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 Bronze is restricted to 500 pieces, my survey watch being number 9. There is a touch of disparity here since the case back states Made in Germany, while the watch dial says Swiss Made. Clearly the previous alludes to the watch case and case back while the last to the watch as a whole.


The heart of the Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 Bronze is ETA controlled. The type 2836 development to be exact. Watch brands think of it as a trusted and dependable work-horse development, which it unmistakably is. A programmed development with 25 Jewels, 28.800 vph and stop-second controller framework – commonly known as hacking development. This permits you to put the time down to the specific second. The watch is obviously time just with a date marker at 3 o’clock. Nothing extravagant here, however this watch, as most if not all plunge watches, are not extravagant watches. They are devices that your life can depend on.

Dial and hands

The clean plan of the Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 Bronze reflects in the watch-face as well. Basic dark stirred dial, just insignificant content and Super-LumiNova files. I even discovered the logo with the brand name altogether too little for the dial size. All things considered, how about we simply say that it is unquestionably not overwhelmingly present. The Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 Bronze’s dial has no numbers, just files covered with 8 layers of Luminova. Under 12 o’clock you see the logo and Aquadive and simply over 6 o’clock you find the model name (Bathyscaphe 100) with the water opposition and the sort of development it has. Nothing else should be on the dial. Indeed, even the date window is fairly covered up at the 3 o’clock. The hands are cleaned steel with Super-Luminova, the second hand has a similar square towards the tip you get on vintage models.


According to the company the lash the Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 Bronze as a rule comes on is a 22mm Isofrane. These are pleasantly made excessively tough yet not hardened Italian plunging ties. Isofrane, alongside jungle ties, prepared some amazing jumper watches before. They are among the lashes you need for a jumper. The long dark elastic tie is great on the off chance that you need to lash the watch over your wetsuit however it may disrupt everything in the event that you have a skinnier wrist and need to wear it typically. In the bundle I additionally had a 22mm nylon olive green nato. I need to say the green functions admirably with the bronze tone. They have an incredible difference and look stunning on the wrist. I additionally received a fine delicate earthy colored calfskin tie. An extraordinary combo too without a doubt when you need to dress the watch down a bit.


Not too quite a while in the past Mike expounded on the Facebook Diver’s Watch Group restricted version watches . The first of such joint effort was a blue bezel steel jumper between the gathering and Aquadive. Obviously the watch was a gigantic achievement and sold out quite soon. Our Aquadive Bathyscaphe 100 Bronze bears precisely the same feel and measures as that watch. The vintage feel is noticeable in the two pieces this one with its bronze case being the more provincial one in my opinion.

The cost of the watch is a well disposed $1790 (about €1660). At this value range you would struggle to locate another bronze watch with such quality and character. We adored the Oris Carl Brashear and the Tudor Black Bay Bronze  but those models play in an alternate value range. Though I adored the watch while I was wearing it I will be miserable to see it go. I’m likewise knick-knacks to perceive how the case builds up its patina over the long run. When we have a report on that we will let you know.

Visit the for data on this and numerous other models.


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