Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction Report

Yesterday evening, Christie’s held their Speedmaster 50 Auction in New York. Albeit nobody of our group could be there on the spot, we got some assistance from for this report. He is one of the authors and proprietors of the Roy & Sacha Davidoff store, the place for vintage watches in Geneva. He was in New York to observe the sale and addressed part of the gang who presented a generous measure of looks for the sale, Riccardo Bernard.

Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction parts in plain view in New York City.

Sacha Davidoff: “Riccardo Bernard is the significant giver, regarding the Christie’s Speedmaster 50 sale assortment. He is an authority with a partiality for space and air transportation who worked for significant air companies. His first watch was a Rolex GMT-Master (with the PanAm association) seemed well and good concerning his expert foundation, however then he got dependent on vintage Speedmaster watches in the 1990’s. He plans to one day go into space and is right now additionally a devoted vintage vehicle authority, particularly Porsche. In addition, he is the merchant of Porsche in Scandinavia. The unavoidable issue, for what reason would he need to sell this astonishing assortment? To start with, he needed to check his accomplishment and he is happy that the Speedmaster index is lovely. He had a printed copy imprinted in extremely restricted amount. On a more clandestine note, the returns of the deal will go towards his fantasy about flying into space!” 

Sacha Davidoff plunks down with Riccardo Bernard, supporter of the Speedmaster 50 Auction

The Results

With a gauge of somewhere close to $500,000.- USD and $1,000,000.- USD, the complete consequence of $1,304,125.- USD is surely not awful. Release us through some high-lights of the Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction of last night. I’ve several notes of Sacha Davidoff that he took before the bartering, and obviously I do see the outcomes on the authority Christie’s site. So let’s take a brief trip and see what happened.

Flown Speedmaster Pro 145.022

The top merchant of Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction was the flown Apollo 17 Speedmaster Professional with type 861, parcel 15.

Lot 15 brought a faltering $245,000.- USD. This watch was possessed by Apollo 17 space explorer Ron Evans and comes two or three other space memorabilia. It wasn’t utilized on the Moon, or even worn on the wrist during the Apollo 17, it was utilized to perform tests ready and was joined to a scramble board. The watch has been engraved by Ron Evans himself to stamp its experience on board of the CSM.

Ron Evans’ flown Speedmaster Pro 145.022, bringing $245,000.- USD

CK2915 References

Lot 3, the Speedmaster CK2915-1 from 1957 realized $137,000 USD. As per Sacha Davidoff “This is the most pursued and important customary creation Speedmaster as it is the original of the main reference. Presented by Somlo, proprietor of the Omega vintage shop in London, with some theory to the cause of the case (finishings) and the dial also, the gauge is somewhat high and will be fascinating to check whether it is reached.”. The gauge was between $100,000.- USD and $150,000.- USD, so the outcome is very pleasant I think.

Sacha’s words on the case are something that I’ve repeated in this article also. As I wrote in that prior article “….it is by all accounts some sort of early case made by Huguenin Frères that could likewise be seen in early Speedmaster promotions. Regardless of whether this particular watch was utilized as a subject to that mission isn’t clear, however that could be the situation (no quip planned) of course.”. It is fascinating to see that both CK2915 references brought above and beyond $100,000.- USD. Parcel 4 was the CK2915-2 and assessed between $50,000.- USD and $80,000.- USD. The aftereffect of $118,750.- USD is in this manner impressive.

Lot 3 and Lot 4 – The most sought-after Speedmaster reference, the CK2915.

CK2998 References

Another Speedmaster that did very well as I would see it, is part 5. As Sacha depicts it “Beautiful tropical CK 2998-1, base 1000 bezel, and with the numbers that these have been exchanging close circles of authorities (in the background) ought to effectively arrive at the high gauge. Tragically the arm band isn’t right as date 65, yet at the same time quite a detail for such a chalice watch.”. As I wrote in my prior article on the Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction: “For me actually, the CK2998 is something like the vessel Speedmaster. I lean toward it over a CK2915, without needing to question the recorded meaning of that one. I simply favor the dark bezel over the steel bezel and love those Alpha hands. As far as I might be concerned, the CK2998 comes near the Moonwatch as far as we might be concerned today.”. The gauge of this excellent CK2998-1 was somewhere in the range of $20,000.- and $40,000.- USD and the outcome was $50,000.- USD. Part 7 (CK2998-62) and Lot 6 (CK2998-4) got resp. $28,750.- USD and $20,000.- USD which are still entirely good sums for the Speedmaster reference CK2998. This reference is unmistakably exceptionally pursued and the costs went up a considerable amount during the last 2-3 years. Hi vintage Daytona prices.

Lot 5. Omega Speedmaster CK2998-1 with Tropical dial

A wrist shot of parcel 5, the CK2998-1

Lot 6 and 7 – CK2998-4 and CK2998-62

According to Sacha Davidoff the 2998 reference is giving the vintage Rolex Daytona a run for its cash. “So these are probably going to acquire some footing. Both are quite unique, the – 62 has its unique arm band which is a plus.”. I completely concur here and I likewise wonder a piece why it has taken such a long time for authorities to understand that the CK2998 was a particularly decent incentive for cash. Maybe actually is, regardless of these ‘new’ prices.

