Hands-On A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 Review – Reference 191.032 with Caliber L121.1

A. Lange & Söhne presented this new Lange 1 with type L121.1 recently at the SIHH. Time for an involved Lange 1 survey I suspected as much I mentioned a pink gold form of this moderately youthful symbol. As I composed recently ( click here ), there is a couple of contrasts to note between this new Lange 1 and the past form. The size of the bezel is presumably – stylishly – the main thing to see as it causes the new Lange 1 to seem, by all accounts, to be somewhat bigger than the past model, which isn’t the situation. Fortunately, A. Lange & Söhne presented sure the defense breadth remained 38.5mm.

Casually dressed with a Lange 1

When I just got intrigued into watches and as yet living at home with my folks, some place in the 1990’s, I used to purchase these German watch magazines. Since I was living near the line (strolling distance essentially), I got them right across the line at this magazine kiosk where they two or three them. Uhren Magazine, Armband Uhren and Chronos, they all actually exist and today I am glad that Fratello Watches is important for a similar distributing house as Chronos and Uhren Magazine. In any case, each time I flipped open these magazines, a twofold page commercial appeared from A. Lange & Söhne, more often than not about the Lange 1 timepiece.

As I rehashed a similar strategy of purchasing and perusing these magazines for quite a long time, in any event, when I moved to The Hague, the opposite finish of The Netherlands (indeed, that is around 200 kilometers). At whatever point I was visiting my folks, I stayed for a while at the booth in Germany to check whether they had the most recent German watch magazines. Furthermore, every time that A. Lange & Söhne notice bolted me right in.

Fast-forward around 10 years. Graduated and working in the monetary business two or three years, I was searching for another watch to add to my unassuming assortment. Not by and large with a little financial plan however positively additionally not with a limitless spending plan, I was targeting something more “haute horlogerie” than I normally did. I discovered that a respectable vendor in the city where I worked had a used A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 watch, in yellow gold. I accept their cost for this used watch was around €17.000 or €18.000 Euro at that point. So I went there, saw and gave it a shot. The size of 38,5mm was an option that could be more modest than I was utilized to, however the watch was sufficiently exemplary and my wrist unobtrusively estimated enough to cause me to feel comfortable with it.

As I gave it a shot, I froze a piece however. Is this the watch I truly need, this sort of spending plan permitted me to pick about any watch I truly liked right now (and basically still does). The way that it was yellow gold and not white or rose gold just as the exemplary look & feel of the watch caused me to choose to hold off and not to seek after this buy. I went for something else all things being equal (another 39mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph) as I believed I was altogether too youthful for a Lange 1 and required something sportier.

So with incredible delight I mentioned to acquire this Lange 1 from A. Lange & Söhne, in rose gold. It is the new form that they delivered for this present year at the SIHH in Geneva, among numerous other pleasant timepieces.

To be straightforward, the new type is the greatest change. Following 20 years (the Lange 1 commended its twentieth commemoration a year ago, click here for our inclusion on that occasion ) you could say it was no time like the present for them to roll out certain improvements, then again it shows how beautiful darn great the plan is (additionally founded on its notoriety). Lange presented some greater renditions of the Lange 1: the Grand Lange 1, with an astounding 40.1mm case however consistently kept the 38,5mm adaptation in their collection.

So, the new type is the greatest change to the 38,5mm Lange 1 watch, type L121.1. If you investigate the equilibrium wheel part, you will see that it has a free sprung balance. The equilibrium wheel has no change screws outwardly of the edge, however six weight screws on top of it. Besides, this A. Lange & Söhne L121.1 development has immediate date change at 12 PM. The development has a force hold of 72 hours. As said, however I didn’t notice it from the start, the watch gives off an impression of being somewhat bigger than its archetype Lange 1 references, because of the slimmer bezel on this watch.

However, for me this Lange 1 audit of the new reference 191.032 isn’t about these humble (in any event for the eye) changes, yet pretty much to find a solution to the inquiry whether I feel prepared for a watch this way. So this Lange 1 survey is somewhat unique in relation to different audits I’ve composed, as it isn’t tied in with depicting the subtleties of the watch for you and talking about the development for instance, yet whether it is a watch I will end up winding up with at some point.

