Casio G-Shock GPW-1000RAF – Hands-On Review

Casio with its G-Shock idea has more than 30 years of history with regards to strength. In 1981 a group of just three individuals drove by Kikuo Ibe was shaped to deliver a watch which could satisfy the Triple-10 idea; ready to oppose a 10 meter fall onto a hard surface, water impervious to 10 bar, long term battery life. In 1983 and more than 200 models later, Ibe’s group accompanied the principal G-Shock, the DW-5000.

Despite the colossal accomplishment it was back then, when a watch was as yet viewed as a fragile instrument, G-Shock has developed hugely. The watch we’re inspecting here is one of G-Shock’s most recent manifestations and is an awesome illustration of the G-Shock evolution.

The Casio G-Shock GPW-1000RAF is a restricted version in the Gravitymaster arrangement, planned in collaboration with the British Royal Air Force and shading/contrast-wise enlivened by its Chinook helicopters. It’s said, by Casio, to be the main watch at any point to have radio-and GPS-signal gathering for right time setting (counting light saving season) of the watch in any country or area you ought to live. Other than the time sign, and like some other G-Shock, the GPW-1000RAF has a ton of extra capacities. That’s where this active survey truly starts, and it very well may be one of my most dubious audits to date.

On First Wear

What a major, instrumental, mean and yet gorgeous, too incredibly coherent piece of hardware! It’s enormous in measurement (56 mm) and hight (18,8 mm), the weight’s fine and dandy (126 g). The lash appears to be adequately long to fit two wrists, and absolutely would fit over a flight-in general. Whatever capacities it may additionally have, the time is coherent under practically all lighting conditions. Furthermore, even in black as night an overly splendid auto LED light can be initiated naturally as you turn the watch toward yourself. The glowing Neobrite material of the hands and 3D records gives long haul enlightenment in obscurity after just a short openness to light.

Huge catches, enormous screws, a carbon/sap blend simple fitting and simple movable tie. A thick metal clasp and rider with RAF logo and name. A major 12 and 6 to keep great direction at the dial, under an enemy of intelligent sapphire gem. Regardless of what I effectively like it now!

After Wearing It For a While

So then let’s go on and investigate this Casio G-Shock GPW-1000RAF. Three press catches and a major 1/sixth turn brisk lock crown are chuckling at us. Where to begin? This not being my first G-Shock I surmise that the base left pusher should be the mode evolving. Snap, and indeed, the mode sign hand at 3 o’clock pushes ahead from demonstrating the current day of the week to ST, which means ‘Stopwatch‘. For those curious about working a G-Shocks, Casio engraved the elements of the pushers at the excellent metal case back.

After the mode pusher, beginning the stopwatch is finished by squeezing the upper right pusher; nothing unexpected here. The sign of seconds and minutes of the stopwatch is done in the sub-register at 8. Anyway it takes a long time before the hands in this sub-register have set to nothing, so you can’t just set the capacity to ST and begin the stopwatch; contingent upon where the little hands are in the sub-dial it’ll require very a few seconds before you’re ready to work the stopwatch. – 1.

Then ideally the enormous and very voluminous time minute and additionally hour hands are not anyplace somewhere in the range of 6 and 9 at the dial, in light of the fact that all things considered they will impede the stopwatch sub-register for an incredible arrangement, debilitating you to practically utilize the stopwatch. – 2.

When working the stopwatch you’ll see the enormous second hand of the watch pivot 360 degrees in one-second stretches. It’s stoppable at 1/20th of a second and does this quick turning for the initial 30 seconds of the utilization of the stopwatch. Following 30 seconds the 1/20th second hand dwells at 12 and will turn to the specific 1/20th of a subsequent when halting the stopwatch. Each time you stop the stopwatch and restart it again without resetting to nothing, it’ll run for 30 seconds. Nice.

As the seconds and minutes of the stopwatch are demonstrated on the sub register at 8, which is initially the subsequent time region dial of the watch, I’m inquisitive what will occur following 24 minutes when the 24-hour size of the dial closes. Here’s what occurs; the stopwatch simply stops at 24 minutes – it stops! 24 minutes… that’s everything it does. 1/20 of a second precision decent, anyway simply ready to record times as long as 24 minutes is not really usable as a genuine stopwatch. – 3.

On to the following capacity TI, the ‘Timer‘. Connecting with this capacity is simple, anyway what might be said about the setting? Here’s the primary test which makes me needing the watch’s ‘Operating Guide’. There’s a little booklet that comes with the watch, anyway I like to download the PDF-record which is simpler to peruse. The quantity of the module in this watch is QW-5410 and Google-ing brings me rapidly at .