No type 321 Speedmaster under $10K USD

What everybody saw coming from miles distance, is the way that Omega Speedmaster watches with the section wheel chronograph type 321 development were excessively modest, generally talking. We can discuss whether $10K USD is steep for a Speedmaster reference 145.012-67 for instance, yet this Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction showed that none of these type 321 Speedmasters went for anything lower than $10,000.- USD. As I wrote in my Speedmaster 145.012-67 Buyer’s Guide some time back, it is an underestimated watch, yet not just that, it becomes increasingly more hard to track down one in great and credible condition. On the off chance that that is the situation, it isn’t inconceivable that a large number of them will follow the costs of this Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction.

Lot 9. Speedmaster 105.003-64 bringing $20,000.- USD.

Lot 8 to Lot 13 are all Speedmaster type 321 pieces that were accessible at generally low costs up till as of late. Part 8 is maybe the most uncommon one, a reference 105.002 which is essentially a CK2998 however with the more current reference number coding. It was assessed somewhere in the range of $5,000.- and $8,000.- USD yet it didn’t take a virtuoso to see where that was going. It got $21,250.- USD in the end.

Sacha Davidoff says the accompanying on part 10 and 12: The Speedmaster 105.003-65 ‘Hackett’ (parcel 10): This has a cool provenance and the watch has a decent story. I couldn’t say whether there is sufficient authority appreciation for this kind of provenance to have a major effect. Nonetheless, Mr Bernard invested calm a touch of energy disclosing this one to me and he got it in London for 4K GBP when he went to get a Patek Philippe 5970 and saw it and needed to have it for its flight provenance. About Lot 12, the 105.012-66 CB. The CB has been an authority exemplary the previous few years and bringing a major premium over the 145.012-67, so this truly pleasant model conveyed to HK will undoubtedly do in any event twofold if not more its low gauge of 3,500. 

Lot 10. The Speedmaster ‘Hackett’ with provenance, brought $27,500.- USD

Lot 12 surely multiplied, with an aftereffect of $10,625.- USD. The Hackett Speedmaster has a fascinating story to it and authorities appear to value it and its provenance, with an aftereffect of $27,500USD. Part 13 is a 145.012-67 complete with box and papers and got $11,875,- USD.

While costs that are too high or advertised remove the fun from gathering for some, we likewise ought to be reasonable for understand that the type 321 has the right to be positioned higher than it was.

Gold Speedmasters

There several gold Speedmaster watches in the Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction. The most renowned ones were the Speedmaster BA145.022-69 references, of which 1,014 were delivered altogether. This references comes in a couple of varieties, essentially concerning the case back and just a minor detail on the dial (oval O imprinted on the dial in the main forms). The other gold lump was the Speedmaster Mark II, reference 145.034. The gold Speedmaster BA145.022-69 has been talked about here ordinarily ( click here for our full outline of gold Moonwatch models ), so I won’t broadly expound once more. The most fascinating gold BA145.022-69 model is maybe the one that additionally comes from Ron Evans (Apollo 17) home. This number 1007 (of 1014) was given to Ron Evans for his work during the Apollo mission. It brought $50,000.- USD. While that is a decent outcome, by and by I would have anticipate that it should be somewhat higher, coming from a space traveler. Americans appear to be wild about anything Apollo mission, so I would have gotten it would likewise draw in those with an interest in space related things. The gauge was somewhere in the range of $40,000.- and $80,000 USD, so it is as yet a respectable sum. It appears to be that Sacha Davidoff had similar sort of considerations: “This is a later age and has the number 1007 so that is a decent one. This, once more, is a memorabilia watch versus a watch fellow watch. Along these lines, we will check whether Christie’s prevails with regards to drawing in different kinds of purchasers to this closeout tonight.”.

The Speedmaster Mark II 145.034 was really the piece I discovered to be intriguing, and it had a decent outcome too. It was assessed somewhere in the range of $10,000USD and $15,000USD however ultimately found another home for $23,750 USD. Talk is/was that there several those created (lower than 10), however doesn’t appear to be the situation as per my Swiss sources, which I confide in without a doubt so. My supposition that is here that a great deal of them went into the broiler when the watches separated (or during the quartz period) and sold for their weight in gold. In any case, that doesn’t make them less rare.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II 145.034 – 1971

Specials and Limiteds

Some complain that Omega is pushing out such a large number of unique and restricted versions. In any case, they all appear to be wise interests eventually, in any event, for the later restricted version Speedmaster watches. We as of now see the new Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award Limited Edition being offered for double the rundown cost, and those sums are being paid also (we checked). But how’s that for the more seasoned models for instance? The Speedmaster Soyuz-Apollo that was conveyed to the Italian market in 1976 was restricted to 500 pieces just and viewed as uncommon. We talked about it in our see of the Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction in November. The gauge was between $25,000-USD and $50,000.- USD, it brought $37,500.- USD. Valid, the gauge was very unpleasant, yet a pleasant measure of a treated steel reference 145.022 exceptional edition.

