Hands-On Mondaine SBB Gottardo2016 stop2go Review

Hands-On Mondaine SBB Gottardo2016 stop2go Review


About a year prior, Gerard Nijenbrinks composed a review on the Mondaine stop2go watch. Just a little recap of the stop2go development before we head over to the Mondaine SBB Gottardo2016 stop2go review:

The stop2go framework is controlled by the Swiss made caliber cal 58-02. This development guarantees that the watch runs precisely like the authority Swiss rail route station timekeepers. The second hand turns the dial in 58 seconds, so somewhat faster than ordinary. Once at 12 o’clock, it stops for 2 seconds and advances once more. In these two seconds, you additionally see the moment hand expanding precisely brief marker. It is the very same development as in the previous Mondaine stop2go survey we did.

So what is new?

Mondaine SBB Gottardo2016

Well, this Mondaine SBB Gottardo2016 commends the celebrated Gotthard Base Tunnel with only 2016 pieces. How? Indeed, Mondaine makes it a stride further by including a praise to the ‘Old Lady’ locomotive.


This locomotive, formally alluded to as Ae6/6, was commissioned in 1952. No less then 120 of these Ae6/6 locomotives were utilized by the Swiss rail routes. This year, the Old Lady’s task is done as the new Gotthard Base Tunnel has been opened. For the sake of entertainment purpose, I put in certain photos of my own Fleischmann H0 train that I played with as a child. It very well may be somewhat dusty consequently. I didn’t have an Ae6/6 little, so I trust this “Schwarze Anna” will do.


Mondaine pays hommage by utilizing an extraordinary and interesting bezel on these 2016 Mondaine SBB Gottardo2016 pieces. The bezel has been created from the driver’s taxi entryway of the Old Lady. Every one of them appear to be unique, because of the mileage of the train’s entryway since 1952.


The instance of the Mondaine SBB Gottardo2016 is like the other stop2go models. A strong and round tempered steel case with a width of 41mm. The crown is somewhat odd looking, yet has exactly the intended effect. The caseback shows a red painted circle with the Gottardo2016 logo painted on it. It is flawlessly done. The caseback shows the extraordinary number of the watch and the complete number of watches (2016) produced.


The dial (and instance) of the Mondaine SBB Gottardo2016 is simply exemplary. Anybody will perceive the plan, including the individuals who don’t care much about watches all in all. This plan has been there since 1944, when Hans Hilfiker – a Swiss Federal Railways representative – made the well known Official Swiss Railways Clock. In 1986, Mondaine took that identical plan and transformed it into a wristwatch. The white dial, enormous dark stick markers, thick huge hour and moment hands and obviously the red second hand with a round ‘lollipop’ toward the end. It is by and large present. With the stop2go development, that reproduces the 2 seconds (it is authoritatively 1.5 seconds for the railroad clocks) stop at 12 o’clock, it is spot on.

Strap and Buckle

Mondaine conveys this SBB Gottardo2016 watch on a thick calf cowhide lash. Since the watch isn’t little, or dainty, the watch can deal with the thick lash impeccably. It is somewhat solid from the outset, yet will get more flexible in the wake of wearing it. The tempered steel clasp is marked Mondaine and has a brushed completion, similar to the caseband of the watch.


The Mondaine SBB Gottardo2016 stop2go is restricted and can be requested on-line by means of the Mondaine site. A retail cost of 750 Swiss Francs (counting VAT) is maybe not what you’re used to from Mondaine, but rather given the way that has the stop2go development (typical Mondaine stop2go watch retails for somewhat under €600 Euro) I get it is reasonable. The bezel is interesting and has a decent story to it. Considered that the general nature of the watch is good makes it a decent buy. It is a great watch, wears effectively and may be a magnificent blessing to somebody who loves watches and prepares as well.

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