Hands-On Longines HydroConquest L3.642.4.56.6 Review

Hands-On Longines HydroConquest L3.642.4.56.6 Review

When you have around 1000 Euro to spend on a watch, you can go Japanese with Seiko or Citizen, you can discover your way in the various Kickstarter projects or microbrands, however is there additionally as yet something from the set up Swiss brands for you?

Longines HydroConquest

Why talk about a watch that has been available for a very long time? Indeed, a few times a watch is adequately fascinating to give it a few (new) inclusion a few reasons. One is that this watch has become so notable and a hit from Longines, we need to know & see  ‘why’. For this situation, we figured it is fascinating to zero in on this watch because of its intriguing value point (for a particularly Swiss brand) and see what it needs to offer.

A part of watch fans love to muse about bygone times when apparatus watches were still instrument watches and had a sticker price that was generally high, yet at the same time moderate. A great deal of those watches are as yet available, however now advertised as an extravagance watch with a sticker price that will cost you dearly. Watches that are in fact presumably totally proficient to act like a genuine apparatus watch, however would you like to openness your costly watch to – for example – pungent water, stuns and hard surfaces where a watch nearly will undoubtedly get scratched.

But have no dread, as there are still brands out there who convey – or attempt to convey – apparatus watches that are additionally capable and have a cordial sticker price. In the event that you need to have a decent watch for day by day (ab)use, one that will presumably outlast you, there is no compelling reason to spend over € 5000.- Euro. Nonetheless, the test for watch devotees is to discover a particularly mechanical watch with an appealing sticker price and still be intrigued with the entirety of its characteristics.

Although we love to meander aimlessly about haute horlogerie pieces, costly vintage finds or comparative subjects, the mission for a decent and moderate watch is maybe a more significant one for a large number of our readers.

The   retails for a little more than 1000 Euro and is that’s an intriguing proposition.

10 Years of HydroConquest

Picture this: a 41mm distance across tempered steel case, water safe up to 300 meters (30ATM), hardened steel arm band with twofold security collapsing catch and incorporated jumping augmentation, a mechanical Longines type 633 development (in light of ETA’s type 2824), unidirectional turning (aluminum) bezel, screw-in crown and a sapphire gem. Longines offers this HydroConquest for € 1070 Euro (~ $1230 USD) in their list (counting VAT).

The Longines HydroConquest is now 10 years of age, as it was presented in 2007. At a time where colleague Swatch Group brand Omega chose to build the rundown costs (because of the in-house Co-Axial developments) of their watches. Albeit the Omega Seamaster Pro 300M 2531.80 was consistently somewhat more costly than this €1070 Euro, Longines filled the [sudden] hole in the Swatch Group gamma with their new HydroConquest jumping collection.

Specifications would one say one are approach to dazzle individuals, however how does the watch wear in the substance? We got this Longines HydroConquest for audit and we might want to share our contemplations about it in the wake of wearing it for a while.

Let me start by saying that I am in no way, shape or form a jumper. A portion of the Fratello Watches group have their jumping declaration from the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) yet I have not. I just go for an intermittent sporting swim and more often than not remove my watch at any rate. Nonetheless, a jumping watch doesn’t just imply that it is reasonable for use in water, to me a plunging watch address a strong and lively watches that can be – likewise because of its water and residue opposition – utilized as an every day watch.

The Longines HydroConquest watch is adequately attractive to go with a suit just as with more easygoing attire. Particularly when wearing short sleeves, a watch ought to be set up to confront some regular threats like shopping baskets, water (shower, washing hands, downpour (snow with long sleeves), vehicle wash and so on), edges of work areas, youngsters etc.

The 41mm treated steel case looks all around fabricated and fits completely on my wrist. There is additionally a more modest variant, that estimates 39mm, for those with thin wrists and a 30mm for ladies. The quartz rendition adds a 25mm variant to the HydroConquest assortment as well.

The case has a silk brush finish just as some cleaned parts which plays pleasantly with the Sun beams. The dial is excessively readable and utilizes Super Luminova for the records, Arabic numerals and the wide Silvered cleaned hands. A games watch ought to have a truly clear dial, particularly plunging watches. This Longines HydroConquest shows how it ought to be finished. Despite the fact that I for one don’t care about a date work myself, this model has a date opening at 3 o’clock. All vital capacities are on the watch you could say. For those intrigued by a chronograph, there is uplifting news, as there are likewise HydroConquest Chronograph adaptations. The chronograph form costs around €500 Euro more.

Below you will see two pictures, one with ordinary light conditions (indeed, studio light) and one where we shut down the light to show you the amazing Super-LumiNova dial of this Longines HydroConquest watch. I figure this will do totally on the night stand, correct? Don’t think little of the helpfulness of a glowing dial. I never gave an excessive amount of consideration to it myself other then for audits, yet as of recently I am wearing a watch that has no glowing dial and it disturbs me when I am uninformed. It appears to be currently that it isn’t there, I am missing it on right around a consistent schedule (maybe this necessities some clarification: when I carry my little girl to bed there is definitely no light in her room, she expects me to be with her for a brief timeframe until she nods off. I do not understand how long I am staying there and can’t check the time in obscurity with a radiant less dial on my watch).

Furthermore, the dial has just the essential imprinting on there. You could discuss whether it is valuable to express that it is a programmed development, yet as far as plan and having an even dial, it doubtlessly has its function.

