Introduction: Oris ProDiver Dive Control Limited Edition

Introduction: Oris ProDiver Dive Control Limited Edition

Back in December a year ago, Oris welcomed us to Zermatt for an introduction of their 2019 models. Furthermore, not just for an introduction, nonetheless, for a wonderful day of skiing too. So far for our composing being absolutely unbiased.

While the vast majority of the models are under ban and will be introduced during Baselworld this year, one model was at that point presented freely by Oris fourteen days prior. The Oris ProDiver Dive Control Limited Edition.

The all new and restricted Oris Dive Control

Oris ProDiver Dive Control Limited Edition

The thing was that Oris presented this model a couple of days before the ruin of SIHH 2019 loosened up. I see a high danger of the watch being snowed under and failed to remember therefore. What’s more, I don’t think that’s what it merits. So now, after the SIHH dust has settled down a piece, here’s our active survey of this professional watch.

A piece of history

We all probably realize that Oris produces divers looks for a long while as of now. The current vintage-enlivened Sixty-Five watch-line learns us rapidly that Oris jump watches are around for path more than fifty years now. It was distinctly in 2009 anyway that Oris, in participation with Swiss commercial diver Roman Frischknecht, entered the association of professional divers watches. The Oris ProDiver line was born.

Oris Roman Frischknecht ProDiver Shooting

All watches in the ProDiver arrangement share a lot of practically speaking. They’re each of the 100 bar, rises to 1.000 meters, pressure evaluated. All models have the licensed Rotation Safety System (RSS) bezel. While for the packaging is picked for grade 2 titanium, the bezels are tempered steel with an artistic decorate. The current assortment of ProDivers comprises of GMT, Chronograph and Pointer Moon models.


The genuine advancement of the Oris ProDiver arrangement was the previously mentioned Rotation Safety System, or short RSS. RSS is intended to bolt a watch’s jumping bezel safely set up during a plunge and has in the mean time become an Oris signature. It very well may be worked as follows.

Hold the bezel’s dark vulcanized elastic edge and lift it. This will deliver the lock and the bezel can be turned. At the point when lifted, a yellow ring will show up at the lower side of the jumping bezel, to show that it’s free to rotate.

The dark bezel with earthenware decorate and dark vulcanized elastic edge

With this yellow ring now obvious, the top ring can be turned enemy of clockwise which permits adjusting the number on it that relates to the accessible jump time, with the watch’s minutes hand.

Once set effectively, push the top ring down until it clicks into position. The bezel can’t be pivoted any longer now and you are prepared to start the dive.

Of all developments we’ve seen to get a jump bezel – consider the red handle of a Omega PloProf or the pivoting rib of a Citizen ProMaster – Oris’ RSS arrangement unquestionably is one of the more reasonable and simple to work variations.

The new Oris Dive Control Limited Edition

So here we are currently, 10 years after the principal Oris ProDiver saw the light. Oris brought this extremely alluring Dive Control Limited Edition. Undeniably dependent on the previous Oris ProDiver Chronograph, the Dive Control LE has many cool extra features.

What didn’t change was the size of the watch, the kind of development, and obviously the RSS locking framework. The multi-piece titanium instance of the Dive Control actually has an astounding distance across of 51.00 mm. Which, as per the Oris site, is by all accounts 2.008 inches. There’s no notice of its thickness, and I should concede I neglected to gauge it also, however it’s unquestionably not insignificant.

The gem is in sapphire, domed on the two sides, and has an enemy of intelligent covering within. Obviously, the crown is of the screw-in sort, just like the chronographs pushers. The Dive Control Limited Edition sports a programmed helium valve also is still pressing factor evaluated at 100 bar, equalling 1000 meters of water.

So what ís different?

The first thing that hits the eye is the shading plan of the Dive Control LE. While the ordinary ProDiver Chronograph is a somewhat monochrome appearance, the Dive Control LE is completely dark for certain eye-popping yellow accents. In particular, as we envisioned it, fitted to the moreover provided yellow elastic tie. This everything is basically brought about by the dark DLC plating of the titanium case and bezel, the new shading plan of the dial, and a few subtleties on the pushers.

As well, just 500 bits of the Oris Dive Control LE will be produced, while the standard ProDiver Chronograph isn’t restricted in production numbers.

The chronograph minute counter

In data got from Oris, the notice of an hour long chronograph counter – “the new watch additionally includes an hour long chronograph counter at 12 o’clock” – got us truly intrigued. As we probably are aware the Oris type 774 depends on the Sellita SW500, which thusly is pretty much a Valjoux 7750 clone. These developments sport a 30-minute chronograph counter, something not effectively changed into an hour long counter. It very well may be done and is accomplished for example by Sinn with their SZ02 development in the , anyway as said it will require a great deal of exertion and change of the entire chronograph construction.

Investigation learned us that Oris had addressed this in a very Oris way, with two unique hands in a single counter. A huge white hand demonstrating the minutes on a white scale, and a more limited yellow hand pointing at a yellow scale. Moreover, the chronograph hour counter hand will point at white numerals while the white moment hand shows from 0 to 30. And afterward the chronograph hour counter hand will point towards a yellow marker demonstrating that the yellow moment counter hand shows from 30 to 60. I’m not certain how commonsense usable this is while submerged, however all things considered, a keen solution.


Leaves us to specify that the Oris Dive Control Limited release comes provided in a solid and waterproof, -like, presentation box. It incorporates an extra elastic tie and professional tie evolving tools.

Specifications and price

Make & Model: Oris Dive Control Limited Edition


Case size: 51.00 mm

Material: Titanium, dark DLC plated

Caliber: Oris 774, in view of SW500, 25 gems, 48 hours power reserve

Price (in Europe): € 4.800,= incl tax

More data can be found at


Oris Roman Frischknecht ProDiver Shooting The all new and restricted Oris Dive Control The all new and restricted Oris Dive Control

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