Hands-On With The Seiko Presage Urushi Byakudan-nuri Limited Edition: SPB085

Hands-On With The Seiko Presage Urushi Byakudan-nuri Limited Edition: SPB085

We had the joy to go active with the Seiko Presage Urushi Byakudan-nuri, or reference SPB085. I say delight, however this watch has a dial that is very hard to catch if you’re without the appropriate hardware. What’s more, it is actually that dial that makes this Seiko Presage SPB085 so special.

Although Seiko is surging out restricted releases like there is no tomorrow (much the same as numerous different brands), I need to say that large numbers of them essentially look shocking also. The interest from the market is for restricted versions, so marks like Seiko basically satisfy them by delivering one now and again. Recently during an occasion we coordinated with Blancpain, one of the visitors said something that restricted versions weren’t truly ‘a thing’ 10-15 years prior. Indeed, they really were obviously, as we see likewise many restricted versions of specific watches from the 1990s and 2000s, I simply believe that the market wasn’t however straightforward as it seems to be today. On account of the web, it is quickly ‘out there’ when a brand is delivering a restricted or uncommon release for a particular country or market for instance. Previously, just individuals in that market (or nation) would think about it. All things considered, I attempt to take a gander at the actual watch on the off chance that I simply like it or not, not explicitly as a restricted or extraordinary release. As far as I might be concerned, that’s never a genuine motivation to buy a watch, possibly I like it or I don’t.

Seiko Presage SPB085

I don’t think the Presage needs a presentation, however on the off chance that you need to peruse more about this Seiko assortment, you can peruse our past articles on these watches in our Seiko section . Seiko pays attention to subtleties very, and the Presage assortment is particularly – as I would see it – about dials. In the past we showed you this beautiful  Sakura Fubuki edition and the  SPB069 with excellent blue finish dial , both restricted releases too, of course.

Shogun’s Armor

This new Presage SPB085 passes by the name, as you’ve read in the title and presentation of this article, Urushi Byakudan-nuri. Presently, this necessities some clarification. These names, Urushi and Byakudan-nuri, are the names of enamel methods. There are distinctive polish methods that change in complexity or trouble, the Urushi and Byakudan-nuri procedures are viewed as the most intricate ones. Seiko’s Presage reference SPB085 utilizes a combination of these polish methods to make colors that ought to help you to remember the sky and moon not long before sunrise. I kid you not. It doesn’t stop to astonish me how Seiko (and Grand Seiko) comes up with these sort of portrayals, which are regularly very right on target (recollect Snowflake or Mt Iwate?). I may sound somewhat negative, and obviously I compose this happily, yet that doesn’t remove anything from the genuine esteem I have for these lacquered dials. What Seiko advises us, is that these veneer strategies were used almost solely for significant spots (like sanctuaries and places of worship) or articles like the defensive layer of Shogun warlords. Furthermore, presently, for Seiko’s Presage SPB085.


Not just the methods as referenced above are utilized for the SPB085’s dial, yet there’s additionally the Maki-e procedure. In the first place, the dial is made ebony with a hand-painted dark finish. It is straightforwardly painted on the metal base of the dial, at that point dried, following by cleaning. This is the Urushi method. It is being rehashed by the craftsman until the ideal degree of dark has been accomplished. The subdials, as should be obvious, are then sprinkled with a metallic powder. It now should be repainted with a red-touched cloudy Urushi veneer once more. These means are rehashed until the necessary impact (of a decent dark red tone) is accomplished. For the moon formed force save pointer, the Maki-e method is being utilized. Similarly as with the Byakudan-nuri method, the bow is first covered with a layer of Urushi finish that goes about as the glue to the fine, overlaid hued powder that is then applied to it. When the powder is on the dial, the skilled worker tenderly taps it to scatter the powder equally across the surface and afterward utilizes his own exceptionally picked material to consummate the surface. Each dial is the aftereffect of meticulous endeavors over various weeks since this Byakudan-nuri method requires any longer than is required for a basic Urushi dial.

These dials are completely done by hand in the studio of Urushi ace Isshu Tamura, in the Hokuriku district of Honshu (Japan’s fundamental island). All Urushi dials that are utilized for the Seiko Presage assortment have been made under his supervision.

The Watch

Aside from the dial and the craftsmanship that goes into it, let’s additionally investigate the Seiko Presage SPB085 altogether. The dial is obviously one of the fundamental attractions here, and presumably unequivocal on both the wannahave-factor just as the sticker price of the watch. Seiko Presage watches start at 410 Euro, go up to four digits yet beneath the situating of Grand Seiko. Where the section level Presage models have a type 4R development, the more costly models have a 6R type or even the chronograph 8R development. Intriguing to note here is that the 6R type Presage SPB085 I am discussing here, has another element compared to the current 6R type Presage models. You may have seen it effectively on the pictures, however this Seiko Presage SPB085 with delightful lacquered dial has seven days marker at 3 o’clock. The date marker is at 6 o’clock and at 9 o’clock you will discover the aforementioned crescent with the force hold indicator.

6R21 Movement

The 6R type developments are a stage over the 4R developments and the 8R developments are essentially the more complex chronograph developments in this reach. For this Presage SPB085, Seiko presented the work day marker at 3 o’clock. Different highlights were at that point existing in the 6R27 development from the equivalent series.

This development has a force hold of 45 hours (the pointer on the dial shows 0-10-20-30-40 and the bow proceeds with somewhat after ’40’) and the ticking number is 28800vph. Through the straightforward caseback, you will actually want to appreciate the view on the type 6R21 movement.

As you can see, the completing of the development is satisfying to the eyes. Tokyo striping on the rotor for instance and a blend of brushed and cleaned completing on the plates. The rotor has been engraved and gold-loaded up with all fundamental data. The crown is marked and enormous enough to handle and wind & set the watch.

The bezel of the case back contains a great deal of data you don’t fundamentally need to know. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are purchasing a restricted release, it is at any rate ideal to know the special number of the watch. For this situation, it shows 0001/2000, however don’t stress (in the event that you are after the no.1), this one is an example model that movements around the world.

SPB085 On The Wrist

With a breadth of 40.5mm, the Seiko Presage Urushi Byakudan-nuri restricted version likely fits most wrists. While a portion of the Presage models, like the SSA363J1 with type 4R developments have a fairly thick case, this SPB085 model has a 12.8mm thickness. Not actually your super slight watch, but rather with a 40.5mm distance across and a schedule complication I think it is fine.

The Seiko Presage SPB085 comes on a croc tie with a collapsing clasp. A gorgeous combination, particularly with the lacquered dial a touch of ‘chic’ is set up here. On the dial there’s a great deal going on, with the force hold pointer, the work day and date subdials just as the utilization of various tones. In any case, the lucidness of the watch is awesome. The huge Roman numerals probably won’t be to everyone’s preferring (I might have finished with more unobtrusive stick markers or if nothing else more modest numerals), however it gives the watch an exemplary touch.

Limited to 2000 pieces worldwide and the watch has a retail cost of 2500 Euro (counting VAT). It will be accessible in December 2018 at chose Seiko shops and vendors. The cost of 2500 Euro may appear to be a little steep compared to a portion of the other Presage models, however remember that this hand-made dial is genuinely extraordinary and included numerous long stretches of craftsmanship.

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