Armin Strom BaselWorld 2017 novelties will be designed: by you.

Armin Strom BaselWorld 2017 novelties will be designed: by you.

Armin Strom took a strong action and didn’t carry any new watches to BaselWord 2017. Nothing.

Armin Strom BaselWorld 2017

When we visited them the solitary watch they could shows us was something we previously saw months prior during SalonQP in London. That was the Mirrored Force Resonance Fire, an amazing watch from the Biel maker. You ought not concern however, Armin Strom is doing fine. They just took a strong action and offer something very few brands have done previously. Armin Strom’s most recent watches will be the manifestations of you, dear peruser. There is more. On the off chance that your creation wins, Armin Strom will make the watch for you (given that it’s beneath 15,000 CHF). You should simply to share your plan online.

Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance Fire

The idea

Instead of planning another line during the current year’s reasonable they deiced to offer another thing to the watch cherishing community; A chance to alter your watch. Anyway you can plan your watch down to the littlest subtleties. Something no haute horlogerie brand has done previously. I mean obviously at the correct cost each watch producer will make a custom piece for you. Anyway that is time and cash burning-through. Armin Strom needed to make this excursion for the client simpler. So they made the Armin Strom Watch Configurator. It is a straightforward and simple path for anybody to make a special watch down to the littlest detail.

Custom made Armin Strom front…

…and back

The Process

The strategy is straightforward, visit the configurator site and pick your base model. On the new page you locate the various components the watch of your determination develops from. Parts like the dial, the case the lash yet in addition the base plate, the wrench wheel or the extensions you can select from the different choices the brand offers. When you did the plan you can even add your initials to the ‘lip’ at 6 o’clock to make the creation significantly more custom. When your plan is prepared you can share it on your web-based media stages and remember to add the hash tag#designarminstrom. The fortunate champ gets a credit of 15,000 CHF that the person can use towards the installment of the watch.

Take your pick

Visit Armin Strom’s and search for the „configurator”. Make your fantasy watch and offer the outcome. We trust you win!

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