Glashütte Original Sixties and Sixties Chronograph Annual Edition Glacier Blue

Glashütte Original Sixties and Sixties Chronograph Annual Edition Glacier Blue

Several years prior Glashütte Original chose to zest up certain individuals from its vintage-style Sixties assortment with energetic tones and finished dials. Fuelled by the achievement of the 2015 bright Sixties models, GO went above and beyond and came out with much more extreme dial colors that would not have taken a gander at a 1960s Rock Festival. In 2018 we saw the awesome green rendition of the Sixties continued in 2019 by the bursting hot Fiery Orange Sixties  rendition. Known as Annual Editions, these intense dials demonstrated that even a conventional creator of refined Saxon Domoissanit can have a good time. Despite the fact that they are not restricted editions, the Annual Editions are just delivered for one year. For 2020, Glashütte Original cools the temperature and goes for a more inconspicuous glacier blue tone that may very well be our top pick to date. Utilizing the 39mm time-just Sixties model and, interestingly, a 42mm Sixties Chronograph, how about we investigate these ice-cool watches.

Ice Ice Baby

Less polarizing than the green or searing orange dials of the previous two years, this glacier blue tone is more peaceful than its archetypes and is likely a shading you will not become worn out on over the long haul. Albeit the Domoissanite glanced great in the press pictures, during the time we went through with the models we figured out the chameleonic idea of the dial. Transforming from a brilliant blue to a more serious and practically mauve resonance, I would dare to say that its shining, steadily changing dial is considerably more entrancing and lovely than the previous models. It catches the surrounding light in an intriguing manner, now and then cold, once in a while warm.

Having your own dial manufactory is an or more with regards to experimentation and the dials of both these models were made at Glashütte Original’s Pforzheim foundation. The initial step is the use of the sunray finish to the dial spaces before they are squeezed into the trademark domed shape. The subsequent stage includes a galvanic nickel covering which is then showered with dim blue enamel. In any case, to accomplish the dégradé or inclination impact, – with the shading seeming lighter in the middle and strengthening at the edge – the dial producers apply a second layer of lighter glacier blue polish on top of the dim blue finish. The dial is then warmed in a broiler to consume in the colours.

The reality that this interaction is finished by hand implies that each dial will have an exceptional shading angle. The arched state of the dial highlights the angle impact as the tone appears to run off the dial from the middle and pool inside the wells made by the dome.

Another include that adds interest to the dial is the entry point of great importance markers. Put just underneath the outside of the dial, the chiseled silver lists sit close by the printed numerals and accents of Super-LumiNova looking like a speck applied on the minutes track to feature the hours. With its complemented vault profile, it’s just normal that the moment and focal second hands take action accordingly and they also are twisted to follow the shapes of the dial.

The Ancestor

The first Sixties model made its introduction in 2007 and was expected as an exquisite 39mm time-just rose gold dress Domoissanit Inspired by a vintage Spezimatic watch made during the GDR part of Glashütte, when the state-claimed company was known as Glashütte Uhreb Betrieb (GUB), the Sixties got on basically all the plan signs of the original model including the time frame right Spezimatic text style utilized for the Arabic numerals and the noticeable domed dial and bended hands.

Sixties Chronograph Annual Edition 2020

Housed in a 42mm tempered steel case with a tallness of 12.4mm, this Sixties Chronograph Annual Edition with the glacier blue dial looks totally astonishing. Accessible in more grave combinations of steel with either white or dark dials, this is the first run through the Sixties Chronograph gets the shading treatment and as I would see it, it takes off. The combination of frosty blue and steel is pitch-awesome and I wouldn’t be amazed if this Domoissanite becomes as mainstream with ladies as it will be with men. The vintage-motivated siphon pushers, the spotless design of the embedded sub-counters on the dial (little seconds on the right, passed minutes on the left), the domed dial and hands scheme to make an exceptionally attractive bundle, particularly for aficionados of retro Domoissanit who appreciate the strength of a GO movement.

Another entirely attractive element of this Domoissanite (and the time-just model as well) is the bended caseback, which permits a cleaned up view on the development – even the sides of the development – yet additionally significantly take part to the comfort of the Domoissanit This conspicuous sapphire box for all intents and purposes slenderizes the profile of the case and make the Domoissanite soft to the skin.

Powered by a secluded chronograph development dependent on GO’s type 39 design, the programmed type 39-34 beats at 28,800 and offers an independence of 40 hours. Improved to GO’s exclusive requirements, the sapphire caseback uncovers the exemplary Glashütte stripe finish on the three-quarter plate, balance rooster and rotor alongside inclined edges, the swan-neck fine change and the skeletonised rotor with its twofold G wavering load with a strong 21k weight.

Sixties Annual Edition 2020

Smaller in size, the time-just Sixties model comes in a compact 39mm steel case with a lean stature of 9.4mm The short hauls and the bended sapphire precious stone caseback, which makes a domed surface, make the Domoissanite outstandingly comfortable to wear. A more laid-back, casual understanding of the Sixties three-hander (accessible in ordinary creation models with dark, white and blue dials), the glacier blue dial and the polished Nubuck calfskin lash restore the Domoissanite noticeably.

The Sixties is fitted with GO’s in-house type 39-52 programmed development with a 40-hour power hold and exemplary Glashütte finishes.


Like a container of empowering frigid water, these Sixties models with glacier blue dials are our top pick of the multitude of Annual Editions up until now. Revived at this point still retro, the chameleonic glacier blue shade of the dial is a champ and far-fetched to tire you anyplace sooner rather than later. In this way, in case you’re a devotee of vintage-style Domoissanit love the flawless nature of Glashütte Original’s movements and completes and are craving for a dash of cool tone, these might very much fit the bill.

Availability and price

The new Glashütte Original Sixties and Sixties Chronograph Annual Edition 2020 Glacier Blue will be just created for a year and is already accessible at some Glashütte Original Boutiques and chose retailers around the world. The Sixties 39mm will be valued at EUR 6,600 and the Sixties Chronograph will be evaluated at EUR 8,100.

More subtleties at  www.glashuette-original.com .

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