Hands-On Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech PAM 616 Review

Hands-On Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech PAM 616 Review

Not too some time in the past I did a survey of this year’s Panerai Luminor Submersible Titanio ( PAM 615  for the reference coders) and now I am back with this much discussed Panerai Luminor Submersible Carbotech (PAM 616). At the point when they showed it to us in Geneva during the SIHH, I observed a ton of ooohs and aaahs from associates around me that have a thing continuing for Panerai watches. I’m not a Paneristi, but rather I comprehended what the fluff was about.

Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech PAM 616 on the wrist

PAM 616 Review

Carbotech Case

During the SIHH, I composed the accompanying about the Carbotech case material:

“In request to create the Carbotech case, Panerai needed to tie the long slight sheets of carbon strands under high tension and by temperatures. This limiting was finished utilizing a top of the line polymer called PEEK (Polyether Ether Ketone). The outcome is a solid and strong watch case with exceptional attributes and appearance.

Since the Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech is an instrument watch eventually, the material of the case likewise guarantees that it is impervious to erosion and light. Lighter and more grounded than earthenware production and titanium. Be that as it may, the vast majority will succumb to the style of this watch and don’t utilize it in or close to the water.”

So the PAM 616 is a very ‘technical watch’ and I need to concede, it additionally seems as though one. Very not the same as the hardened steel and titanium models that Panerai did. The Carbotech case has an exceptionally decent design, and altogether different from other carbon cases I’ve seen so distant from Hublot, AP and IWC for instance. I do keep thinking about a piece whether I’d actually like it after certain years, however maybe – if Panerai sticks to a couple of models with this Carbotech case – it will become more intriguing to claim one over time.

The case has a 47mm width case, which is in no way, shape or form little, yet it likewise didn’t trouble me or turn me down by any stretch of the imagination. These 47mm Panerai watches are shockingly wearable, as I additionally wrote in the PAM 615 review.

Carbotech – Pattern working on this issue and lugs

I didn’t get any comments on the material from the start, just on the watch. After looking into it further, individuals got some information about the case material. The watch has that matte military look, which I suppose was the reason as opposed to have a more grounded/better/lighter case. I never had any of my tempered steel or titanium cases seriously harmed, so it is somewhat a matter of showing what you – as a brand – can accomplish than conveying a watch to the market that has an overly solid case for the individuals who need that.

Matte military look of the PAM 616

The caseback is shut, so no view on the mechanical self-winding P.9000 type. It is made of titanium – presumably to add some solidarity to the development of the Carbotech case – and has been engraved with all the essential data for the proprietor. The etching of the 2 man sub is pleasantly done. The word “Submersible” has been done in a bas alleviation, a pleasant touch.

The Panerai PAM 616 caseback with engravings

As you can see beneath, the protected crown locking framework (with the switch that deliveries and locks the crown for activity) is likewise made of Carbotech.

The protected crown lock framework is additionally made of Carbotech

Crown locking system

Panerai PAM 616 case band showing the average Carbotech structure.

Dial and Hands

I have been somewhat hard on false patina previously, yet I need to say I’ve got used to it in the then. Panerai is a brand that aces the utilization of artificial patina to make that vintage look of a watch dial. With the vintage swarm, tritium dials and hands are vital clearly, Michael Stockton gives a great deal of consideration to that while examining his #TBT watches. With current Panerai watches, the utilization of false patina is simply an issue of making that vintage look to it, doing whatever it takes not to reproduce a vintage watch. The Carbotech case ensures you don’t think it is a vintage piece of course.

On the dial of the PAM 616, you will likewise see the fake patina on the hour markers, Arabic numerals at 12 and 6 and the hands. The printing of the brand name and model name have been done in a coordinating tone. The radiant pearl on the uni-directional carbotech bezel is likewise in a similar tone, obviously, just as the plunging scale and moment markers on there.

The bright Panerai PAM 616 dial printing and hands give an extraordinary differentiation to the case

Just like the PAM 615 I inspected, the blue tone has been utilized conspicuously here too. It truly adds a touch of punch to the watch as I would see it and maybe likewise focusing on the way that it is a jumpers watch.

The enormous dark hour and moment hands are skeletonized, keeping them from impeding the little seconds dial at 9 0’clock. At 3 o’clock you will discover the date marker, scarcely observable because of the dark plate and fake patina printed numerals. I’m not actually an enthusiast of a date on a games/device watch, yet this has been done discretely and fulfills every one of those individuals who are preferring a touch of usefulness over an absolutely puristic clean dial.


I have no picture of the development other than the press pictures you’ve presumably seen wherever as of now or can be seen on the . It is an advanced looking development, a work-horse development in the event that you wish, this P.9000 type. It has a 72 hours power save – henceforth the “3 Days” notice in the authority model name “Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech 3-Days Automatic” and has the component that the hour hand can be expanded independently from the moment hand. The development is 7.9mm thick, which isn’t your normal super dainty development for a three-hands watch. The force save is accomplished by utilizing two barrels. Panerai has an exceptional page on-line on this development .


The lash on this Carbotech is equivalent to the one on the PAM 615 . So I’ve little to add here. All things considered, maybe I can add that in the in the interim, I purchased a vintage Seiko 6159-7010 (otherwise called the Grandfather Tuna) from 1975 and supplanted the first elastic lash (I am not enthused about elastic ties when all is said in done) with a silicon tie of the current Tuna (SBDX013). Albeit the silicon tie is a lot gentler than the Panerai lash, I do need to concede that the Panerai tie is truly progressed nicely and overly comfortable. Not excessively delicate, however I could wear this watch for a long time without tinkering with the elastic lash constantly (which I typically do when it doesn’t fit or suit me well).

Comfortable elastic lash on the PAM 616

Verdict on the Panerai PAM 616

It is a watch that I really mentioned from Panerai on the grounds that it was all the rage in Geneva during the SIHH. It wasn’t fundamentally in light of the fact that I was excessively excited about its appearance to be straightforward. I for one purchase a watch since I like the vibe of it in any case, specialized developments do come in later as motivation to purchase a watch (or not in the slightest degree a few times when a watch is truly terrible). In any case, I need to change my assessment and say that I preferred the specialized ‘engineered’ look of the Carbotech case on this Panerai PAM 616. Further more, it is a comfortable watch notwithstanding the 47mm measurement. I couldn’t see myself wearing it consistently because of its size, yet on the other hand, I infrequently catch individuals these days with only one watch anyway.

So, I like the specialized look & feel of this watch just as a portion of the little subtleties like the utilization of the yellow-ish Super LumiNova and the blue accents on the dial and lash. I do feel that the cost is very steep for the three-hand watch (with date), however I sense that the Carbotech case is certainly not a modest case to deliver, particularly since it’s anything but a mass-created watch. It makes this watch extraordinary and maybe over the long haul a collector’s piece, so that may compensate for the “current” cost tag.

The sticker price on this piece is 17.500 Euro, including VAT.

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Comfortable elastic lash on the PAM 616 Panerai Pre-V style clasp Panerai PAM 616 case band showing the regular Carbotech structure. Crown locking framework The vivid Panerai PAM 616 dial printing and hands give an incredible differentiation to the case The licensed crown lock framework is additionally made of Carbotech – Pattern working on this issue and drags Matte military look of the PAM 616

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