Hands-On Chronoswiss Flying Regulator (CH-1243.3-BLBL) Review

Hands-On Chronoswiss Flying Regulator (CH-1243.3-BLBL) Review

Chronoswiss Régulateur

Before I start with the audit of the Chronoswiss Flying Regulator, let me give you a short history on my own insight as a Chronoswiss Régulateur proprietor. It more likely than not been around Christmas 2000, when I got my own Chronoswiss Régulateur. Régulateur, not Regulator. Eventually, Chronoswiss changed the wording.


The Chronoswiss Régulateur model that I have for more than 15 years, is reference CH1223. There was just a single distinctive reference before this one, which was a hand-wound watch (reference CH6322). The primary Chronoswiss Régulateur was made by Gerd R. Lang (author of Chronoswiss) in 1987, and had this Unitas based development, transformed into a regulator watch. Hour, moment and seconds didn’t meddle with one another, for wonderful time perusing. A couple of years after the fact, mid 1990s, Chronoswiss chose to utilize a programmed development inside their Régulateur watch. Gerd R Lang sourced various Enicar type 165 developments and revamped them. This development became Chronoswiss type 122.

Caliber 122

Road To The Flying Regulator

The reference CH1223 I have is an incredible watch. It is 38mm and wears pleasantly on the wrist. It has these regular Chronoswiss highlights, similar to a knurled bezel, onion crown, silvered dial and blued hands. At that point, numerous Chronoswiss appeared to be comparative, similar to the skeletonized Opus, Lunar Chronograph, Lunar Triple Date, etc. Chronoswiss was never a truly notable and huge brand, however I question that this would be the expectation by Gerd R Lang. The enormous and glowing Timemaster model changed that a piece, as it put Chronoswiss on a greater horological map.


The game changed as I would like to think with the Sirius as I would see it. In 2010, Chronoswiss presented the Sirius, utilizing type 111 (Enicar based) and took another bearing with this watch. In 2012, the Chronoswiss company was purchased by Oliver Ebstein, presently CEO of Chronoswiss. Today, the Chronoswiss assortment comprises of two significant families. The lively Timemaster assortment and the exemplary Sirius assortment. Two previous Chronoswiss models turned into the main names for the collection(s).

Sirius Regulator

You can peruse it as ‘serious regulator’, however I don’t think it was proposed that way. The Régulateur and Regulator observes never left the assortment and have been accessible in numerous varieties in the in the interim, incorporating models with a tourbillon development and finish dials. I’ve been following Chronoswiss as great as possible, and the Regulator consistently stayed to be my #1 watch from them. I do need to concede I scarcely wear mine any longer, yet I do value it. I should wear it all the more regularly, however these days there are not really numerous conventional events I need a dress watch for.

Without further ado, let’s view the Chronoswiss Flying Regulator.

Chronoswiss Flying Regulator

When Chronoswiss showed us their Flying Regulator in Basel a couple of months prior, it was hard to temper my energy. I did a review on it here , yet in addition couldn’t stand by to attempt the Chronoswiss Flying Regulator for myself for a week or something like that. I related a piece with Chronoswiss HQ and they sent me a watch for an appropriate involved audit and photoshoot. Allow me to demolish the diversion for you, by telling that this Chronoswiss Flying Regulator didn’t disappoint.


The Chronoswiss Flying Regulator is anything but a modest watch, however they actually offer a ‘normal’ Regulator also. The Regulator Classic looks a smidgen more like the first Régulateur that I have (presented above), yet with a smooth bezel and an alternate development (not founded on the Enicar). The Flying Regulator is the luxus form, with an eye-getting dial that utilizes numerous layers. At that point there is a Sirius Régulateur Manufacture too, with type 122 development and guilloche dial, which is situated between the Classic and Flying Regulator. At that point, there is a Flying Regulator Jumping Hour. The Chronoswiss Flying Regulator and Flying Regulator Jumping Hour are the best of the best with regards to the regulator models.

Super Size

Just like super measuring your Big Mac menu at McDonalds, your feast is still little. Or then again, better said, just a slight bit greater than the first Big Mac menu. The equivalent goes for the Chronoswiss Flying Regulator. It has an element of 40mm, which is greater than the 38mm rendition I have in my own assortment, yet at the same time unobtrusive. I love 40mm, despite the fact that I have genuinely large wrists. As you can see on the image above, it is greater than the old Régulateur, however just in the event that you look cautiously. The crown has been genuinely excessively measured. It is a lot greater than the bygone one, yet at the same time utilizing that normal onion shape.


