Hands-On: The Seiko SRP777 Versus Seiko 6309

After we were among the first to show you the new Seiko SRP777, SRP775, SRP779 and SRP73 in this post , I couldn’t stand by to get my hands on them and check whether they are similarly pretty much as great as the first Seiko 6309. Michael composed a brilliant audit for our #tbt include on the Seiko 6309 here  and he finished up with “It’s a foundation piece for any assortment and it glances great in many settings. It’s likewise one of those watches that will in general get the aware gesture from those wearing watches 10-20 times more expensive.”.

He also made me eager about the Seiko 6309 and ended up getting one from a Seiko gatherer in the United Kingdom. All parts were unique and the watch was in acceptable in general condition. I had it adjusted and controlled by Seiko in The Netherlands by the by, and I end up wearing it generally regularly in my – what I’d like to call – pivot program. I paid $320 USD including dispatching, and as Michael expressed in his article, that is an insane measure of blast for the buck.

But imagine a scenario where you don’t like to purchase vintage watches. You either can’t discover one with unique parts (dial and hands substitutions are common) or don’t need to hazard winding up with a Seiko 6309 with a completely destroyed development (very few individuals had their moderately modest Seiko 6309 serviced in 30-40 years). The new Seiko SRP777 and its subsidiaries may be an amazing option for the Seiko “Turtle” 6309.

The new Seiko SRP777 – part of Seiko’s Prospex collection

Seiko SRP777 Prospex

Before I investigate the two watches, let’s focus in on the new Seiko SRP777 model first. Maybe I should begin with the situating of this watch in the Seiko assortment. It’s anything but an immediate relative of the Seiko 6309, that would be the well known Seiko SKX007 . The Seiko SKX007 (retails at €299 Euro here in Europe) has a place with the Seiko 5 assortment, in view of its development: type 7S26. The SRP777, SRP773, SRP775 and so on are important for the Prospex (“Professional specifications”) assortment and have development type 4R36. This development can likewise be found in the current Seiko Monster assortment for instance. It is an automatic (yet in addition physically “windable”) 25-gem, 21,600vph, hacking movement with a day and date feature. The development has a force save of 41 hours least when completely wound.

You will discover the Prospex logo “X” on the dial of the Seiko SRP777, as demonstrated underneath, to show that this watch is essential for that ‘professional’ assortment. The applied files are lumed and perform very well in low-light conditions. The hands are those regular Seiko jumpers hands, yet look great and are entirely neat. The imprinting on the dial is of acceptable quality and well honed. The bezel on the dark Seiko SRP777 was a piece ‘tough’ however fine on the SRP773 and SRP775 reference. I figure I may have been unfortunate with this specific watch.

Prospex logo on the dial of the Seiko SRP777

The “professional” part is essentially inside the water opposition of this watch, 200 meters. The Seiko SRP777 has Seiko’s popular Hardlex mineral gem, that some consider as negative, however I need to say that none of my Seiko watches with Hardlex precious stones got scratched up till now. The case is 44.3mm in breadth and 13.4mm thick, so in no way, shape or form a little watch. Nonetheless, because of its shape, it is an entirely wearable watch. It has a screw-down crown and the case back likewise is screw-in, to guarantee water resistance.

I got the Seiko SRP773 and SRP775 also from Seiko, yet prefer to zero in on the Seiko SRP777. Frankly, I would agree to the Seiko SRP777 regardless, in light of the fact that that silicon tie that comes with it is unbelievably comfortable. It is overall quite delicate and makes me can’t help thinking about why I needed to put down €180 Euro for a silicon lash (from the SBDX013) for my vintage Seiko Tuna 6159-7010 . On the off chance that I would have known this, I would have requested the 22mm tie for the Seiko SRP777 for my Tuna 6159-7010.

The SRP773 and SRP775 models come with a metal arm band, as can be seen underneath. I didn’t set aside the effort to have them resized (they come with sufficient connects to fit immense wrists, which is something worth being thankful for), yet the wristband do what they ought to do and have a flip-lock on the catch for security. Plan shrewd they are very much like the arm bands that are as of now being utilized on a portion of the Seiko Prospex models.

The fasten opened & closed

Again, despite the fact that the quality is right on the money concerning the wristband of the SRP773 and SRP775 references, I very much want the silicon lash of the Seiko SRP777. Maybe likewise in light of the fact that it is additionally a lot nearer to the first reference 6309 watch in this configuration.

With a retail of €395 Euro for the Seiko SRP777 and €35 Euros more for the SRP773 and SRP775 with metal bracelets, this watch is a no-brainer on the off chance that you need an unshakable water safe mechanical watch. I would favor it over the Seiko SKX007 to be straightforward (albeit official retail is moderately high for it in Europe compared to somewhere else), because of the tie (or wristband, for this situation) and the hacking development type 4R36. Notwithstanding, the plan of the SKX007 (and SKX009) case is a smidgen all the more agreeable and maybe more alluring on the off chance that you don’t extravagant vintage looking jumper watches.

