Eberhard & Co Scafograf 300 (Ref. 41034): A Legend Returns

Eberhard welcomed us to come see their curiosities for 2016, so we did. At the point when they showed the new Scafograf we were promptly snared by the splashy bright highlight tones and the comfortable states of this jump watch, so how about we rapidly investigate this plunge machine.

Historical Piece – Scafograf

The Scafograf is perhaps the most seasoned model of Eberhard. Dispatched in the investigating 1950s this watch has really developed through time. Through time, the water obstruction of this piece very fluctuated: from 100 meters for the most punctual models up to 1000 meters with the Scafograf Super in 1983. The archetype of this year’s curiosity bears the same name: Scafograf 300. The number ‘300’ represented a water-safe marker of 300m, which was very great, harking back to the 1960’s. With its distance across of 42.5mm it was an enormous watch compared to the guidelines of those days. The most perfect difference was picked to shape the face: highly contrasting. To make it significantly more practical, the most essential parts for time-perusing were given huge measures of radiant material. Other than this ‘standard’ plunge watch arrangement, there was something very surprising added: a date at 3 o’clock! I surmise Eberhard was one of the primary brands who added the date to make the watch more appropriate for regular work area plunging. The vintage Scafograf 300 is an intriguing piece and still is worshiped by authorities, yet how about we take a gander at the freshest offspring of the Scafograf-family.

Historical overview of the Scafograf family (picture by Eberhard & Co)

Scafograf Dial and Hands

The hands are enormous, clear and of the Baton-type. The seconds hand is the place where the varieties of this watch come in. The Scafograf 300 is accessible in 3 emphasize colors: lemon yellow, purplish blue and white. To associate components on the dial there are a couple of areas where you will likewise meet this tone: at the little pips near the hour markers and as text style tone for the model name. To make the entire somewhat more tasteful the Baton hands, hour markers and the date window are embraced by thick mirror cleaned borders. The hour and moment track is extremely vigorous and simple to peruse. To close with the date window situated at 3: due the white huge hour markers, the white date window mixes in very great. It’s not one of those upsetting windows and due the high difference it is very functional.

Unidirectional Bezel

The profound dark fired bezel works easily and makes them interest subtleties. For instance, the three-sided bolt at 12 is loaded up with a little pyramid rather than the more normal circle-shape. At the point when we take a gander at the textual style to show stretches everything demonstrates usefulness and readable looks: squared, non-serif, wide separated numbers. In spite of the fact that I like the inventiveness of picking two lines next two each other to fluctuate among numbers and lines I do think one (fatter) line was maybe better regarding clarity. Hold of the bezel is acceptable in light of the squared saw tooth structure on the bezel. One note about glow: just the initial 15 minutes of the scale is radiant. Consider it a fundamental setup.

Scafograf 300 Caseback

The watch is fixed by a screwed caseback. The very calm arrangement is fitting for a plunge watch. The two engraved roundabout content ways uncover the main data. An engraved Starfish in the center structures the middle and adds an unmistakable touch to the caseback.

Movement Of The Scafograf 300

Eberhard chose perhaps the most dependable and workable developments accessible: an ETA 2824-2. The development for low-until mid-fragment evaluated plunge observes today. The development has a focal seconds hand beating at 3 hertz (28800vph) and a date at 3 o’clock. The force hold of this extremely well known development is approximately 38 hours.

Case and Comfortable Dimensions

The case has a helium get away from valve at 9 o’clock and is covered by an enemy of reflecting sapphire glass. Compared to the progenitor, the new Scafograf has developed from 42.5 to 43mm in breadth. Somewhat greater, yet at the same time wearable. Allow me to clarify. In view of the medium stature profile of 12,60mm and pleasantly bended carries it sits strong on much more modest wrists like mine (16,5cm). The case is silk cleaned and made of steel. I truly like the state of the carries. They are pleasantly bended and powerfully formed by askew edges which increment in thickness when we take a gander at them in off-case direction.

The blue variant of the new Eberhard Scafograf 300

Solid Crown

The reflect cleaned screw-in crown feels durable and strong. The size is in offset with the case and the crown defenders are adjusted to forestall skin disturbances. The crown is marked by a raised Eberhard ‘E’.

Rubber Strap

The tie is the manner by which a jump tie ought to be as I would like to think: calm with a touch of marking. It’s shaped by two caveated tracks and an Eberhard-shield in the middle nearby the watch case. It feels comfortable, stretchy and adaptable. Within we discover a shield-construction to ensure an ideal enemy of come to pass arrangement. The incorporated elastic lash comes with a standard customized clasp, however can be requested with a discretionary sending catch, which is a smidgen more ideal for jump purposes. The option is the Chassis-wristband in steel. This alternative is standard fit with the “Déclic” organization clasp.

Blue version


We’ve truly delighted in this watch during BaselWorld 2016. The intonation tones truly jump out and everything looks strong and adjusted. It very well may be utilized for jumping, yet in addition as an easygoing stylish every day mixer. Regardless of the width of 43mm it fits more modest wrists well. The coordinated elastic lash feels entirely comfortable. From my viewpoint this is a pleasant watch in the event that you need to purchase something which is playful and in general, with premium materials like an artistic bezel. It’s a unique and solid decision/elective other than competitors like Oris or Tudor for instance. The watch will retail for 2490 Euro (incl. Tank) with the elastic tie and 3070 Euro (incl. Tank) with the tempered steel bracelet.

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