Omega Speedmaster Pro Apollo-Soyuz 1975 – 500 pieces in particular. $37,500.- USD

Other fascinating advancements of the closeout were that the Missions Case (parcel 39) got ‘only’ $66,250 USD. This missions case has 23 Speedmasters inside, of which 22 are the supposed mission fix models. The 23rd model is the Speedmaster ’57 Replica release of 1997 and afterward there’s an extra type 1861 development included. We’ve seen costs going more than $140,000.- USD for these mission cases on eBay previously. Maybe that was somewhat on the precarious side, yet $66,250 USD (assessed somewhere in the range of $40,000.- and $80,000.- USD) isn’t something I would have anticipated. There are just 50 of these cases around, formally 40 for the market, the other 10 for displays and so on (yet some of them additionally wound up for sale).

Interesting enough, the Snoopy Award model from 2003 was assessed between $5,000.- USD and $10,000.- USD and brought $12,500 USD. The more uncommon (and dial-wise more appealing as I would like to think) Apollo 13 version (1995) had a similar gauge, yet brought $9,375.- USD. Albeit still an extraordinary outcome, I would have anticipated that it should be the opposite way around. It shows that the extraordinariness – or created number – of watches don’t generally impact the market estimation of it. Another genuine model is the gold Speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz version of which just 200 pieces were made, it was assessed between $12,000.- USD and $20,000.- USD and ‘only’ got $15,000.- USD. It appears to be that the gold model that truly does well remaining parts to be the 1969 Apollo XI numbered version. That gives expect authorities to locate a pleasant gold model from one of the other Moonwatch models.


What presumably no one saw coming (that incorporates me) were the two quartz LCD models that were on the Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction. These two model watches were made as a ‘Alaska IV’ project (all that Omega accomplished for NASA was named Alaska) for the Space Shuttle period and Christie’s assessed them between $2,000.- USD and $4,000.- USD. All things considered, albeit that was a piece underestimated, I didn’t see an aftereffect of $47,500.- USD coming.

Speedmaster LCD Quartz Prototypes ‘Alaska IV’ – $47,500.- USD for the pair

Another quartz model at Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction was this second era X-33 model ( we checked on it here ), which was assessed between $1,000.- USD and $2,000,- USD. This watch got $2750.- USD which I think mirrors its reasonable worth given the way that the X-33 second Gen model had a short creation time.

Some Thoughts

There is uplifting news and there is awful information, as usual. As I’ve consistently figured out how to begin with the awful news first, a portion of the costs went very high. That’s awful news for the genuine authorities and the folks who had an earnest joy in gathering Speedmasters as it was still moderately reasonable. Particularly with regards to the type 321 models like the 105.003, 105.012 and 145.012. In spite of the fact that I wouldn’t say that this Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction is a 100% impression of what’s occurring on the lookout, it mirrors the propensity of where things are going. In the event that you were after a CK2998 or even CK2915 with a genuinely restricted spending plan, you are considerably more screwed.

The uplifting news nonetheless, is that I am not in stun by the consequences of this sale. It did awfully well with an absolute outcome of $1,304,125.- USD including buyer’s premium for 50 watches, and furthermore significant, there isn’t a solitary parcel unsold! I’m not in stun implies that I likewise see still a ton of chances for energetic gatherers to zero in on, without going into the furor of crazy costs here and there that we saw (and still see) with regards to vintage Rolex looks for instance. I won’t say that they aren’t awesome (either Rolex or Omega), however close to feeling and energy, attempt to relativize a piece when you see certain sticker prices on Speedmasters.

Omega Speedmaster Professional “Meister” 145.022 – 1970

Although I saw the costs of the 145.022 models from the last part of the 1960s and 1970s crawling up – I didn’t notice them independently in the article – the vast majority of them in this Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction were very uncommon in the first place. Either with a tropical dial (got $11,875.- USD) or with unique box (like parcel 17, brought $8,125.- USD) for instance. The one that astonished me to bring only $8750.- USD is the Speedmaster 145.022 with Meister dial and ‘220’ bezel. Regardless, I consider these still remarkable costs for a 145.022 and my recommendation is center around those 1969 and 1970s 145.022 with ventured dials.

I am presently inquisitive to perceive what will occur with the pieces available to be purchased available, at sellers or by means of discussions. I’ve previously saw that a few vendors took a little development on the Christie’s Speedmaster 50 Auction with their costs as of late, when I was looking for a Speedmaster for a companion. Let’s check whether the costs will be changed dependent on the outcome of this extremely intriguing Speedmaster closeout. A ton of references set records last night, similar to the Apollo 17 flown Speedmaster and the CK2915-1 reference. I will attempt to get a full outline of pieces that broke records with regards to Speedmasters, yet my estimate is that a ton of them did. Comparing will be troublesome sometimes, as they are somewhat interesting or extraordinary pieces.

A full outline of the outcomes can be found .

A enormous thank you to Eric Wind and John Reardon at Christie’s for this stunning and electrifying Speedmaster closeout and its outcomes. Another enormous thank you to Sacha Davidoff from to do some answering to me from the sale room in NYC. Sacha is additionally answerable for all the plain pictures in this article.

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