Hands-On with the Zelos Diver Medic Technician

Hands-On with the Zelos Diver Medic Technician

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers!  At Fratello Watches, we’ve followed the exercises of the Diver’s Watches Facebook Group with genuine expectation. The gathering’s 35,000+ individuals in addition to their voracious hungers for everything jumper, from modest to dear and vintage to new, it’s a decent spot to look through and blow through a couple of moments every day. In addition, the gathering has sufficient clout to help make Limited Edition jumpers from known brands; they’ve worked with Aquadive and Doxa, just as newcomer microbrands. What’s comparable pretty much all the watches? They’ve all sold well. We’ve examined a few of the pieces and tried pieces also. In the first place, we went involved with the Gruppo Gamma Diver’s Watches LE and afterward we saw the Zelos Diver Medic Technician . Today, we’ll go active with the Zelos.

I for the most part don’t commence surveys of watches with a conversation on bundling and every one of its accessories, yet I believe it’s a reasonable spot to begin our audit of the Zelos Diver Medic Technician. The case is the principal thing we experience while getting a fresh out of the box new watch and for this situation, it’s terribly cool. A truly decent marked, fairly harsh slashed rectangular wooden compartment welcomes its new proprietor with a straightforward fasten. It discusses utility and once opened (it’s not parceled), it’s certainly something that can be utilized to store lashes, watches or whatever else.

Inside the container is an extraordinary four-watch move with an extra thin pocket for the included anodized aluminum tie tool.   The roll additionally contains another tie – a denim hued material with natural calfskin managers and lining.

Additionally, there’s a copper card that fills in as the testament of genuineness with the chronic number, another card showing the watch specs and Diver’s Watches microfiber cleaning material. Not an awful beginning while considering the $469 cost of the watch!

Moving onto the Zelos Diver Medic Technician itself, I was promptly shocked by how different this watch looks shading insightful when comparing it to most watches I own. Truth be told, it radiates an exceptionally late 60’s/mid 70’s Seiko vibe with the blend of shadings like light blue, orange and silver.

We referenced that Andreas Gregoriades (who possesses the shop in Cyprus), the head of the Facebook gathering, planned the Zelos and he took motivation from a couple “ Aquastar-cased ” vintage jumpers sold by Cortebert and Mirvaine. The distinction with the Zelos, however is that it’s gotten a huge upsizing. At 41mm with 22mm drags and a stout case thickness, it predominates the 36mm collectibles. All things considered, with short carries the watch some way or another even accommodates my tiny wrist.   Coincidentally, I needed to laugh a piece as I got the Zelos the day preceding taking off to the nearby Seiko store in Frankfurt where I took a stab at the 62MAS reedition, the SLA017 . Truly, the case shape and fit on the Zelo and the Seiko are almost identical.

Detail insightful, the Zelos Diver Medic Technician is all around spread out and is by all accounts developed at a quality level well past its cost. Without a doubt, the case is generally basic and the sides get a “pass” for being piece sided on the grounds that that is consistent with the style of the watch, yet I found the brushing first rate just as things like the shining crown and the embellished caseback.

The 120 snap jump bezel, in dark and silver with a lume spot at 12:00 is pleasantly weighted and covered. The charcoal dial contains a decent sunburst impact and the subtleties like the chrome plated logo, Diver’s Watches theme and model name are on the whole proportional. The “shouting” orange minutes hand pops actually pleasantly and the hour hand functions admirably with the correspondingly planned applied hour markers. What’s more, similar to the previously mentioned Seiko, the range hand contains a rectangular lume pip close to its end.

How’s the lume? Damn bright!

But my #1 detail must be the inward throbs bezel ring. It’s done in a light blue that, when seen from specific points, really causes the sapphire gem to show up in a similar tone. Once more, it is anything but a shading that is frequently utilized and to me it truly “makes” the watch.

Inside the Zelos Diver Medic Technician one can discover the workhorse Sellita SW200-1. It’s a notable Swiss development and I have no complaints. Utilizing the screw down crown was without object, which isn’t generally the situation with watches I’ve tested.

But moving to the contrary side of the crown, we’re met with a capacity that basically fills in as boasting rights: the helium get away from valve. While the Zelos can venture out to a profundity of 500 meters without collapsing, it can likewise accompany the large numbers of us who settle spontaneously to do some immersion plunging. A little mockery? Indeed, and I consider this to be somewhat of a waste, however I guess it makes the watch all that to a greater degree an incentive for the money.

I’ve been wearing the Zelos Diver Medic Technician a lot. Indeed, it’s a thick watch, yet it works for easygoing wear and I’m anticipating taking it on my next sea shore holiday.

On the Tropic-style lash, it’s truly comfortable.

The thick calfskin and material tie, then again, gives it an entirely unexpected look and simply enjoys a short reprieve in period to adjust to the wrist.

With Asian-based (Chinese) fabricating, the Zelos Diver Medic Technician comes in for certain genuinely extraordinary highlights – including a Swiss development – at an unfathomable cost. These more modest brands are likewise showing their adaptability by banding together with a fan base, for example, the Diver’s Watches Facebook Group and making something special for its individuals. 300 of the Zelos were delivered and just around 20 are still left – incredibly just “no dates” are accessible. In case you’re on the lookout for a very much made and planned jumper to compete with, say, a Seiko Turtle, the Zelos merits a genuine look.

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Thanks to Zelos and Andreas for sending a Diver Medic Technician for review!


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