Drive de Cartier – ‘Under A Raging Moon’

Drive de Cartier – ‘Under A Raging Moon’

Last January, at the SIHH in Geneva, Cartier dispatched two new ‘Drive de Cartier’ models. Two models that, regardless of the name, not share that much practically speaking other than the state of the case and the huge blued hands. 

Drive de Cartier Moon Phases

One is the ‘Drive de Cartier Extra Flat‘, the watch that stood out as truly newsworthy, when it was introduced, a shocking dress watch in white-or pink gold. Furthermore, the other one is the ‘Drive de Cartier Moon Phases‘ that we’re having here this week, a watch which is additionally not to be sniffled at.

The ‘Moon Phases’ model offers the run of the mill subtleties with the previous ‘Drive de Cartier‘ models, that were dispatched a year ago. For example the 40mm x 41mm pad molded case, the guilloche dial and that excellent domed gem, that separates the model from most other Cartier watches. Sure it gives some bending or reflection now and then, however it additionally adds a nearly vintage fascinate that I discover hard to portray, it is something that should be capable when the watch is on the wrist.

Next to the ‘Additional Flat’ adaptation there are presently four models; the ‘Time Only, the ‘Flying Tourbillon’, the ‘Small Complications’ and the new ‘Moon Phases’.

The Drive with little Complications‘, we examined HERE  last year, is to me  a extraordinary idea. An incredible travel and consistently watch, however for some the dial could be a piece busy.

For the ‘Moon Phases’ Cartier changed course and decide for a shocking moderate plan  without a date window and without a second hand.

I am sure many of us will accept this peaceful idea. A ‘Moon Phase’ is my top choice and furthermore one of the more reasonable and most attractive complications, one can have. The way that all pointless components were forgotten about, to drag all the consideration to the ‘Moon Phases’, was a courageous decision.

One frustration anyway is the word AUTOMATIC,  located under the Moon Phases, over the number 6. It was likely concluded that it was fundamental, to forestall that individuals may see this model as a quartz watch, since the second hand is absent. In any case, in my vision it spoils the watch a piece. The word automatic was not on the ‘Time Only’ model and it was not on the ‘Drive de Cartier Small Complications’ either, yet both of these two models have a second hand.

The pleasantly formed octagonal crown, set with a sapphire is not difficult to twist, yet since the ‘Drive’ sports the automatic winding 1904-LU MC type with 48 hours of force save, winding isn’t actually necessary.To change the Moon Phases, there is an exceptionally little, barely noticeable catch, close to the crown, that can be squeezed with a ballpoint, it ought to anyway be finished with the provided ‘pusher’, don’t stress, this requirements just to be done, once in like clockwork. While these Drive de Cartier models, ought not be viewed as dress looks as they fit effectively under a handcuffed shirt but they look as incredible when combined with a suit similarly as with a decent pair of pants and cowhide coat. Cartier’s own type, in light of their 1904MC, beats at 28800vph and offers 48 hours of force reserve.

The ‘Drive de Cartier’ with Small Complications will hamper you Euro 8400,- ;  the new Moon Phases model,  that will be accessible early April  is set at Euro 7650,- Both models are conveyed on a dark or earthy colored semi-matte crocodile skin lash and Cartier’s  18 mm  double customizable collapsing buckle.

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