I am somewhat of a watch idealist. I like perfect and unadulterated plans, that’s why I am an enthusiast of watches that keep it as near the ‘original’ as could be expected ( AP Royal Oak 15202 , PP Nautilus 5711 , Speedmaster Pro 311. , IWC’s Ingenieur 3239, etc). This Chronoswiss Flying Regulator is obviously not, with its layered and moderately bustling dial. In any case, I love it. The dial of the Chronoswiss Fyling Regulator has spans that convey the sub dials, similar to rings that are gliding. The enormous moment scale and the more modest hour and seconds scales and the lower primary dial with guilloche finish are giving a decent 3D impact. The extensions are pleasantly done, utilizing two screws each. Each of the three hands have ‘pipes’ that are very enormous, yet relate pleasantly with the extensions. What didn’t change, is the imprinting on the dial with respect to the scales and the wording.

That Dial

Somehow, the Chronoswiss Flying Regulator is a watch that held back coming onto my wrist. Despite the fact that I actually believe it to be a dress watch, the dial is simply so fun loving yet smart and complex, that it should be worn. On the off chance that you are not used to perusing time from a regulator dial, it will take a few times to have the option to do it rapidly, yet you will get effortlessly accustomed to it. The hands have this decent Poire Stuart shape, similar to the first CH1223, and are rhodinized. The moment hand is somewhat twisted by hand (you may need to peruse that sentence twice).

Caliber 122 Movement

To be straightforward, I didn’t even realize that the Regulator exemplary had an unexpected development in comparison to the type 122. Be that as it may, the Régulateur Manufacture (they likewise consider it the Regulator Manufacture, so I suppose some refreshing should be done inside) and this Flying Regulator both have the type 122 development inside. It is an extraordinary development, I can tell from my +15 years experience with one, that it performs well and is decent on the eyes too. This watch merits a showcase back.


The development has a decent perlage finish just as some Côte de Genève. My old Régulateur (I continue to compose it that way, for what it’s worth on the dial) has a gold shaded (plated) rotor, the one on the current type 122 is by all accounts rhodinized also. The new type additionally has one gem more (30 altogether) than mine. The gems are set in chatons, which you don’t come across all the time these days.


The development in my own watch depends on the Enicar 165, Gerd R Lang did a remaking so it shows the hours, minutes and seconds in an unexpected way. All things considered, the first Enicar type 165 had a brought together seconds hands (and minutes and hours besides). The current type 122 is as yet dependent on this development. The development has been vigorously modified for its regulator set-up, and Chronoswiss is the lone company who utilizes the Enicar 165 as a base development today, that’s why they allude to it as ‘manufacture’.

Some Thoughts

Perhaps you discover me excessively energetic about this watch and somewhat lenient on certain focuses, however I think that its an invigorating version of an exemplary to be straightforward. Something a ton of brands are neglecting to set up certain occasions. Chronoswiss took the exemplary Regulator (or Régulateur) as a beginning stage and chose to make it come more alive then a portion of the other models.


Making it ‘3D’, having a guilloché dial and utilizing the first type 122 makes it an ideal accolade for their own work of art. Maybe they don’t consider the To be as a spine of their assortments, yet truly, I do. The Régulateur was the primary Chronoswiss (set up in 1983) with that ordinary look, and they regard it with this new Regulator edition.

Daily Companion

This watch could be an every day companion, particularly for the individuals who don’t care for a date and need something more surprising. Maybe something else from the Rolex, Omega, IWC, Cartier, Breitling (fill in the remainder of the main 10 brands) looks out there. Nothing amiss with those, however the refined Chronoswiss Flying Regulator is something other than what’s expected. Maybe more refined a well. It is an attractive watch that gave us a considerable amount of positive comments from (watch) people.


There several varieties accessible of this Chronoswiss Flying Regulator. This watch doesn’t just come with a dim blue dial, there is likewise a silver dial. These are the hardened steel models and have a retail cost of CHF 6810 Swiss Francs. A dark dial is accessible in the models with a dark case, they have two of these and retail for CHF 7350 Swiss Francs. Another dark dial (and silver) dial are accessible in a red gold case. These gold forms retail for CHF 16.100 Swiss Francs. The Regulator Classic retails for CHF 3780 Swiss Francs, yet doesn’t come with the type 122 movement.

More data through . A couple more pictures beneath in the gallery.

Type 122

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