I won’t dive into subtleties which can be found in the activities direct, anyway setting is really simple. When beginning the clock, again through the upper right pusher, the huge recycled begins rapidly turning counter clock-wise towards the set time. The excess time can be perused again at the sub-register at 8 (again when not blocked when hands). Eventually and when not listening cautious the clock commotion may be not uproarious enough to see by any means. – 4.

On to the third mode, the every day ‘Alarm‘. There’s ‘only’ one day by day alert on this G-Shock while most others sport five cautions. Not a lot to stress over, but rather for a very good quality (likely even the best quality) model of G-Shock somewhat odd to learn. Setting needs the ‘Operating Guide’ once more, and is done pretty a similar route as setting the clock. The caution time is shown again at the sub-register at eight (for sure, more often than not). Setting the alert on and off is finished by the pusher at 4 which makes the enormous recycled point at a blue printed ‘on’ and ‘off’ in the watch’ bezel. In the end I need to bring up that again the clamor level isn’t what’s in store from an expert watch. – 5.

That’s essentially about the additional elements of this watch, and perceptive perusers may have referenced that all the additional capacities are pretty much pointless. Hesitant to work, hard to set, scarcely intelligible and not uproarious enough to be helpful. In no way, shape or form something you would anticipate from a ‘professional’ Royal Air Force devoted watch.

After Wearing The G-Shock GPW-1000RAF Somewhat Longer

Back to fundamentals. I actually love the watch and don’t need to take it off my wrist. So why would that be? All capacities s*ck,  with the exception of the look and feel. What’s more, that’s precisely why I actually love it. In every day life, what you use is perusing the time and likely the date. This is the thing that this watch is brilliant in, clear to peruse while looking incredible on your wrist; what else do you need from a € 900,= watch?

€ 900,= for this Casio G-Shock GPW-1000RAF? I thought a G-Shock was a € 100,= watch? Indeed for sure it was. Anyway this advanced G-Shock has such a lot of innovation on board – GPS and radio time gathering for programmed time region and DST time trading, shadow scattering sun oriented boards, 7 months power save (minus any additional openness to light), interminable schedule till 2099, and not to fail to remember against intelligent genuine sapphire precious stone – that I think it’s truly worth it’s sticker price. Furthermore, this Casio G-Shock GPW-1000RAF is an exceptionally restrictive Royal Air Force restricted release (normal GPW-1000 models retail for € 100,= less).

Other Observations

On the pusher at 4 o clock there’s an intriguing Z imprinted in red on it with a line, similar to a meridian, start to finish through it. When taking a gander at it I promptly understood what it was intended for. One press button admittance to Zulu (or GMT) time. What else could this catch on an expert Royal Air Force watch be intended for? Well… not for sign Zulu time at the press of a catch lamentably. Pushing it once shows if the watch has gotten it’s sign to synchronize the time, Yes or No. Longer squeezing powers the watch to search for a period synchronizing signal. Absolutely futile to point a unique catch for this; regardless of whether not synchronized the watch keeps time inside 15 seconds every month. – 6.

As referenced to start with, the watch has an excellent and clear LED Super Illuminator Light for use when it’s black as night. It works when squeezing the upper-right pusher. However… just when in time-just showing mode. When in any of different modes, ST, TI or AL, it doesn’t work thus you can’t utilize the capacities, nor read when utilizing different modes than simply the normal time. – 7.

Positive. As referenced there’s a sub-dial at 8 for all time showing a subsequent time region in 24-hour design. This is an overall quite useful element; the watch has 40 time regions to pick from.

Positive too. At 11 there’s a significantly more modest third sub-register which I didn’t notice before as it didn’t do anything with the watch’ different capacities. This sub-register in 24-hour design shows the current demonstrated time in 24-hour design. Albeit quite troublesome comprehensible and frequently covered up by the customary time hands, this may be a pleasant alternative for you and positively is helpful as a day/night indicator.


So for what reason would this be perhaps the most dubious audits I did to date at that point? Well I’ve never needed to bring such countless negative focuses about a watch in my surveys, while loving it so much.

Bringing this Casio G-Shock GPW-1000RAF as an expert Royal Air Force instrument is totally ludicrous. There’s barely any extra capacity to the standard time keeping which is appropriately reasonable. I can envision Royal Air Force staff need to utilize an appropriate stopwatch and have comprehensible admittance to Zulu (GMT) time at the least.

But at that point, the watch looks totally stunning. The development, shadings, differentiation and clarity (of the time) are wonderful and great. This is a watch which will be emphatically seen, and is extremely elite (I’ve heard that just around 1.000 pieces have been provided around the world). It’s a very sizable amount of durable and even games genuine sapphire precious stone. And all that for under € 900,=/$ 1,000.- . Would I recommend the GPW-1000RAF? Indeed I do! Indeed, even with all the imperfections you won’t think twice about it. The issue will be the place where to discover one…

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