Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph Hands-On Review

Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph Hands-On Review


Before I start with the Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph audit, a couple of words on the company first. Eterna has a long history that goes right back to 1856. Notwithstanding, it wasn’t called Eterna until 1905 (but Dr. Girard & Schild, after its originators). Before I leap to referencing watches, Eterna is likewise known for ETA. Estimated time of arrival used to be their subsidiary company for making developments for their own looks just as for different brands. Most popular is their Eterna-matic development, which brought about the Eterna logo with its five metal balls. Estimated time of arrival turned out to be essential for what we know today as Swatch Group. Eterna has been in various hands since 1982 (counting Porsche Design) however since a couple of years it is claimed by Citychamp Watch & Jewelry Group Limited.


The Eterna KonTiki watches are alluding to the watches on the wrist Norwegian voyager and author Thor Heyerdahl and his group during the . Eterna didn’t utilize the name KonTiki (without the hyphen) until 1958. From that point forward, the KonTiki models have been in the Eterna collection. There was even a re-version of the absolute initial 1958 model, with a similar style elements. This year, Eterna presented a Super Kontiki Chronograph watch, the one we have here for you today. Fueled by an in-house chronograph development with section wheel instrument. Let’s have a look.

Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph

The Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph is a jumpers watch, obviously, as it alludes to Thor Heyerdhal’s endeavor in 1947. The Super KonTiki was at that point in Eterna’s collection in 1973, and the plan of the new watch has remained consistent with its legacy. In today’s Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph you will locate an in-house made type 3916A development though.

Flyback Chronograph

Let’s start with the greatest news. The Eterna type 3916A development. A chronograph development with segment wheel development and flyback work. With the flyback chronograph, you can reset and restart the circumstance without meddling with an additional press on the beginning catch. You simply press the reset button and the chronograph will restart immediately.

The type 3916A development ticks at 28,800 vph and has a 60 hour power hold. Eterna tried to make the development appealing for the eyes also, with its rhodium finish, blued screws and microblasting design on the rotor. As should be obvious, the Eterna type 3916A development can be appreciated through the sapphire caseback.

On the Wrist

The watch with its 1970s look & feel sits pleasantly on the wrist. I have genuinely huge wrists, however was amazed to learn that the Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph estimates 45mm in breadth. It wears a lot smaller, maybe because of the state of the case. The watch is thick however, with a tallness of 16.05mm. This is the thing that I’ve come across with a ton of ongoing chronographs with in-house fabricated developments however. A week ago I investigated the new Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M titanium models , and the chronograph model is very thick also.


As you can see on the image underneath, the pushers aren’t screw-down and the winding/setting crown has the 5 metal roller Eterna logo. The watch is water safe up to 20Bar (~200 meters). Presently, somebody said something on our Instagram account on this watch (we previously distributed a wrist shot of this watch there) that a diver’s chronograph with no screw-down pushers is somewhat odd. I concur, albeit the Seamaster 300M Chronograph likewise doesn’t have screw-down pushers (and can be worked submerged). The winding and setting crown is screw-down, of course.

Chronograph under Water

However, they had some framework set up to keep the watch water safe submerged when the pushers are utilized. With the Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph it doesn’t appear to be the situation. So I expect that you better not utilize the pushers submerged with this watch. Also, for what reason would you, as it is probably difficult enough to peruse those sub registers as of now without great sight.

Legible Dial

I like the sunburst dial on this blue rendition of the Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph. The dark form has a matte dial, which is maybe somewhat more ‘tool-watch’ evidence. Notwithstanding, this watch is an extraordinary piece to wear ashore also, during Summer. So the sunburst will give that pleasant impact on the dial. The three-sided hour markers are filled with Super-LumiNova and perform well overall. All hands, remembering those for the sub dials are lumed up.

On 6 o’clock, you’ll discover the date opening. The Eterna logo with the five metal balls is situated on the 12 o’clock hour marker. All hands are adequately long to have the option to consummately peruse the time.

Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph Case

As composed over, the instance of the Eterna Super KonTiki estimated 45mm x 16.05mm. That is moderately enormous, yet some way or another it wears smaller and is very comfortable on the wrist. As should be obvious, I have the elastic lash adaptation (there is additionally a Milanese bracelet as an alternative) and that helps making it comfortable. It impeccably circumvents the wrist and the watch sits tight.

The case has this commonplace 1970s pad shape which I truly like. Long, the watch estimates 50mm because of the long drags. The case is pleasantly wrapped up. Brushed parts just as cleaned thick aspects. The uni-directional hour long scale bezel has this large alleviation squares on the side for a simple grasp. The case band has a silk brush finish also. The caseback bezel has a silk brush finish on the base and a cleaned side. This screw-down caseback has a sapphire precious stone, as demonstrated on prior pictures.


The blue elastic tie is overall quite comfortable. Within it has these tracks and outwardly it has ‘Eterna’ in it. The brushed buckle has the Eterna logo again and has cleaned slants. Everything feels superior grade. The tie doesn’t need any slicing to be fit (in the same way as other elastic bracelets with collapsing fastens do). I despise doing that, as this can turn out badly effectively and it additionally feels extremely complete. Not the situation with Eterna’s elastic lash though.

The Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph is likewise available with a Milanese bracelet. I haven’t seen this one in the flesh, or attempted it. It gives the watch that 1970s look and feel, yet it very well may be the situation that the whole bundle will be very weighty eventually. Notwithstanding, I can’t make certain on this without having attempted it in person.

Limited or Special Edition

I got a model watch, yet as should be obvious, the caseback peruses Limited Edition. Yet, on the authority Eterna site, you can’t discover this watch under the normal collection outline. It is under Special Editions. One way or the other, it isn’t restricted. It will be in the standard collection and creation. I end up finding the site and the public statement a tiny bit ‘unclear’ when it comes to item outlines. Something Eterna needs to put somewhat more spotlight on. As per the Eterna press material, the elastic bracelet variants are more costly than the milanese bracelet renditions. That would truly amaze me to be honest.

Note: Eterna let us realize that this model was at first intended to be a restricted release. Upon additional investigation they chose to not to release it thusly. It is presently an extraordinary version and not limited.

Final Production

That has nothing to do with the actual watch notwithstanding. Be that as it may, I do think about what last creation renditions will have engraved on the caseback. For the rest, all fundamental data has been engraved in the bezel of the caseback.

Official Pricing and Some Thoughts

The evaluating on this Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph is 4650 Euro for the elastic lash variant, and 4850 Euro for the milanese bracelet version.

To be mercilessly fair, it is without precedent for quite a while, that I’ve took a gander at an Eterna in person again and I am emphatically surprised.

Ingredients for Success

This watch has a ton of elements for progress. The in-house made development with segment wheel system and two register spread out is one of them. There are relatively few in-house made chronographs out there that offer something for comparable value point in this style and quality. Just in the event that you will think beyond the common speculates you will discover intriguing watches with regards to this value range, a few times considerably less expensive. The plan of the watch is 1970’s from one perspective, however timeless on the other. I would be astonished if this becomes dated in, let’s say, the following 10 years. Additionally significant, the watch feels great on the wrists and works pleasantly. Simple to set the time, utilize the chrono etc.

Out of the Box

The cost is certainly intriguing. On the off chance that you take a gander at the standard presume brands with comparative details, it is all nearer to 10K than to 5K. It can be very worthwhile for you to examine this Eterna Super KonTiki Chronograph on the off chance that you need to possess something great and famous, for a reasonable price.

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