Hands-On Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date Review

Hands-On Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date Review

A while prior, we completed an involved audit of the hand-wound Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical and compared it to the first military GG-W-113 (Hamilton) watch ( you can find that survey here ). With a retail cost of just €420, that was difficult to beat. Yet, imagine a scenario in which you need a self-winding watch, or feel a distance across of 38mm is excessively little for you. Or on the other hand, vital to a few, need a date include? Leave Khaki Field Mechanical and enter Khaki Field Day Date. A 42mm military looking watch with a programmed development that has a date and day work. For under €750 (~$895). Intrigued? Peruse on.

Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date

I won’t go into the military history of the Hamilton like Mike has done in his survey, I propose to tap the connection above in the event that you need to have more insights regarding those watches. In any case, unmistakably this Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date obviously identifies with those watches. You could say that the Khaki Field Day Date in this audit, is a decent ‘civilian’ variant of that US Military watch from years and years prior. With 42mm, a watch reasonable for the vast majority and it has a programmed development rather than a hand-wound one. Presently, having a hand-wound development is a long way from terrible, however I’ve saw that individuals who need an everyday watch and are not as profoundly engaged with looks as a large portion of you are, favor a programmed development. Some even feel it says something regarding quality or worth, which it doesn’t, of course.

Modified ETA

However, a programmed development it is. Hamilton’s type H-30, which depends on the ETA 2836-2 development. Estimated time of arrival is, similar to Hamilton, a piece of the Swatch Group and that makes it extremely proficient concerning the utilization of their developments and mentioning slight changes. Here and there select to a brand, and in some cases ETA can utilize these adjustments for other Swatch Group marks too. For this situation, the Hamilton H-30 development got an alteration in regards to the fountainhead, which permits it to have a force save of 80 hours. You can leave your watch off during the end of the week and you won’t need to set it on Monday morning once more. Great. The rotor of the development has been adjusted or enriched with the Hamilton logo.

Green Textile

Hamilton settled on a fascinating lash decision here. No calfskin, or arm band, or even a NATO, however a green material lash. Quite a while past, I had a comparative lash ( see here ) on my Speedmaster X-33 (which had a place with some exceptional version for the Japan market), and kinda miss it every now and then. This green material lash on the Hamilton helps me to remember that tie and gives the watch a cool “military” look. On the off chance that you need to be considerably more Rambo, you can decide on the rendition (reference H70535081) with a cover tie. For an extra €50, you can likewise purchase this Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date on a treated steel wristband (reference H70535131). Notwithstanding, we have the green material tie here, which I like without question. I’m not so attached to a treated steel arm band on this model, yet to every, his (or her) own of course.

Military Dial

There’s a significant similarity with the dial of the Hamilton Field Mechanical, and in this manner the military spec. GG-W-113 watch. The little bolts at the hour markers, the 24-hour scale and the state of the hands. These were completely done by government determinations during the 1960s. The Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date Auto that I have here is, obviously, somewhat greater than those watches, that had a distance across of approx. 34mm. The Field Mechanical was at that point somewhat bigger, with its 38mm, however this one estimates 42mm. So the dial is additionally significantly greater. What’s likewise unique, and one of the fundamental ‘features’ of this watch, is the day and date markers. Moreover, we locate the model name and truth that it has a self-twisting development back on the dial. Additionally, the acclaimed ‘H’ Hamilton logo gladly sits just under 12 (and “24”).

I know many won’t concur with me, however I would have wanted to see the radiant material in the hands additionally be somewhat more yellow-ish, or artificial patina, coordinating the triangles outside the hour markers.

On The Wrist

Lug-to-carry, the Khaki Field Day Date measures approx. 55mm. In no way, shape or form a little watch, yet combined with the 42mm width these estimations are actually equivalent to a 42mm Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’. The thing that matters is, that the bezel on the Khaki Field Day Date is somewhat more modest which implies the dial gap is about 3mm bigger. Presently, determinations don’t consistently reflect how a watch really wears on the wrist, however for this situation, the Khaki Field Day Date is a quite enormous watch for a three-hander. The day and date highlight are not difficult to set. Maneuver the crown into the primary position and go upwards to set the date and downwards for the afternoon. Pull again and you can set the time.


The Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date is fundamentally a straightforward watch. In the event that you need to one or the other need to buy your first mechanical watch or simply need to add something to your assortment you can wear consistently, the Hamilton Khaki Field Day Date is a decent decision. The case has a decent brushed wrap up, underlining the military character of the watch. As examined over, the dial is truly readable and it gives a reasonable gesture to the military spec watches utilized by the US from 1967 till 1986. For 745 Euro (or $895USD), you can’t turn out badly, truth be told. It is then simply an issue of style (military/toolwatch) and inclination (size, functions).

Even More No-Nonsense

Personally, the day and date highlight aren’t truly vital for me however I know there are individuals that can’t live without having (in any event) a date marker on the dial. To be dead genuine with you, I would agree to the 38mm Hamilton Field Mechanical. It is a slight bit more modest with its 38mm breadth, has no date complication and has a hand-wound ETA 2801-2 development. It is maybe somewhat of a geek watch as I call it, yet that’s what I like. An exceptionally fundamental watch, with bunches of history and near the first military watch (which was significantly more modest as I composed toward the start). The cost is additionally lower, at “just” €420 (~ $475USD). Yet, I can envision that this watch isn’t for everybody, consequently the Khaki Field Day-Date is a brilliant alternative.

Hamilton watches can be purchased straightforwardly on the web or, obviously, at an approved seller. .

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