First Speedmaster In Space – It Was 54 Years Ago

First Speedmaster In Space – It Was 54 Years Ago

Sigma 7

Yesterday, it was by and large 54 years prior that space traveler Walter ‘Wally’ Schirra orbited Earth multiple times in the Sigma 7 rocket. The name of the NASA mission was Mercury-Atlas 8, and Schirra picked ‘Sigma 7’ as the name for the shuttle. Utilizing the numerical image for summation as proper for a “engineering evaluation”, and the “7” to allude to the seven Mercury space travelers ( ). On his wrist, an Omega, the primary Speedmaster in Space. Schirra is the just space traveler to have flown Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions.

First Speedmaster in Space

Not just did Wally Schirra utilize a Hasselblad camera without precedent for space, it was likewise the first occasion when that an Omega watch was utilized in space. The Speedmaster CK2998 that Schirra (and Gordon Cooper and Deke Slayton too incidentally) purchased secretly, for use during flights. Underneath, from the NASA files, Wally Schirra messing with the Hasselblad camera, wearing his Speedmaster CK2998 and Bulova Accutron.

Wally Schirra wearing a Speedmaster and an Accutron

Only Few Images Available

Below, a picture of Walter Schirra wearing his Speedmaster CK2998. This image was taken by NASA on board of the recovery transport USS Kearsarge, on the third of October 1962, after he sprinkled in the ocean. It is just one of only a handful few pictures accessible of Schirra wearing his CK2998 at the hour of the MA-8 mission.

One of the other space explorers who purchased his Speedmaster CK2998 secretly is Gordon Cooper, which can be seen on the picture beneath. Getting prepared, including his Speedmaster CK2998. Gordon flew on MA-9, ‘Faith 7’ in 1963.

No Influence

As fas as we probably are aware, the private acquisition of the Omega Speedmaster CK2998 by Schirra and Gordon had no immediate impact on the motivation behind why the Speedmaster was requested from Omega during the acquirement interaction for an EVA watch ( read here about how the Speedmaster turned into the Moonwatch ).

Auctioned by Christie’s a year ago, the CK2998-1 reference.

First Omega in Space

Even however we are a fan by heart, and this goes for us all here at Fratello, we additionally realize that Omega has been utilizing the space program a great deal of times for their watches. In any case, Omega is a brand that requirements to work together and sell watches, so obviously they will offer restricted versions. A few times it bodes well, a few times it doesn’t. The cool thing is however, that the vast majority of the restricted releases are being valued by Speedmaster enthusiasts.

Limited Editions

More than – let’s say – 10 years prior, when individuals were a piece tired of them (envision that the first Snoopy model was simply laying in the presentation at sellers for quite a long time, the new Snoopy didn’t even make it to the showcase). Likely due to the magnificent occupation of the Omega gallery and the increase of the Speedmaster notoriety when all is said in done, more data about the Speedmaster is out there and individuals can give certain restricted versions a superior place.


In 2012, Omega presented the First Omega in Space Speedmaster. A 39mm accolade for the principal Speedmaster in Space, the CK2998. A straight-haul 39.7mm piece with hand-wound Lemania based type 1861 development and just accessible on a tie. Likewise, it does not have a crown watch. It wasn’t a restricted release, yet a numbered version all things considered. This FOiS has reference 311. and retails for 4300 Euro (counting VAT).

Gold Pieces

Not a lot later, in 2015, Omega delivered another First Omega in Space. A delightful Panda dial and utilizing a Sedna gold case. This model is likewise a numbered release, and gets back to the CK2998 for its feel. Be that as it may, there never was a gold CK2998 obviously. A flawless watch all things considered, and furthermore has the hand-wound Lemania based development. This ‘luxury’ FOiS reference 311. comes on a crocodile tie and has a retail cost of 14.800 Euro. We did a review on this watch when it was presented in BaselWorld, here .

Schirra’s Gold Speedmaster

It’s maybe fascinating to take note of that Walter Schirra additionally had a gold Omega Speedmaster, the acclaimed BA145.022 that was given out to Apollo space explorers. We covered it ordinarily, including the real watch from Wally Schirra. One of our companions and perusers got it from the bequest of Schirra and let us know that:

Speedmaster Pro Apollo XI from 1969 from Wally Schirra

We covered the genuine gold Speedmaster Professional BA145.022 (no.8) watch from Wally Schirra in this inside and out article .


This year, Omega again utilized the CK2998 and previous FOiS models as motivation and thought of the restricted version “CK2998” model. This reference 311. is restricted to 2998 pieces, however got sold out quickly upon the arrival of prologue (to retailers). I’ve seen a couple in stock however accessibility intensely depends where you reside, a few nations just got a not very many of them. It retails for 5300 Euro.


Although not promoted as First Omega in Space, it certainly has similar roots and configuration code as the previous two FOiS models.

Some Thoughts

Yesterday denoted the 54th commemoration of the First Speedmaster in Space, or as Omega likes to address it, the main Omega in space. Omega commemorated it formally multiple times, with the 2012 numbered release and the 2015 Sedna gold rendition of that watch. I had a brief glance at the Hasselblad site, the brand who put the initial camera into space. However, nothing. Shows maybe the distinction between the universe of (extravagance!) watches and that of cameras. An alternate advertising game. The solitary page I found on the Hasselblad referencing the space association is . Very modest.

In any case, you could say that Schirra (and Gordon and Slayton) are genuine ministers for the Speedmaster. They got it secretly, worn it in space and just later on they turned out to be important for the Moonwatch story.

A enormous gratitude to the , who gave me some extra data and the incomparable NASA pictures of Schirra and Gordon.


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