Introducing The Sinn T1 B (EZM14) and Sinn T2 B (EZM15)

Sinn acquaints two new jumpers watches with their – effectively great – line-up of ‘taucheruhren’. The Sinn T1 and Sinn T2 – otherwise called EZM14 and EZM15 – are currently likewise accessible with a matt-blue electroplated dial and a blue strap.

These watches have high-strength titanium cases that have been treated with their Tegiment innovation ( we did a hotel profundity story on Tegiment here ) and have a decent dot impacted finish. The Tegiment innovation, in short – however we guidance you to peruse the article we did on this treatment – guarantees the watch is scratch safe. During one of our gatherings with Sinn, they made us attempt to scratch the Tegimented watch case with a screw-driver, it was basically impractical, in any event, utilizing a ton of force left no scratches or marks.

The Sinn T1 B estimates 45mm in diamater and the Sinn T2 B is somewhat more modest, with its 41mm measurement. The Sinn T1 B weighs 71 grams and the T2 B weighs 59 grams. The Sinn T1 is impervious to 1000 meters and the T2 to 2000 meters. The watches can be purchased on a Ti wristband, a calfskin tie or a silicon strap.

Not just do these watches comply with the DIN 8310 guidelines for water opposition, DIN 8306 for jumpers watches prerequisites yet additionally to the European norms for plunging hardware principles (EN250 und EN14143). The watches are impervious to 100 ATM (T1 B) and 200 ATM (T2 B) and have been certified for this also. German is likewise the comprehensibility of the dial, utilizing different molded hands for the hours and minutes. Obviously, the hands are brilliant as is the key-marker on the uni-directional plunging bezel, be it in a different tone for simple and quick readability.

Sinn prepared the T1 B and T2 B with a jumping bezel that can’t fall/break off (envision plunging, being reliant on the watch for the leftover jumping time and the bezel falls or breaks off the watch). Likewise, it utilizes Sinn’s Ar-Dehumidifying innovation that keeps the watch from fogging up within. The watches will keep performing in a temperature scope of – 45 degrees Celsius to + 80 degrees Celsius.

Prices for the Sinn T1 B start at € 2490 Euro and the Sinn T2 B begins at € 2290 Euro for the forms with a calfskin tie. More information can be found on . Costs may fluctuate in different pieces of the world, because of Sinn’s dissemination system.

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