Fortis Pilot Classic Chronograph – Hands on Review

Fortis Pilot Classic Chronograph – Hands on Review

Fortis aficionados out there may ask why we didn’t cover the brand as broadly as we did the earlier years. Indeed, from one viewpoint numerous new and intriguing things occurred and then again Fortis as of late provided us with a portion of their curiosities. After this involved survey of the Fortis Pilot Classic chronograph, Mike Stockton will investigate something cool as well. Like each year in March, Mike and I visited Fortis during the bustling seven day stretch of BaselWorld. We called attention to the ones we enjoyed most and when creation permitted it, the Grenchen brand gave us the watches for review.

What’s new with Fortis?

First of all, we might want to put any misinformation to rest on some on-going gossipy tidbits about Fortis. The company needed to manage some regulatory ‘heritage’ however is completely operational and in great hands presently. A month ago when I visited Fortis, I figured out how to plunk down with Mr. Spitzy, CEO of Fortis. He clarified the circumstance and guaranteed me – and our perusers – that whatever is going on with the company, it won’t influence every day activity. I even got a sneak look into their 2018 Basel collection.

Certified Pre-Owned Factory Collection

A short time prior, Fortis likewise dispatched a pre-owned watch area on their online shop. Their Certified Pre-Owned Factory Collection comprise of watches Fortis utilized for show purposes or tests they gave out to writers for surveys. These watches may have a few scratches or different indications of wear henceforth they can’t be sold as “new” any longer. Brands often utilize these models for parts, preparing purposes or inevitably essentially obliterate them. Each watch that comes back to the assembling will get a full help. Similarly as it was a guarantee watch coming back from an end shopper. Parts will be changed; pressing factor and time exactness testing will be performed, and the watch will be repacked. These watches at that point go to an assigned segment on the site available to be purchased. These watches – like the new ones – additionally comes with a 2-year Fortis warranty.

Fortis Pilot Classic Chronograph

Let’s return to our theme; the Fortis Pilot Classic Chronograph. The tempered steel case may look recognizable since the Pilot Classic Chronograph imparts it to the Tycoon Chronograph from the Terrestis assortment. We  evaluated that watch some time back. We’re discussing a 41mm case with a thickness of 13.59mm that has cleaned (bezel, case back, underside) and brushed (case sides, drags) parts and a presentation back. Try not to allow the numbers to unnerve you; the watch really sits comfortably however it very well may be altogether too large for somebody with a more modest wrist. One thing I understood is that despite the fact that the pushers are tall I at times felt the crown, for example when I was trekking with the watch on. Not a serious deal by any means. The siphon pushers were quite in the manner. I like their look, it adds to the vintage feel of the watch.


The show back on the Fortis Pilot Classic Chronograph isn’t screw or press in. It’s strong steel with 8 screws holding it to the rear of the watch. Similarly as with most Fortis watches very little content is going on back there. Around the showcase window you can locate the model name, reference and chronic numbers and water obstruction (50m). The window allows you to love the pleasantly designed ETA/Dubois-Depraz chronograph development. The rotor has the typical Fortis name and logo in blue, a pleasant detail on the back. The pushers and the crown are cleaned, similar to the rear of the case. Fortis’ logo, as usual, is on the crown.

Dial Hands

At first look the dial looks a tiny bit occupied, however it is a simple to peruse. Much the same as you’d anticipate from a pilot’s watch the most clear components are the huge glowing numbers and the vintage-style flieger hands. Each number other than 3-6-9-12 is noticeable with the 12-hour sub dial at 6, the 30-minutes sub at 9 and the ceaseless seconds register at 3 o’clock. Another extraordinary little touch is the blue seconds hand. While the hands associated with the chronograph work are largely white. At 12 you can locate the enormous flieger triangle with “Fortis Chronograph Automatic” set under it. The general plan of the dial falls in a similar class as the case. A particularly adjusted blend of present day and vintage it is. In the event that I could have one comment it’s perhaps the way that I’m feeling the loss of a touch of profundity, possibly a ventured sub dials.


Fortis chronographs often utilize the incredible ETA-7750 types. By the by, the Fortis Pilot Classic Chronograph isn’t in this way. As I referenced it over, the development inside is the ETA-2892 base with the Dubois-Depraz’s DD2020 chronograph module. For those of you who are curious about this type; it comprises of a period just ETA base type (2892) added with the chronograph module by Dubois-Depraz (DD2020). It is a 47-gem (this enormous number is because of the module development) Swiss made, programmed chronograph development with hacking seconds and 42 hours of force save. Having the module on top of the base type makes the development rather thick, henceforth the practically 14mm case thickness. Numerous brands utilize this combination, a confided in option in the watch world. During my experience with the watch everything went smooth. The pushers were not difficult to work; the top is softer while the base reset pusher is somewhat harder. Not a blemish at all.


The Fortis Pilot Classic Chronograph comes on 3 sorts of lashes. The one in the photographs is the dark cowhide tie with white sewing and brushed Fortis clasp. It’s an easy soft cowhide lash with cushioning, an incredible and classic other option. In the event that you extravagant a sportier look you can pick a nato or the Fortis execution calfskin tie in dark. That one is water safe and really my top pick of all the tie and arm band alternatives the brand has to bring to the table. In the event that you don’t have a clue what it looks,  like look at my survey of the Fortis Dornier GMT, that watch comes on the exhibition tie. One clue to Fortis for the future; I’d love see their watches on a bud or flieger style lash in the future.

Verdict and Price

The Fortis Pilot Classic Chronograph is somewhat not quite the same as all the past games chronographs the brand had to bringing to the table us before. It has Fortis DNA composed on top of it, yet the plan is to some degree distinctive.  If you request straightforwardly from Fortis ( ), you’d need to pay CHF 2,695.- Swiss Francs which as I would like to think is a fairly nice cost for what you are getting. Compared to other brands’ offers in comparative reach and models and you see that Fortis is offering a great deal of watch here for the money.


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