Hands-On Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam Review

Hands-On Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam Review

The best Amsterdam retailer just improved. They figured out how to do another elite watch with Nomos. I’m discussing Ace Jewelers obviously, who collaborated with Nomos to dispatch a second restricted release only to be sold through their shops and e-store. In view of the current Nomos Club Campus Nacht (or Night, in English), they concocted the Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam.

After their first dispatch of an uncommon Nomos, the Orion 38 Stijl Limited Edition ( we assessed it here ), we presently investigate the Club Campus Amsterdam.

Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam

Based on the 38.5mm Club Campus, Ace Jewelers – who is an approved dealer of Nomos just as numerous different brands – decided to add some more colour to their ‘Nacht’ rendition. The first Nacht rendition has a highly contrasting dial with a little splendid neon orange hued second hand. For the Club Campus Amsterdam release, they made some radical changes. A white subdial with brilliant red little second hand and red hued hour markers. The hour markers are – much the same as the first Club Campus Nacht – a combination of Arabic, Roman and stick marker numerals.

Limited to 75 pieces just, which you could call genuinely restricted, yet additionally understand that the absolute creation number of Nomos isn’t high. All things considered, at this cost point and for a brand with the steadily expanding validity and fame it is definitely a decent number of watches. Continuously purchase a watch since you like it for what it is obviously, not on the grounds that it is a restricted, extraordinary or numbered version only. Enough with the exhortation, let’s view the watch itself.

The consideration for details is stunning. Shouldn’t something be said about the XXX in the crown, which depends on the image of Amsterdam. It additionally clarifies the red and dim tones in the watch. As the weapon comprises of a red foundation, a dark thick line and three white Xs. The dim (dark) dial and red (brilliant) records, just as the XXX on the winding crown, allude to the capital city of The Netherlands. It is the city where Ace Jewelers is found (and founded) and they are not short of showing this. The Amsterdam brought into the world Ace Jewelers CEO Alon Ben-Joseph is “paying tribute to the city that we call home and love” with this watch, as he expressed in the official statement of this Club Campus Amsterdam.

Second Limited Edition

What I enjoyed about the first collab that Ace Jewelers did with Nomos, was that their ‘De Stijl’ watch (Orion based) had a fascinating dial with markers with regards to various lengths. The utilization of essential tones that were so average for ‘De Stijl’ painter Mondriaan and designer Rietveld must be seen by means of the transparent case back. The shadings utilized for the development (blued screws, red rubies, (yellow) gold equilibrium wheel) were maybe somewhat implausible with regards to respecting the ‘De Stijl’, the watch really looked great and was essentially about the dial and its a-commonplace hour markers.

Above is a picture we took of the past Ace Jewelers x Nomos version, in light of the Orion 38. As should be obvious, a completely extraordinary case design from the Club Campus Amsterdam. The Club is likewise a more youthful design by Nomos, additionally focused on a somewhat unique crowd perhaps.

The second restricted version, the Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam, depends on an alternate watch (Club Campus) and is in fact identical to those standard releases. A case distance across of 38.5mm and thickness of 8.5mm, and inside you will discover the Nomos Alpha type. A hand-twisted development with 43 hours of force reserve.

Nomos Alpha

As you can see underneath, the case back of the Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam has a unique etching in its bezel, demonstrating that this restricted release watch is solely for Ace Jewelers. It additionally contains the interesting number (of each watch). Aside from that, it permits you to appreciate the mechanical development by Nomos. Lovely ‘Glashütter’ striping on the plates, blued screws and a huge equilibrium wheel.

Some individuals expect that the base of this type is the ETA/Peseux 7001, yet that’s not the situation. It may have been the motivation for this development (and Nomos utilized the Peseux type before), however the Nomos Alpha is their own developed development. Despite the fact that it may seem to be comparative in design, truth be told, not very many development parts would be appropriate for a trade with the Peseux 7001 type. The Nomos Alpha was their first in-house development and ticks at 21,600vph. It additionally has a hacking highlight (which the 7001 lacks).