The uni-directional bezel works impeccably and has no genuine play. Strong snaps and it has a glowing pearl to demonstrate the 0 (or 60). The aluminum uni-directional bezel is a need on a genuine jumping observe however can likewise be utilized to monitor a particular time frame.

Another normal jumping watch include is the screw-in crown. Longines has a decent marked crown that is not difficult to get a handle on and work. A couple of crown-watchmen will guarantee adequate security from entryway posts, shopping baskets, etc. Or then again would it be advisable for me to say rocks beneath the surface? Regardless, to forestall knocking it off, there are these pleasantly formed and cleaned crown monitors that will manage their work perfectly.

The picture underneath additionally shows the pleasant cleaned features looking into the issue. Longines truly made a pleasant showing on planning this device watch and give it a completion that additionally makes it an ideal consistently watch or even a tasteful watch to go with a suit.

As you previously saw, we got the Longines HydroConquest on a hardened steel wristband (there are likewise elastic lash variants accessible) and we mentioned that deliberately. The completion of an arm band is vital for a watch and reveals to us much about the exertion that a company will place into planning and building up a decent strong watch. Albeit an elastic lash is entirely comfortable and simple to-utilize, we were more inquisitive about their tempered steel bracelet.

The huge Oyster-like wristband is a regular jumping arm band, comparative plan utilized by numerous different brands. It is about the subtleties for this situation though.The joins are associated utilizing screws and the middle connection has a pleasant cleaned finish.The finish of the wristband consummately coordinates the cleaned and brushed completion of the HydroConquest watch case.

The fasten of the watch – as you can see – is strong and very much planned. Something else I saw during wearing is that it is still very level on the rear of your wrist. It has ‘Longines’ engraved in it – as you can see – and it looks and feels extremely durable. It appeared to me that it looked a touch more strong than the jumping expansion. Despite the fact that I didn’t use it, the wristband likewise has this jumping expansion so you will actually want to wear the Longines HydroConquest over your Neoprene wet suit. Albeit the jumping expansion seems, by all accounts, to be somewhat flimsy, it felt strong and even in the wake of turning the watch on the wrist a piece I didn’t get an inclination that it would snap soon. Since it is an overall short piece, it most likely necessities a lot of power to twist or break it anyway.

Some individuals may see a strong case back a piece as a let down, maybe particularly those individuals who purchase a mechanical watch interestingly. Be that as it may, as I would like to think it doesn’t bode well for two reasons.

The first explanation is that it is a plunging watch (or instrument watch), it needs a strong screw-down caseback that will guarantee the water opposition of the watch. While there are sure brands that offers a straightforward or show back for a jumping watch, consider the additional exertion (and hence cost maybe) that should go into it ensuring it stays water confirmation at extraordinary depths.

My other explanation may sound pompous, however is not the slightest bit intended to be that way. I have extraordinary reverence for ETA developments which seldomly separate and to be straightforward I rather have a demonstrated ETA development that having an in-house development only for having one with the extra sticker price. In any case, I don’t have to have a showcase back with an ordinary ETA development. It would be a pleasant component, however there are different developments that I rather appreciate taking a gander at. This ETA is a workhorse, a diesel, and maybe you can concur with me that taking a gander at a current BMW 530D motor is less fun than taking a gander at the V8 or V12 motor of a Ferrari or other (super) sports vehicle. The work horse takes care of its work however, and pretty damn well.

In short, for around €1000,- Euro list value, you will get a strong performing watch that will keep going forever. It likewise is the one watch that may shimmer your advantage in mechanical watches and before you realize you will wind up with an assortment of them. Risky stuff. As you can see on one of the photos over, the watch is conveyed in a beautiful introduction (or capacity) box and comes with a major manual which is essentially not actually a need to wear this watch. Unscrew the crown, set the time and date and you are all set forever.

It may appear we are über excited about this watch and we unquestionably are. However, aren’t there any cons in regards to this Longines HydroConquest? Indeed, not actually and particularly not at this value point. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you need us to criticize, you may set yourself up having a conversation with other watch devotees that it looks somewhat like a Rolex Submariner watch. Maybe it does, yet it is the commonplace jumpers look & feel these watches have with their huge brilliant hands, meaningful differentiating dial and uni-directional bezel.

This is an incentive for cash piece that is – and will be – difficult to beat (we will keep looking however). Much the same as the Legend Diver that we explored, or the Master Moonphase that we likewise investigated, Longines is unquestionably a fascinating brand to consider in the event that you are on the lookout for another & great mechanical watch to claim (and wear).

Technical Specifications


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Specificities: Unidirectional turning bezel, Screw-in crown
  • Crystal: Scratch-safe sapphire gem with against intelligent covering on the underside
  • Case back: Screw-down case back
  • Dimension: Ø 41.00 mm
  • Water obstruction: Water-impervious to 30 bar

Movement and Functions

  • Caliber: L633, Self winding mechanical development beating at 28’800 vibrations each hours and giving 38 hours of force reserve
  • Function: Hours, minutes, seconds and date.

Dial and Hands

  • Hours markers: Applied Arabic numerals and lists, with Super-LumiNova ®
  • Hands: Silvered cleaned hands, with Super-LumiNova ®


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Buckle: With twofold security collapsing catch and incorporated jumping extension.


€ 1070,- Euro (counting VAT).


*This article showed up first on November 28th, 2014. We refreshed the evaluating data and rolled out some publication improvements/updates.

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