Hands-On With The Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 38.6 mm

Hands-On With The Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Limited Edition 38.6 mm

Yesterday we acquainted you with the Omega 60th commemoration trilogy. Today, we had our gathering with Omega and had a more critical glance at their new assortments. We got numerous inquiries and comments about the Speedmaster. Let’s attempt to answer a couple.

Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Reference 311.

I can be excessively short about the new Omega Speedmaster 60th commemoration restricted release. I requested one. So did two different folks of the Fratello Watches group. We were just overwhelmed by it. In view of the comments and likes we got on Instagram and Facebook and the various messages and whatsapp messages we got, you like it too yet have some questions.

How many?

First, there is the contrast between the Speedmaster 60th Anniversary watch from the trilogy set and the different (restricted release) rendition. The trilogy set is restricted to 557 pieces, nonetheless, Omega also will produce 3557 additional pieces (so 557 + 3557. Not 557 + 3000 pieces) for each watch separately.

We got a few inquiries if Omega can eliminate the number from the dial on the trilogy set of 557 pieces. All things considered, no. You need to settle on a decision I presume. Likewise, you can attempt to buy the separate adaptations (Railmaster, Seamaster 300, Speedmaster) with comparing numbers yet Omega isn’t encouraging this so you should be truly fortunate with that.

How is the new bracelet?

The new Speedmaster 60th Anniversary models come with another arm band that has been motivated by the 7077 wristband. That wristband was utilized in 1957 on the Railmaster CK2914, Seamaster 300 CK2913 and Speedmaster CK2915. Every one of the three models of the 60th commemoration utilize a similar new arm band also. It is significantly thicker than the first 7077, has no adaptable connections and have an advanced catch. Regardless of being thicker and heavier, it wears entirely comfortable and the looks are awesome.

Are the connections polished?

Although I think it is unmistakably obvious on all pictures out there, we actually get this inquiry every once in a while. The middle connection is brushed and the external connections are cleaned, similar to the original.

Will it fit my Speedmaster Pro?

There were very a few comments and inquiries concerning this arm band and whether it would fit the ‘regular’ Moonwatch models. It doesn’t, all things considered for 19mm drags and the ordinary Speedmaster Professional has 20mm carries. We got no data on a potential 20mm update for the ordinary Moonwatch for this sort of wristband however. Maybe ‘we’ devotees need to do some more demands for one 😉

How is the false patina?

There were very a few comments on the artificial patina. Some like it, others don’t. In the tissue, I need to say it was more restrained than in the press pictures. In any case, it is still there and obviously noticeable. I don’t mind the fake patina myself, it does equity to the look and feel of the watch. Envision this watch with the white or even green-ish Super-LumiNova, that would have been a piece strange.

Is it a similar case as the First Omega in Space?

We asked, and Omega revealed to us the measurements are somewhat unique. The caseback is obviously unique just as the way that it has the Hesalite precious stone. The case measurement is 38.6mm and the situation back has this decent ‘step’ like the old ones had. A pleasant detail.

What about the boxes?

The trilogy set comes in one major box. The wooden box is of a tree that was found close to Omega’s HQ in Bienne and traces all the way back to 1880. Inside, you will locate the red cowhide box with Seahorse logo (looking to one side) and corduroy lining. Then, you will discover a calfskin watch move with independent cowhide 19mm ties for every one of the three watches and an evolving tool.

The separate watches come with an enormous red box also, with corduroy lining and a watch move too. Counting a NATO tie and a cowhide tie, with Omega marked clasps (like the one of the Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition ).

How much again?

Pay consideration 🙂 The Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary Reference 311. has a retail cost of 6.700 Swiss Francs (barring deals charges). The container with the trilogy set changes proprietor for 20.000 Swiss Francs (barring deals taxes).

Will it become collectible?

No question about that. The arrangement of 557 pieces will be sold out inside minutes, yet since it has the more exorbitant cost tag – and the number on the dial – it probably won’t be the one of inclination for authorities. The different piece, albeit 3557 pieces, will likely run out instantly too. We previously got a great deal of solicitations where individuals can arrange them with in any event the ‘probability’ of getting one by any means. Essentially, you need to call your approved seller or store. Presently. Don’t wait.

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