I am as yet a games watch fellow myself, and let’s face it: the Lange 1 is a horrible games watch. It far away from the watches I regularly purchase for my own unassuming assortment. Yet, I do feel the desire since a year or somewhere in the vicinity, to begin searching for that genuine dress watch. A gold watch (ideally rose or white gold) on a pleasant calfskin crocodile tie and with perfect completion of the dial, case and development. As I’ve composed above, there are more watches – from different brands – that have these highlights, yet the Lange 1 is interesting to me a lot.

This Lange 1 is unobtrusive measured – which I love for a dress, or possibly more formal, watch – with its stature of 9.8mm and 38,5mm breadth. It is comfortable on the wrist and the clasp takes care of its work pleasantly also. All around completed and marked Lange. I lean toward a clasp over a deployant catch, however I think I’ve referenced that in different audits ordinarily already.

The rose gold case – which I explicitly requested – has a lovely tone and isn’t as ‘hard’ as yellow gold on my pale shaded wrists. White gold would have been an alternative also, yet I incline toward the delicate tone of rose gold all things considered. Without delving into the subtleties to an extreme, the dial is wonderful looking and changes somewhat in various points in the (daylight. The hands and applied hour markers have a similar pleasant tone as the case. There is a considerable amount of composing on the dial, showing the twofold barrel and force hold for instance, however that doesn’t trouble me (it did previously). It has a place with the watch and there isn’t “too much info” on there as I would like to think. The date opening is highly examined, regardless of whether there ought to be an unfilled circle in the left window or a 0 when the date is going from 1 to 9. I surmise there are as numerous individuals who love it this path as there are who loathe it the manner in which it is currently. It is something I could live with regardless. The Grosse Datum (enormous date) is a cool element of this watch and incompletely liable for making it so conspicuous, and consequently a symbol perhaps.

When wearing this watch, I saw myself taking it of my two or three times each week to have a look at the wonderful 3/4 plate (something commonplace for Glashütte watchmaking and furthermore utilized by a portion of different brands that assembling watches in this town) and appreciate the view on the hand-engraved equilibrium cock.

I got a considerable amount of comments when wearing this watch for this Lange 1 audit. From positive to comments for certain pundits, yet never negative. I likewise had this watch on my wrist when visiting other watch brands and regardless, they all needed me to take it off so they could view it. It is a watch that sticks out and which is being respected for the two its appearance just as the craftsmanship of the development. At the point when I say comments for certain pundits, it was mostly about the style of the watch and whether that fits me (or not) and not actually about the watch itself.

Other comments (via web-based media) had to do with the reality whether it was finished wearing this watch with a polo shirt or easygoing outfit at any rate. I accept, that the individual who purchases this watch needs to choose for himself how he dresses and what watch he feels like wearing.

My better half gruffly told that she thought I am still excessively youthful for a watch this way (with my 38 years old) while our photographic artist Bert for instance, couldn’t take his eyes of the watch and we talked about the possibility of selling a number of our own watches and purchasing this Lange 1 all things being equal (the leave watch guideline somewhat). In any case, most reactions were incredible. It is without a doubt a watch with presence, both for you – the wearer – as other people who will see it. Maybe not as A. Lange & Söhne in the event that they are not actually into watches, however doubtlessly as a top of the line timepiece.

A watch like this comes with a sticker price obviously, and this rose gold Lange 1 you see has a retail cost of simply over €30.000,- Euro. In the used market you can locate its pre-decessor (Lange 1 reference 101.032) in rose gold under €25.000 Euro, in mint condition. Early yellow gold renditions of the Lange 1 can be found under €20.000 Euro. Know that you may have to have these prior models overhauled and you need to consider those costs when purchasing one.

After longer than seven days of wearing the new Lange 1 watch, I need to say that I feel that I am more than prepared to wear a watch this way. Regardless of certain comments on my age and the watch. I feel that these comments are likewise because of the way that individuals know me as somebody wearing hardened steel sports observes more often than not. Notwithstanding, I do concur that a watch like this is something you ought not accepting as your first watch when you are generally youthful. It needs some comprehension of the brand and watches as a rule to give it the perfect measure of appreciation. However, in the event that you as of now have a lot of lively Rolexes, IWCs and so forth, the Lange 1 is certainly a genuine watch to consider when you are on the lookout for a dress watch.

My longing for a Lange 1 turned out to be only greater subsequent to wearing this new reference.

More data and details on this Lange 1 can be found .

Image Gallery of the A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 191.032

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