Hands-On With The Panerai PAM 671 Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo

Hands-On With The Panerai PAM 671 Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Bronzo

The Bronzo Returns! could be the title of a Marvel or DC Comics scene. In any case, we’re talking watches here. In 2011, Panerai acquainted the primary Bronzo with us, the reference PAM00382. Just 1000 pieces were produced and all sold inside a flicker of the eye. Paneristi who had the option to get one, were (are) upbeat. In 2013, Panerai did one more with the PAM 507. This year, Panerai presents another bronzo. The PAM 671 Luminor Submersible 1950, with a blue polished dial and P.9010 type movement.

Panerai PAM 671 Luminor Submersible 1950 Bronzo

Today, the PAM00382 is offered on the used market somewhere in the range of 28.000 and 35.000 Euro. The equivalent goes for the PAM 507 (which included a force save pointer). To give you a thought regarding the interest for this watch. There isn’t any favorable position for Panerai in that, however the management must have imagined that another bronzo will achieve some quarrel the watch (and brand). Where the green dial form gave the watch this military look, the shiny blue dial of the new PAM 671 makes it unquestionably unique in relation to its archetype. I would prefer to say it is the more dressy watch of the two, or maybe ‘luxury’ even comes to mind. On the off chance that the dial would be matte blue, the watch would have a more ‘tool watch’ appearance I think. I don’t know what Panerai had as a primary concern frankly, when giving Bronzo III this lustrous dial. It looks great however, it is simply an issue of inclination in the event that you like it better (or not) than the PAM 382.

Besides the dial, the principle distinction is in the development. Where the PAM 382 Bronzo utilized the in-house created Panerai type P.9000 (PAM 507 utilized P.9002 however had an additional complication), this new PAM 671 utilizations the refreshed rendition: Panerai type P.9010. This development is slimmer than the P.9000 (6mm thick rather than 7.9mm). It additionally comprises of a couple of more components, 200 rather than 197. Other than being slimmer, the equilibrium wheel is presently additionally joined to a twofold scaffold to guarantee greater solidness of the equilibrium haggle better accuracy.


Panerai wasn’t the first to utilize bronze for a wrist watch, it is said that the Gérald Genta – presently Bvlgari – Gefica was the first, in 1988. Others followed, as Anonimo, IWC, Oris , Archimedes, Zenith , Tudor , Pinion , IWC and Aquadive for instance. It is an intriguing material that will acquire very some patina, with a uniqueness to it because of the reaction of the material to your skin, water, air and a ton of different elements. A shiny new bronze piece, similar to this PAM 671 that was just utilized at the SIHH show, resembles a touch of dim gold however. That will before long change, when you put the watch on your wrist and wear it several days. That fast!

During our visit to the Officine Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel ( click here to peruse it ), we perceived how much exertion Panerai places in testing and growing new materials for their watches. Subsequently the new BMG-Tech model that we will audit later on. This new metal consists of various combinations and result in a tough, smooth (as glass) and light-weight material. We are glad to see that Panerai doesn’t get too geek however, and still makes watches in steel, gold, titanium and bronze.

High Demand

From what I’ve seen and heard, there’s effectively a popularity for Panerai’s 3rd bronze model, the PAM 671. Previously during the SIHH I saw a few group around me getting anxious and need one. On discussions we read that the new Bronzo has been gotten quite well, additionally among Paneristis. The sticker price of 14.000 Euro is more appealing than the used market costs of the PAM 382 and PAM 507. It is restricted to 1000 pieces just, that will make a few group recoil a piece maybe. You will discover a lot of ‘flippers’ attempt to get at any rate one at retail and promptly put it on Chrono24 or other commercial centers, to make a snappy buck. Ideally a large portion of them will go to the gatherers and Paneristis, that will genuinely appreciate these pieces without addressing double the retail cost. This remaining parts to be a troublesome thing obviously, as approved sellers have long sitting tight records for this model as of now. Other than that, you can decently believe that approved vendors that get at least one of them dispensed, will offer first to their best customers (and the individuals who will spend a touch more on some additional models to get this one). Fingers crossed.

Some Thoughts

Just like the two past bronzos, this 47mm Luminor Submersible presumably won’t fit everyone’s wrist. For that, Panerai thought of the new 42mm variants of the Submersible. Notwithstanding, those are not in bronze (yet). Thew new Bronzo PAM 671 looks basically staggering as I would see it. I lean toward the green dial myself, however the blue dial looks good as well. The hour markers, hands and imprinting on dial and date plate look even and coordinate pleasantly with the bronze case material. The case back is made of titanium and permits you to take a gander at the Panerai type P.9010. A delightful completed development and one that performs well inside COSC particulars. Panerai does serious testing because of attraction and stuns, so let’s expect that is dealt with too (they don’t communicate on this, as we’ve clarified before).

The list cost of 14.000 Euro is much less expensive than getting one from the used market, yet it is even more than the 9.600 Euro of the past Bronzo (PAM00507) of 2013. I don’t know how this increase can be advocated beside the slimmer development (and accordingly case), particularly in the occasions we are in. I surmise here is the place where Panerai depends on the way that individuals need it at any rate, given the costs of the PAM 382 and PAM 507 available. The watch is lovely however, I am certain they are gone in a second. Conveyance expected in August 2017.

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