Interview: AP Ambassadors (And Golf Players) Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston and Matt Wallace

Interview: AP Ambassadors (And Golf Players) Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston and Matt Wallace

A few weeks prior, we were welcome to join Audemars Piguet in an excursion to Montreux where we had the option to converse with golf players Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston and Matt Wallace. They’ve been ambassadors with Audemars Piguet moderately as of late, so we figured it is ideal to pose them a few inquiries in regards to watches and golf ( we covered the subject on wearing watches while playing golf here ).

Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston

Robert-Jan: Just as of late, however 25 years past the point of no return, I began playing golf myself. Also, I’ve seen it is exceptionally addictive and I end up perusing golf magazines, while just seeing portion of its contents now and then, however I couldn’t care less. Would you be able to envision that individuals discover observes similarly as addictive?

Andrew Johnston: Definitely, undoubtedly. I generally preferred my watches and when the things I’ve learned since working with AP has been mind boggling. The components, how it is being made, it is simply incredible. It puts forth you understand how much attempt goes into them and why these watches come at a certain price.

Andrew Johnston

RJ: Are you a watch guy?

AJ: I am significantly more of watch fellow now than I was, unquestionably. I began with Audemars Piguet barely two years prior, yet I was at that point intrigued previously. Be that as it may, from that point onward, I’ve begun finding out about it more and particularly when you come here (in Switzerland), and see it very close it is another degree of understanding what experiences to make these watches.

RJ: You joined forces with a brand that has been one of the pioneers with regards to utilizing extraordinary or strange materials for their watches. Being intensely subject to materials and their quality and properties with regards to playing golf, is this an element about watches that pulls in you too?

AJ: I am utilizing Titleist clubs and the exploration that goes into creating them is incredible. It is comparable with regards to watches, with the distinction that with watches they initially go route so as to investigate additional opportunities and utilization of specific materials. The time it takes to create watches is simply entrancing to me.

RJ: Do you have contribution at Titleist with regards to the improvement of new clubs?

AJ:, a few years prior I needed a 2 iron made for me. A bladed 2 iron, since I needed to hit them low so I addressed them about it and they turned up at the British Open with one. So I had the option to utilize it that week which was truly cool. It was a coincidental, made for me and that sort of personalization is great.

RJ: Can you envision that, eventually, Audemars Piguet will do likewise for you?

AJ: Definitely. That is the best thing with Audemars Piguet being family, they are open and when I have a thought in my mind I can simply check it across and see what Francois says. He may go ‘this is actually a smart thought’ and see what we can do. That is truly decent about Audemars Piguet, that family feel.

Andrew Johnston

RJ: I just see not many stars on TV and golf competitions wearing a watch during the game, is that in light of the fact that the greater part of them think that its uncomfortable, is it ‘not done’ (like occasion or wedding), or is it on account of something else?

AJ: Many players don’t care for anything on their wrist during golf. It involves comfort. You can get a light-weight watch on the off chance that you need to, yet it is just about having nothing on the wrist when playing.

Matt Wallace

Robert-Jan: Regardless of being from a family where sports were played on a significant level, being the place where you are today more likely than not expense you hard labor. Beside the triumphs, for example, the new BMW International Open and ‘Made in Denmark’, what do you appreciate most about golf adjacent to the winning?

Matt Wallace: Besides the triumphant. I think you need to adore the competitiveness about it. On the off chance that you don’t very much want to compete against the best on the planet, you are never going to win. I love the way of life of the movement. I currently appreciate voyaging, as I will go to business class once in a while haha. Different advantages are decent, the other stuff that comes with golf other than competing and winning, I love this part.

Matt Wallace

RJ: Can you actually play golf with companions who just began playing, or are not awesome at it? Do you actually appreciate it?

MW: My companions are truly awful, yet I appreciate to play with everyone. It is consistently a decent giggle in any case so I go out there and play with whoever. This is the thing with golf, you can play with anybody and have a decent visit. Additionally, a great deal of business talk is done on the golf course. So get out there and play, and appreciate. We can proceed to play now.

RJ: Audemars Piguet has 22 ambassadors with regards to golf, so it should be significant for both. Would you be able to characterize the association among golf and very good quality watches?

MW: I am presumably one of the most current individuals from Audemars Piguet in light of the fact that I marked for the current year. What’s more, even before that, I realized that they are the top. What’s more, that is the thing that I needed, to be an Audemars Piguet represetative, I needed to have the watch and to be related with the wide range of various ambassadors, the wide range of various players. Since they are the awesome the world. At the point when you are related with the best on the planet, your levels rise. I love that and I love to be encircled by the best and gain from different players. The watches represent themselves, they are the most pleasant out there, and as a watch fan myself, I think they are the awesome. I’m wearing the Royal Oak Chronograph and I am wanting to get a couple more.

RJ: You work with PING and presumably request the best from them. Are you watch nerd enough to have similar norms with regards to watches?

MW: Yeah, however I am as yet far. At the point when I win another significant I will converse with Francois about the following watch. I’m going into the correct bearings with the wins, so I will continue doing what I am doing now and ideally in a couple of years I can plunk down with Francois and request something exceptional haha.

Matt Wallace

RJ: What are you searching for then in a watch?

MW: I would say not very specialized for me regarding complications. I’m more centered around materials and tasteful appeal. The best thing about wearing this (Audemars Piguet Royal Oak) is that individuals who realize their watches come over to you and say ‘Pleasant watch’. They perceive the arm band, the completion and you simply remain there without showing it off and they will come up to you and visit about it since they know precisely what it is. I’ve had that a couple of times. I never wear the watch when I am playing, yet I have a companion Darren Clarke (additionally AP envoy) and I recollect that he wore his AP interestingly when he won an open. I believed that was quite cool, however as said I don’t wear a watch while playing and I am most likely not going to change that.

For both:

RJ: What is your number one golf film? You can likewise incorporate Caddyshack.

AJ: Haha, my #1 film about golf must be Happy Gilmore. Unquestionably my top pick. At the US PGA in 2016, up in New Jersey, at the Baltusrol, I’d never seen swarms yelling at me and making fun and stuff. The child conveying a scoreboard said to me at one opening, “this is the nearest thing to Happy Gilmore I’ve at any point seen” hahaha.

MW: Caddyshack is unquestionably up there. Happy Gilmore is incredible without a doubt. Be that as it may, Caddyshack is the outdated exemplary with Chevy Chase and Bill Murrau (mimics him). I haven’t watched it in some time yet need to do that again.

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