Bedat & Co No 8 – 52Mondayz, week #44

Bedat & Co No 8 – 52Mondayz, week #44

This week I’ll wear my Bedat & Co No 8. A delightfully planned and developed watch, which is not really known and not regularly seen.

Bedat & Co No 8, ref 888.018.310 – 52Mondayz, week #44

Nowadays Bedat & Co has its emphasis absolutely on women watches. In any case, one, two decenia back, there were appealing monitors watches in their program too. Also, my No 8 is one of them.

The reference of this model is 888.018.310 and it came either on an earthy colored woven crocodile tie with pin clasp or a dark croco tie with moved edges on an extremely unique developed collapsing clasp.

Very rich crown construction

The principle eye catcher of the Bedat & Co No 8 is the crown which is incorporated in the case’ center segment. Because of this development the crown isn’t without a doubt, very much secured, anyway even practically undetectable. Postioned inside the form of the watch’ packaging it doesn’t upset the excellent state of it.

The Bedat & Co No 8 on my wrist this week

Many more unique details

Except for this rich crown development, what I like such a great amount about this watch is the measure of exceptional subtleties it has been planned with. The special plan of the hands for example. I’ve never seen it and for me it’s unquestionably Bedat & Co No 8.

AUTOMATIC imprinted in a flimsy line over the 4-list marker

The way ‘AUTOMATIC’ has been printed as a slim line over the 4-list marker. Extremely in vogue. It doesn’t mess the dial, and you need to take a second look to see it by any means. By and large I like the manner in which the data was imprinted in the dial. The band’s name in the top and the No 8 model sign at nine, oposite to the twofold date windows.

There’s a dark printed 8 as a component of the 8-file in the dial

The Bedat-styled 8

The figure eight is a widespread image of flawlessness and vastness, which was the reason Bedat picked it as the insignia for their watch model No 8. The Bedat-styled 8 can be found on many, regularly sudden spots at the watch. Beginning at the top of the crown, which is practically invissible due to its protetive development. At that point there’s a dark printed 8 as a feature of the 8-record in the dial. A little 8 is punched-in at the outside of the base left band haul. Particularly like a hallmark.

Only seen at regular intervals in the twofold date window, the 8 printed at the date plate is the uncommonly styled Bedat 8 too. Furthermore, I think the last ones are the little 8s other than the ‘Swiss AOSC’ sign in the lower part of the dial.

Not regularly seen AOSC certification

Bedat utilizes a fascinating and not regularly seen quality name, the A.O.S.C. (Nickname d’Origine Suisse Certifiée – Swiss Certified Label of Origin) which represents a result of complete Swiss inception and assembling. Bedat explaines about the A.O.S.C. mark .

Mention SWISS AOSC in the lower part of the dial

The distance across of the Bedat & Co No 8 – and for this situation obviously that’s including the crown – is 40 mm, and it houses an ETA 2896 programmed development. The watch is waterproof to 50 meters and has a sapphire precious stone. Relatively few of these watches are seen available to be purchased. Furthermore, in the event that they are their cost regularly is enjoyably low compared to the form quality and innovation of the watch. More data on Bedat & Co can be found at their site


There’s a dark printed 8 as a component of the 8-file in the dial AUTOMATIC imprinted in a dainty line over the 4-record marker Mention the Swiss OASP in the lower part of the dial

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