Hands-On Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Carbon Review

Hands-On Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Carbon Review

Even in those beginning of watch web journals (we’re here since 2004!), when a great deal of brands didn’t even need to put us on their mailinglists of public statements, Linde Werdelin was at that point somewhat not quite the same as the others. They comprehended the impact of on-line media and were ahead of schedule with having an on-line store for their watches. That, however they offered a preliminary of a week (or 5 days) to have a go with their watches. A fascinating way to deal with make individuals acquainted with – and persuaded of – your watches. Organizers Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin can be absolutely seen as guys who do things any other way, in the realm of extravagance watches.

Now, a long time later, the Linde Werdelin company is still little, (still) receptive and have a solid spotlight on little creation of extravagance sports watches. They not just continued building up the Reef and Rock advanced hardware that can be associated with the mechanical watch yet in addition entered another fragment of watchmaking during the years. Where their initial models were around the 4000 – 5000 Euro mark, with the Linde Werdelin One, Two Timer and 3-Timer, they pushed forward and began to make more complex watches in a higher portion. As far as ‘complications’ yet in addition when it comes down to the packaging and dials of these watches. Today, the Linde Werdelin assortment comprises of the Spido group of skeletonized three-handers and chronographs and the Oktopus jump watch family.

In this audit, we examine one of the Oktopus watches, the Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Carbon.

Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Carbon

This Oktopus Moon Carbon is an ideal model for the cutting edge Linde Werdelin watch. A [almost] over-designed case made of carbon, skeletonized dial showing pieces and bits of the development and a photograph reasonable moon stages plate. The way that Morten Linde has a foundation as a creator plainly shows, as everything consummately coordinates together. There is certifiably not a solitary part that makes me grimace with regards to plan, everything fits, down to the earthy colored elastic strap.

The of the Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Carbon feels exceptionally light. Carbon guarantees that the case is extremely solid (and lightweight), yet doesn’t mean it will be scratch evidence. Carbon has a moderately low surface hardness, other than ceramics for example.

As consistently, the case can be utilized for the Reef (or Rock, yet that’s more outlandish) add-on module for proficient use submerged. The Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Carbon is in no way, shape or form a little watch (44mm (w) by 46mm (l) by 15mm (h), yet wears entirely comfortable because of the low weight and the elastic tie. The case has an excellent completion, which is a combination of satin, cleaned and microbillé finishing.

As carbon isn’t scratch evidence, Linde Werdelin utilized ceramics for the bezel. The bezel has a glossy silk finish on top with cleaned aspects. The screws used to mount the bezel to the case are made of titanium. As the bezel is fundamentally – other than the dial – something you take a gander at a couple of times each day – or significantly more – it is a smart thought to make it scratch safe. I don’t need to give you the instances of the scratched and dinged up tempered steel bezels from the Royal Oak and Nautilus I assume.

The case back of the watch has no sapphire precious stone to notice the development as you would have expected when you take a gander at the skeletonize dial, however a titanium back with an etching of an octopus.

You will locate a 18 carat rose gold crown (screw-down) to set the watch. Albeit gold is generally delicate, the carbon fiber crown watches shield it from being damaged.

Wearing the Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Carbon

But with or without specialized details (you will discover them here in our presentation article of this Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Carbon), how can it wear on the wrist?

Despite the size – it is a games watch after all – it wears entirely comfortable on the wrist. Indeed, even my shirt’s sleeves were no issue for this 15mm thick Oktopus. The photograph practical moons look quite simple to peruse from the dial. Meaningfulness wasn’t an issue at all with this watch, albeit the rose gold accents on the dial and hands are not the best combination in low-light conditions. The combination of rose gold and earthy colored is incredible however, I got some decent comments on the watch from individuals who are typically not that much into watches. It isn’t the regular combination for a games watch, yet Linde Werdelin did it at any rate and the outcome is very impressive.

The hands and dial utilizes Luminova and as you probably are aware, that works pleasantly when it is charged by (daylight and continues shining for quite a long time after dark.

For a few years now, Linde Werdelin accomplices with free development maker . This development was only made for Linde Werdelin, remembering the add-for module for the moon stages circle. The watch kept ideal time during our couple of long stretches of wearing, we didn’t need to set or address the time during this period. The utilization of the crown stays interesting on Linde Werdelin watches. In the event that you are quite a while peruser of Fratello Watches, you realize that a couple of years prior we offered comments that working the crown can be a genuine enemy of finger nails (and fingers by and large). The edges on the crown watch were well honed, which didn’t help a lot of when un-screwing the crown for utilization. The crown monitors on the current Linde Werdelin watches feel less sharp than those early models, yet fundamentally sharp.

The Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Carbon has a retail cost of CHF 19,000.- Swiss Francs. Far away from the underlying estimating range that Linde Werdelin utilized just about 10 years prior. The utilization of cutting edge materials, yet more significant, cutting edge arrangements and developments do legitimize a more exorbitant cost in my modest view. Likewise, where the primary models were on beautiful standard ETA developments, the utilization of Concepto with in-house Moon stage complication additionally builds the cost of such a watch of course.

Whether you need a CHF 19,000.- Swiss Francs Linde Werdelin or a watch from – let’s say – Audemars Piguet or Hublot for that sort of cash is fundamentally up to you and isn’t actually an intriguing conversation I think. The thing that matters is in the idea of the watch (cutting edge looking case made of carbon, moon stage complication) and whether you like to help a little free watchmaking company other than giving over your cash to a major firm that doesn’t even say ‘thank you’ while doing as such. With all due regard, I’ve halted to purchase watches from brands that don’t truly care about me, the client and simply take my cash. Not being guileless here, yet there should be some sort of common regard and ‘kindness’ among client and producer, particularly in this value range. Better said, I need to like individuals behind a brand. Presently, they don’t need to like me, yet they ought to offer extraordinary assistance, opportune react to questions and comments and stay up with the latest on what’s occurring. Notwithstanding, most significant is the way that you like the watch, of course.

Wearing the Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon Carbon causes you to feel like you are important for the Linde Werdelin family. Other than being decent folks, Jorn Werdelin and Morten Linde (and the remainder of their group) showed that they are truly fit for making lovely present day extravagance sports watches during the last 10 years.

Although I would lean somewhat more towards a SpidoSpeed myself (I am somewhat of a chronograph fellow), the Linde Werdelin Oktopus Carbon Moon has a wonderful plan (and utilization of tones) and a moon stages complication that I truly like. The utilization of a photorealistic Moon stages plate is alluring as I would like to think, all things considered on the recently presented Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Master Co-Axial that we showed you here . I think it is the best way to go for a moonphase complication on a games watch that necessities to remain a games watch (rather than becoming a type of dress watch with an exemplary moon show on the dial).

Linde Werdelin just delivers 59 bits of the Oktopus Moon Carbon (2x 29,5, the time between two full moons). More data can be found .


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