Farer Aqua Compressor – A Modern Super Compressor

Farer Aqua Compressor – A Modern Super Compressor

English watch brand Farer presented their first arrangement of three-hander watches in 2016 and later on, in May this year, another assortment was presented with a GMT work. Presently, a couple of months after the fact, Farer comes up with a model dependent on the sought-after Super Compressor watches.

A super compressor case figures out how to keep water out by expanding water opposition the more profound the watch went in the water. The case back of a super compressor squeezed more enthusiastically on the O-ring gasket when the pressing factor expanded. This method of fixing a watch was licensed by case manufacturer Ervin Piquerez S.A. (EPSA) and they have created super compressor cases for many brands. The 1960’s plan with the two crowns (one for setting the time, the other to turn the internal bezel) from EPSA could be found in numerous celebrated brands. We covered for instance the Hamilton 600 Diver just as the Enicar Sherpa Super Jet with super compressor cases.

Farer Aqua Compressor

It would of been of little use to embrace a similar super compressor system from the 1960s in a cutting edge jumping watch. Methods on the best way to keep a watch water safe have been improved in the course of the most recent couple of many years. Yet, by the by, Farer probably thought a super compressor actually looks exceptionally cool and guaranteed that they took it up a notch.

Lots of gaskets

The Farer Aqua Compressor configuration depends on various turns of events, to guarantee water opposition up to 30 bar (~ 300 meters). To set up this, Farer utilized the compression standard like the first super compressor strategy from EPSA additionally did. Moreover, Farer has an extremely thick (2.2mm) sapphire gem fitted on the front side of the case, gotten by a rectangular cross area gasket with a width of no under 0.5mm and a stature of 1.1mm. Working on it back, you will likewise locate a sapphire gem (1.6mm) fitted similarly as the front gem, with a cross segment gasket with a tallness of 1.4mm (thickness stays as before). At that point, the screw down case back likewise utilizes a gasket obviously, one that is being compressed vertically. The crowns, both for setting time and the internal bezel, utilize three gaskets each. Two O-ring gaskets inside the crown to guarantee water opposition up to 10 bar (~ 100 meters) when they are unscrewed, and another level gasket for the situation is being compressed when the crown is in a bad way down and getting the watch up to 30 bar (~ 300 meters).

Named after Ships

The Farer Aqua Compressor comes in three flavors, all named after British pioneers and vessels. There’s the Leven, named after a boat that was important for the Royal Navy Survey Service completing an epic journey that brought about the planning of the entire east bank of Africa. At that point there’s the Endeavor, named after Captain Cook’s Royal Navy research vessel and there’s the Hecla, a Royal Navy  investigation transport that made three excursions looking for the cold Northwest Passage.

Leven Hecla Endeavor

The contrast between the Farer Aqua Compressor Leven, Hecla and Endeavor is in the shading plans of the watches. The silver dark dial is the Farer Aqua Compressor Leven, the blue sunray dial passes by the name of Hecla and the matte black dial adaptation is the Endeavour.

All three utilize a similar ETA based development, the type 2824-2, non date Elaboré form. A solid work-horse, fitted with a bespoke Farer rotor.

Cushion Shaped Case

All three watches additionally have the twin crowns obviously, one is made of bronze (for the development) and the other one of treated steel, to work the inward pivoting bezel.

The pad molded cases measure 41.5mm in width, and have a stature of 12.5mm.  The case has a silk sunray brushed top and cleaned sides and case back. The haul to-carry size is 45mm. All watches are provided with an elastic lash and a hardened steel bracelet.

Details, subtleties, details

The Farer Aqua Compressor several cool things. The pad molded case, the Super Compressor plan and – I like this – no date on the dial. You will locate all these flawless little subtleties on this watch, similar to the average etching on the crown, like those you’ll find on the old Super Compressor watches.

The Farer Aqua Compressor is a spotless and straightforward instrument watch, accessible in three tones. Actually, I like the silver sunray dial form with orange components. In any case, you can likewise go for the more lively dark blue variant or the straightforward matte black one with cleaned silver hued hands.

All three watches have a similar retail cost of €1225.-  (1095 GBP) and can be requested straightforwardly from . More pictures below.

Leven Hecla Endeavor

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