Hands-On Klokers KLOK-01 Review – Inspired By Circular Slide Rules

Hands-On Klokers KLOK-01 Review – Inspired By Circular Slide Rules

klokers KLOK-01

When I grew up, I didn’t need to utilize slide rules in school to do math. Nonetheless, I likewise remember the white cupboard we had at home, with old number crunchers, a caliper, a couple of compasses and a slide rule. All stuff that belonged to my dad. Things he utilized in school and a few times actually utilized some of it to do counts. Ask a child now, and he probably will know the pair of compasses, but won’t have an idea about a slide rule.

Slide Rule

A slide rule is a simple gadget that can be utilized to do multiplication and division. You had more complex slide rules that assist you with different computations also, like square roots, exponentials, logarithms and so forth You have them as standard straight rules, but additionally as roundabout slide rules. The upside of a roundabout slide rule is that it is fairly more compact (just about a Pi-factor, you could say) than a direct one.

Concise roundabout slide rule


klokers (formally composed without a capital) chose to utilize the roundabout slide rule, as presented above, as plan for their watch. As per the authority website, klokers like to utilize things from an earlier time, “whose emblematic utilizations are as yet buried away in the aggregate subconscious”. I understand that the watch promptly helped me to remember the contents of that cabinet of our white cupboard, when I was a child. I can’t help thinking about what will occur in the event that I show this watch to my father. He cherishes this sort of stuff.

Not For Calculations

klokers is obviously not the main watch brand to utilize a slide rule, as you are probably acquainted with the Breitling Navitimer. These watches utilize a working slide rule, implied for pilots, to do figurings in regards to fuel utilization, velocity etc . Notwithstanding, that isn’t what is the issue here. It needs to give you that flashback to things from an earlier time, not to really utilize the watch as slide rule.

klokers KLOK-01 Review

Let’s examine the watch. I’ve had it for some time now, as we had a few postponements to a great extent, but that gave me some an ideal opportunity to really give it appropriate wear. klokers began creating these watches recently, after they had an effective subsidizing program utilizing Kickstarter.


The first thing to see is the generally enormous case and its way that every last bit is being utilized for the watch. A crystal made of polymer, likewise known as acrylic glass. Or on the other hand as a large portion of us call it, plexi. This precious stone to some degree amplifies the dial a bit. As should be obvious, there is another precious stone below, from the middle to 12 o’clock. This magnifier is utilized to peruse the genuine time from the three discs.

Circular Slide Rule Dial

The klokers KLOK-01 has three moving dials and plainly seem as though a round slide rule from the outset. But it is for time sign just, obviously. The external scale is for demonstrating the hours (and minutes). Basically, you can do with this scale as it were. It resembles a MeisterSinger watch with just 1 hand, aside from the way that the dial moves rather than the hand. The subsequent scale shows the minutes. The littlest and third scale, shows the running seconds.

Reading Time

If you take a gander at the picture below, the watch shows it is 08:03:28. Be that as it may, the arrangement from the circles isn’t great. It was likewise the issue with the first roundabout slide rules, less significant scales were nearer to the middle and had lower precisions. That isn’t completely the situation here. Be that as it may, when I adjust the watch to precisely 12 o’clock for instance, based on the external (hour) scale, the second scale, demonstrating the minutes, is a couple of moments off. A slight bit baffling in the event that you truly need to quantify the specific time.

44mm Light-weight Case

It doesn’t happen all the time that a 44mm watch is extremely light-weight. Expecting it is made out of steel (I see no sign of such), at any rate it seems and looks like treated steel, it is extremely light. The watch isn’t that thick obviously, and the gem is polymer. A sapphire gem would add substantial load to the watch. On the correct side, there is the crown that can be pulled out to set the time. On the left side, at 8 o’clock, there is a red pusher that you should press to open the system that associates the watch case to the tie. The case is associated (slided) on top of the lash, so it is very high on the wrist.

Colors and Strap System (KLINK-01)

klokers causes you to pick between blue, gray and yellow for the dial. Every one of them have various tones on the dial. The yellow variant is combined with red numerals, while the blue form likewise has blue numerals. The dark form can be seen here. Besides the shading plan for the dial, you can likewise pick a tie. klokers call them bracelets, as you can likewise wear them without a watch. These are available in the accompanying tones: glossy silk black, matte black, indigo blue, brown, yellow Newport, orange alcantara, and dim alcantara. The bracelets can likewise be requested independently, for €119.- .

The watch can be connected to the bracelet with a sliding framework. It locks with a firm snap. Delivering is finished with the red button as described before.


Besides the bracelet presented below, klokers likewise has a long lash than can be worn ‘double’ on the wrist. A bit Hermes like, on the off chance that you need. klokers considers this bracelet the KLINK-02 and comes in four unique tones. Here you can likewise pick the size of the lash, ‘S’ or ‘M’. The ‘S’ is 380mm long while the ‘M’ is 420mm. In comparison, the single KLINK-01 tie is 245mm. As far as I might be concerned, the double KLINK-02 lash is a bit for women to be straightforward. But you are perusing the assessment of a person here that additionally never wears any calfskin bracelets (without a watch connected to it).

KLOK-01 Movement

The development inside the klokers KLOK-01 is a quartz development, ‘Swiss Made’. Little engines ensure the circles turn obviously. In spite of the fact that quartz rises to exactness, perusing the time from the scales make it less exact. It appears to be the hours circle and minutes plate isn’t entirely adjusted, but that isn’t the shortcoming of the development I presume. It isn’t clear who built up this development, but our companions from referenced it was provided by Ronda. That would make sense.

Some Thoughts, Availability and Events

As soon as I saw this watch in the substance, during Baselworld, I adored it. In spite of being a quartz watch (I love a wide range of watches), it is something that attracts consideration a positive way. The round slide rule ‘heritage’ is an extremely perfect thought and the execution is exceptionally pleasant. The way that it isn’t extremely exact in showing time is something you either need to manage, or essentially not buy the watch in the event that it bothers you too much.


The cost of €399,- is comparable to a ton of other quartz watches and an intermittent (quality) mechanical watch. It is indistinguishable from the cost of a Seiko SRP777 for instance. In any case, I am persuaded that it doesn’t bite one another and somebody who is buying this klokers piece either as of now has a lot of watches or is somebody who isn’t especially inspired by mechanical watches or explicit brand names, but more into the (unique) plan of a watch.


The klokers KLOK-01 is available through the . It appears to be that klokers is conveying these watches based on pre-request, where the following batch is required to be there as of now (mid-October). The arrangement apparatus works pleasantly and requesting is a simple job.


Together with Worn & Wound, klokers will be in NYC at the Wind Up watch reasonable on October 20th. Between 6:30pm and 8:30pm, the two authors of klokers will be there to show you the genuine klokers watches. You are welcome to come and see klokers!

It well be hung on October twentieth 2016 at Revel, 10 Little West twelfth St., New York, N.Y. 10014. Try to RSVP at [email protected]

klokers klok-01

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