Glashütte Original, Vienna Boutique

Glashütte Original, Vienna Boutique

Event report on the Glashuette Original Boutique Opening

Glashütte Original (Glashuette) sympathetically welcomed us to observe the kickoff of their new store in Vienna, Austria. Too while the, for the most part German talking, press was available they accepted the open door to present two new models in their type 36 Senator Excellence series.

Two New Glashuette Original Models

The day got going with the presentation of the two new watch models, while the launch of the store was arranged at night of the program. The climate was by and large what one can expect in the second 50% of October in Austria, not exceptionally moving. The scene where the two new watch models were uncovered made basically up for that though.

Awesome View and a Warm Welcome

The highest level of the Vienna ‘Hochhaus’ in the Herrenstrasse looks practically like a beacon. Windows practically in general and a view which could give a seagull dread of statures. The measure of light entering here caused us to fail to remember the pitiful bluntness down in the roads. It’s ideal for showing alluring new watch models.

After a brief time of tasting a welcome beverage, getting a charge out of the perspectives, blending, and meeting the participants, Glashuette welcomed us all. Followed by an introduction and clarifying of the four key mainstays of the Glashuette’s Senator Excellence arrangement. Accuracy, running time, strength and beauty.

Panorama Date and Panorama Date with Moon Phases

Besides the time just models of the Senator Excellence as presented during Baselworld recently, Glashuette currently added models with a Panorama Date, and with a Panorama Date in combination with a Moon Phase sign. We will talk about these models in an active survey with satisfactory pictures later.

Glashuette Original Workshops

Following the overall presentation of these two new models, and after a brief break, there were two sequential workshops. Every one of which featured involved the useful significance of Glashuette’s referenced four key pillars.

Certification Process

Interesting also is the consideration Glashuette Original pays to the confirmation of every individual watch. Each watch is accompanied by a testament which incorporates, with the exception of the compiled test precision esteems, a QR code giving select admittance to the type 36 secure on-line entrance. On this site one can follow each stage a watch went in it’s 24-days testing measure. Perfectly showed and intriguing to investigate. Furthermore, more significant, this data is about your own watch!

A light lunch, which gave plausibility too for engaging conversations about what was simply realized, finished this piece of the event.

Official Opening of the Glashuette Original Boutique

After time to invigorate and a difference in closet, the authority opening of Glashuette Original’s Vienna store was next on the program. After a welcome gathering, remembering appreciated beverages and fish for front of the store at the Kohlmarkt 4, there was the authority strip cutting. The genuine removing was conveyed by Helmut Saller (Swatch Group country administrator), Thomas Meier and Andreas Zechner (Glashuette brand supervisor for Austria and Switzerland).

New Glashuette Original CEO Thomas Meier

As extra data we might want to make reference to that Mr. Thomas Meier will be Glashuette Original’s new CEO. He will assume control over this situation of Yann Gamard before the year’s over. Thomas Meier has been working inside the Swatch Group for a long time and he even was working for Glashuette Original a few years prior already.

Open Space and Attention For Details

The new store was nothing short of what we anticipated from Glashuette, delightfully brightened, trendy and useful. With open space to walk and slobber around, just as a cozy corner to examine significant things. Positively the roof and the door handle required exceptional consideration, just as an enormous magnifier to assess the movements.

Wiener Schnitzel

To lead the occasion to a charming closure all visitor were welcome to a show of the Gustav Mahler Ensemble, led by Alexei Kornienko. A little walk carried us from the Kohlmarkt to the Michaeler Platz where extraordinarily for this event, and out of the blue, a quite comfortable celebration tent was raised. Again accompanied by great food and decent beverages we appreciated some great old style music. A secretly delighted in Wiener Schnitzel finished the day for us.

Make sure not to miss our definite active report on the two recently presented Glashuette type 36 Senator Excellence models, you’ll discover it soon here at Fratello Watches.

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