Fratello Watches x Grand Seiko Reader’s Journey – Part 1

Fratello Watches x Grand Seiko Reader’s Journey – Part 1

Perhaps you saw the huge Grand Seiko inclusion on our Instagram (stories) as of now, however a week ago our Grand Seiko reader’s venture occurred in Japan. With a portion of our perusers (from the United States, Belgium and Germany) who pursued this excursion, we visited the Grand Seiko produces in Morioka and Shiojiri.

Grand Seiko Reader’s Journey

When I visited Seiko back in 2015, as a feature of their Seiko Media Experience visit, I got so excited that I asked our distributer (Ebner Publishing, who likewise has WatchTime, Watch-Insider, Chronos and Uhren Magazine in their portfolio) on the off chance that we could do anything like this for our perusers. With the assistance of Seiko Germany and Seiko Watch Corp in Japan, we had the option to assemble a comparable outing ( as the 2015 one that I revealed here ) for our readers.

In this initial segment I will predominantly report about our visit to Shiojiri, where the Seiko Epson fabricate is found. The other day (so Day 0 ;)), we had a wonderful touring trip in Tokyo, to get somewhat used to the climate and propensities in Japan. We visited the Tokyo Sky Tree just as a sanctuary and had a customary lunch (and welcome coffee shop). For a few, it was additionally an ideal opportunity to visit a portion of the watch shops and electronic shopping centers that can be broadly found in Tokyo.

Quartz and Spring Drive Movements

On the subsequent day, we left our lodging in (several minutes stroll from Ginza) with a van transport that carried us to the train station. A 2,5 hour train ride – for certain dazzling perspectives – carried us to Shiojiri. Subsequent to having a conventional lunch, we were brought to the Seiko Epson make. At this area, the Grand Seiko Spring Drive and Quartz models are being delivered. Other than that, you will likewise discover the creation of the better quality Credor assortment and the Astron GPS models in this assembling. Our attention was on the Grand Seiko models, despite the fact that they showed us a portion of the other creation (like the mass delivered less expensive quartz developments for lower-end watches, did you realize they produce 100 million of those development in this area alone?).

Zaratsu Polishing

Anyway, the visit in the Seiko Epson produce was an incredible encounter for our perusers. In addition to the fact that they witnessed the creation and get together of the 9R (Spring Drive) and 9F (quartz) developments and watches, there was likewise an ideal opportunity to perceive how the celebrated ‘zaratsu’ way of cleaning is done on the Grand Seiko and Marinemaster cases. The ‘zaratsu’ strategy, which name gets from the name of the machines utilized for this method, requires 3 years of preparing before one is sufficiently gifted to clean cases thusly. In addition to the fact that we witnessed a portion of this case cleaning, we additionally found the opportunity to attempt it our selves. With no preparation, we saw an assortment of results from our perusers (and myself), some were not even awful by any stretch of the imagination. After this experience, the regard for the completing of the Grand Seiko and Marinemaster cases just expanded by us. Particularly the individuals who previously possessed a Grand Seiko were enchanted to perceive how their watch was being delivered. That, however one of our visitors brought two of his Credor watches and met with the expert who made his Eichi II. Not just that, after a day he likewise met with the etcher who made his skeletonized Credor watch. A fantastic encounter so he told me.

Case cleaning ‘Zaratsu’ style

Dial Making

Another great experience was the creation of the dial and hands. We could perceive how the Japanese expert are blueing the hands individually and how they cut and clean the hour markers for the dials. That, yet we additionally had a workshop on applying the markers on the Grand Seiko dial. After a short presentation, we were given over the devices and all fixings to gather the dial of the Grand Seiko with its acclaimed Snowflake dial. What regularly takes not exactly a moment to accomplish for the gifted workers in Shiojiri, took me in any event 30 minutes to complete. That incorporates the deficiency of two markers (minuscule ones that I couldn’t find back in the floor covering of our workshop room). Fortunately, I got two new ones and had the option to complete the undertaking. Not certain they would employ me. Others had more tolerance and were unquestionably acceptable at this task.

It appeared at this point by and by the number of manual errands are included when making and gathering a Grand Seiko watch. Not just the cases are hand-wrapped up utilizing the previously mentioned ‘zaratsu’ strategy, the creation of the dial and hands likewise has numerous manual advances. It guarantees the best (control) and most wonderful completion. It likewise clarifies the superior that should be paid for a Grand Seiko.

In the following (second) some portion of the excursion report there will be some more photography showing the dismantling and gathering of a Grand Seiko 9S development that we did in Morioka, north of Tokyo. We had a great visit through the Morioka Seiko Instruments fabricate where they produce the mechanical Grand Seiko developments and where the gathering happens of these watches. Stay tuned.

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