Holy Trinity of vintage Angelus watches

Holy Trinity of vintage Angelus watches

Holyrolex@audemarsreviews.com/angelus-gatherers manage/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>amazing article by Dr. Öhm-Kühnle these watches were introduced around 1940. The chronic numbers coordinates that date precisely. They spring up on different gatherings and eBay occasionally and can go from €500 to €1000 and significantly higher. In spite of some go getter venders’ accounts we don’t have any data on these watches having been utilized by any military branch. Because of their enormous cases individuals like to call them military watches, yet it has not been demonstrated to be right yet.

The 216 resting in its box


Speaking of military, I previously referenced the Angelus L.E. with type 215. This watch was obviously not by any means the only model with such developments. The 215 was an exceptionally famous type from Angelus. So much, that they created watches with this development for quite a while. Prior models were fairly little (34-35mm). They typically had level pushers and steel or chrome cases. As I referenced over, the 215 (dissimilar to the 216) had no stun security. I have seen Angelus 215 chronographs with high contrast dial also. They are still near and some are generally modest to purchase. The later ones like I have with siphon pushers and bigger 38mm case are anyway the honey bee’s knees. These chronographs are the second expansion to the Holy Trinity. Fundamentally the same as in size to the 216 possibly a tiny bit larger.

The beautiful Angelus LE

There is something intriguing however; I was under the supposition that this chronograph development is the base of the time just type yet it appears to be that for this situation this is some unacceptable end. Initially, the naming of the type 215 (for the chronograph), 216 for the time-in particular and ultimately 217 for the chronograph triple date is sequential. Second, the 215 had no stun security while the 216 previously had likely as an improvement to the past type. What’s a more complex thinking and really clarifies what occurred and how is the thing that my dear companion and Angelus master Dr. Christoph Öhm-Kühnle advised me. He shed some light on another sensible way we can expect that the above is correct.

According to Dr. Christoph Öhm-Kühnle;

“The 215 was without a doubt evolved (not simply dispatched) before the 216, on the grounds that the scope seconds scaffold of the 216 really is similar part as the chronograph focal seconds counter cockerel, actually showing an obviously cut off supplement of the second part of the seconds counter rooster initially holding another wheel. Further, the 215 simply is an updated variant of the two prior, exceptionally effective types 15 and 210 with only a couple upgrades. Likewise, focal seconds sports and doctor’s just as military watches were another style of the 1940’s (although few as of now were made a whole lot sooner) and Angelus needed to participate on it. Further, the chronic numbers show that around 40000(!) chronographs (210 and 215) were sold after dispatch of the 215, preceding the 216 was sold.” Another piece of Angelus secret unfolded.

Caliber 215 in its full glory


Lastly, we have quite possibly the most attractive models from the vintage Angelus line up; the Chronodato. Once more, this is a piece I discussed in a past scene of #TBT so you know the watch as of now. It is a particularly adjusted model as far as dial plan, clear and simple to peruse and brings about the ideal result. As per my insight Angelus dispatched the Chronodato in 1942. 2 years after the type 216 was acquainted with the market. Inside, the toward the end in the holy trinity of Angelus, the type 217 a manual breeze chronograph development with the additional triple schedule function.

The size of the Chronodato is equivalent to the 215 L.E., somewhat bigger than 38mm and much thicker. This is because of the additional schedule capacity obviously. Still not very thick be to uncomfortable. Steel case, with snap-in caseback and the D3 type logo both on the dial and on the back, much the same as my 215. One could ask why that the 215 has the fresher logo (like the 217), as the time-simply 216 model that expected to come after the 215 has the more seasoned D2 type logo. Well Angelus created the chronograph type 215 for so long it went even into the mid 1950’s. My model is one of these later models.

The triplet is complete

The last expansion to the holy trinity was my 216 which came to me a couple of months prior. It isn’t great, yet I simply love the look and size of it. I have not contemplated the similitudes between these Angelus’ until I had every one of the 3 pieces in my ownership. While some may suspect something, I feel that it is a cool assortment. You could consider going this way when arranging where you need to go with your assortment. Likewise as a rule, the Angelus Chrono-Datoluxe just as a portion of their other wonderful pieces are simply so little they look entertaining on my enormous wrist (in any event this is the way I feel) while these 38mm steel watches sit fine and dandy. Every one of the three watches are glorious, each for an alternate explanation. Keep your eyes open for an extraordinary model and remember to impart the accomplishment to me.

The dazzling Angelus LE

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