Seiko SRP773K1

Seiko SRP777 versus 6309

Battle of the turtles, despite the fact that Michael Stockton learned me that I ought to allude to these models as turtle. As said, I wear my Seiko 6309 consistently and it performs pleasantly. The watch was going quick from the outset, yet it appears to be that after the assistance at Seiko, it is going much better. Seiko revealed to me that the development in my 6309 required some new parts as they were completely exhausted. That is somewhat of an issue with these old Seiko watches. It is somewhat similar to Rolex, what number of individuals do you realize that are not explicitly into watches and had their Rolexes adjusted in their +25 years of proprietorship? The equivalent – or maybe far and away more terrible – for Seiko I think. People bought a Seiko jumper many years prior and never overhauled it, maybe likewise on the grounds that help cost would be generally high for these watches compared to the cost at buy. That’s isn’t completely evident, as I’ve been informed that Seiko just charges an extremely low add up to retailers for administration, the retailer a few times duplicate this cost by 3 or 4 to their clients. Maybe to procure a fast buck on assistance or fix, yet additionally maybe to urge them to simply purchase another Seiko from the shelf.

Getting parts of vintage pieces becomes more terrible nowadays, despite the fact that I can’t envision it would be too difficult to even think about finding the correct parts for the Seiko 6309 watch. eBay and Seiko gatherings have enough to bring to the table on the off chance that you screen it intently, yet this is something not every person likes to do (or don’t have sufficient free time to do as such). All things considered, the decision for a SRP777 or one of its cousins may be an undeniable decision. Particularly at the cost, you don’t need to settle on intense choices here. It is just about inclination. Nonetheless, I can just envision the new type 4R36 is substantially more precise (furthermore, hacking and can likewise be twisted by turning the crown) than the old type 6300-series.

Seiko SRP777 versus Seiko 6309

As you can see over, my 6309-7049 is on the privilege and the new Seiko SRP777 is on the left. Other than the scars and stamps from wear on the 6309, these watches are especially “the same” from the outset. Let’s simply say that my better half wouldn’t detect the distinctions (and she didn’t). Indeed, even up to the imprinting on the dial, there are just couple of contrasts. Obviously, the new Seiko SRP777 has some various pointers including the Prospex logo and the “Diver’s 200m” notice where the old 6309 simply discusses being a programmed and 150m “water resist”. The Suwa logo simply over the hour marker at 6 o’clock demonstrates Japanese creation. With respect to the bezel, the pearl in the old 6309 bezel is somewhat bigger however up to the printing it is very comparable. As should be obvious, the bezel on my 6309 has seen some wear, yet nothing to stress over. It actually works properly.

The lume is plainly extraordinary on the new Seiko SRP777 and does a pleasant work, where the old lume on the 6309 is dead. Likely for quite a while already.

Differences in profile – Seiko SRP777 versus 6309

The bezel configuration is somewhat unique when taking a gander at it from the side, the ‘hob nail’ is somewhat better on the old 6309 reference. The crown is as yet un-marked and albeit a few group incline toward a marked crown and see this is as a more ‘luxury’ detail, I really like the way that Seiko clutches these things. Their plan office did an awesome work. The new Seiko SRP777 has carry openings, which makes it a lot simpler to eliminate a tie (or wristband). The components of the two references are practically indistinguishable (44mm x 14mm for the 6309), even there Seiko worked really hard not getting diverted by any ‘hypes’ or patterns (more modest or bigger), they just totally re-did the 6309.

Caseback comparison

Seiko – obviously – utilized the Tsunami emblem for the hardened steel screw-down caseback. At that point there’s the Prospex logo once more, a chronic number and the type number of the development. The old caseback is moderately comparable in sharing particulars. As you can see the crown development is somewhat unique and, from what I surmise by taking a gander at it, the new case is better kept from water and residue entering through the crown.

Straps and buckles

Where my old Seiko 6309 has this 22mm GLA45 kind of tie with punctured guardian and straightforward brushed clasp, the new Seiko SRP777 comes with a silicon strap, nicely brushed attendant and a delightful Seiko marked V-formed clasp that helps me a piece to remember those Pre-Vendome Panerai clasps, however more modest. I previously composed the amount I like the new silicon lash so I will shun rehashing myself time after time here. The old lashes are OK, yet feel kinda plastic and keeping in mind that I have one (New Old Stock) reference GL83 tie in its unique bundling, it is harmed over the long run (maybe all in all too long in the immediate daylight or something) and got unusable, it is only no comparison to the new silicon strap.

When comparing new versus old here, I need to say that Seiko worked really hard regarding the plan of the first Seiko reference 6039-7049 and its measurements. The completion on the caseback of the Seiko SRP777 is more pleasant and obviously the development is only a cutting edge well-performing type. Add a brilliant arrangement of hands and dial and the much evaluated silicon tie and you have a victor. In that regard, it is just ‘nostalgic’ that should make you need a 6309 over a SRP777 as the cost is – today – pretty much the equivalent. The danger of an exhausted development would be – for me – the motivation to buy the new Seiko SRP777 alone, to be honest.

Are their any wrongs with respect to the Seiko SRP777 and the other SRP77x references? Some may complain about an un-marked crown or maybe the Prospex logo on the dial, however there is really not one motivation not to purchase this watch on the off chance that you are searching for a cutting edge vintage-looking jumper under €500 Euro.

More data through . The Dutch go .

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