“Stakes Is High”

I love it when somebody goes the additional mile and accomplish something strange like Nomos did with this restricted release Club Campus Amsterdam for Ace Jewelers. It isn’t completely without hazard, as the console hero game is solid and it has become a “hobby” for some to not just censure all that is not the same as the customary yet in addition to make it one stride further and genuinely spread junk talk about these activities. As a maker, or coordinated effort accomplice (Ace Jewelers for this situation), you should be exceptionally cautious in what you do and how you do it. I think the two players did their best as the watch shows energetic components and has a reasonable connect to Amsterdam. Praise for that, as the stakes are exceptionally high exactly when you do ‘another’ restricted edition.

For myself, I decided to take a gander at observes similarly as they are. Restricted editions are dwarfing some ordinary versions without a doubt with specific brands, and I do understand they need to come up with new and various varieties as you can’t have a practical business just delivering similar looks for quite a long time except if your company is found at Rue François-Dussaud 3-5-7 in Geneva. It is exceptionally simple to censure a watch for being a restricted version, however does it actually hold up on the off chance that you judge a watch absolutely by its looks/feel and other explicit features?

This Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam is really unique with the red files and anthracite/dark dial, a combination we don’t see that frequently in this particular design. The red numerals look entirely decent, despite the fact that I don’t know how long I would take a gander at them in – let’s say – a long time from now. Maybe, if Amsterdam is your home city, or has uncommon significance for you (for whatever reasons : ) ), this plays no role.

Attention To Detail

Both Nomos and their clients tend to take a gander at details. Regardless of whether it is the movement’s precision, details on the dial or the tie, it is consistently under the loupe with all gatherings. Nomos purchasers appear to cherish details. This Club Campus Amsterdam is the same, with its astounding red tone, white sub dial and off-kilter hour markers. As you can see over, the imprinting on the dial is pleasantly done and even looks great under a full scale lens.

The hands have been applied with glowing material however dissimilar to the normal ‘Nacht’ form, the hour markers are most certainly not. So in low light conditions, just the hands will gleam. The red paint for the hour markers is very thick and this adds some depth to the dial. A task well done.

As you can see on the detail shots that Bert Buijsrogge took of the Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam, the imprinting on the dial is very sharp.

The Club Campus Amsterdam comes on a decent suede anthracite tie (20mm haul size) and has a pleasant light dark sewing to give it a touch of differentiation. Obviously, the clasp has been endorsed with the Nomos logo. The lash has a pleasant delicate touch and feels very supple.


Not excessively quite a while in the past, I composed that Grand Seiko has become the watch journalist’ favourite , for a wide range of reasons. In any case, to be reasonable, I think the equivalent goes for Nomos and I accept that this has been the case some time before Grand Seiko did. Why? Nomos has a fascinating style, they do a ton of the actual work, have been anxious to chip away at intriguing tasks with retailers and media, they are well disposed individuals with a better than average of humor, realize how to set up a decent gathering during Baselworld, however a large portion of all: they produce a decent watch at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, not irrelevantly, the watches look great as well. This Club Campus Amsterdam is the same, the design is engaging and the shading plan is something else (than they regularly do). The 38.5mm case size is a solid match for many measured wrists, including my 18cm wrist (which can be considered large).

The Nomos Club Campus Amsterdam has a retail cost of €1400,= (counting VAT), which is, as I would see it, a more than reasonable cost for this watch. Nomos, situated in the watchmaking heart of Germany, designs and develops a fascinating line up of watches, including the Club assortment that is obviously focused at a more youthful crowd than their Tangente and Tangomat for instance. I like the little Amsterdam wind in this rendition of the Club Campus, with its red hour markers, XXX-marked crown and white subdial for the running seconds. I don’t think you should be a devotee of Amsterdam to like and purchase this watch, on the off chance that the design of the case and shading plan addresses you, you know what to do.

This watch is accessible by means of the or one of their stores in Amsterdam.

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