Junghans Meister Pilot Hands-On Review

Junghans Meister Pilot Hands-On Review

Junghans Meister Pilot

Almost 10 months after we previously saw the Meister Pilot at an occasion somewhere down in the Black Forrest we at last put our hands on one. Our reliable perusers may recall that September a year ago we were invited to Schramberg by Junghans. This unassuming community covered up inside the midsection of the woods is the home of Junghans all along. We spent a great end of the week there loaded up with vintage vehicles, flying and an extravagant supper at which the company showed us their new signature pilots chronograph, the Junghans Meister Pilot. Around then, it was just accessible for the welcomed retailers as a restricted version however later as you would envision, the company delivered it for the everyone. I visited Junghans this year during Basel World and we concurred that when we make the time we should investigate the Meister Pilot.

Does it look familiar?

The opportunity has arrived and the watch is currently on my wrist as I type this. As I definitely knew the watch, there was no Wow influence. I’m not saying that the watch isn’t cool however, in light of the fact that it is. In view of their Bundeswehr model from the 1950’s Junghans previously made a reissue utilizing a similar plan components some time prior. In any case, the most legitimate model is this one. Why? Since it follows the pattern numerous brands do these days; they utilize an old plan and reexamine it in a cutting edge approach to ledge remaining consistent with the first model. While the one they delivered a couple of years prior looks precisely like the vintage rendition (just it was somewhat greater) the Junghans Meister Pilot has a decent proportion of present day components combined up with signature plan fundamentals from the vintage watch.

Junghans Bundeswehr watch from the 50’s on the left and the Junghans Meister Pilot its grandson on the right


The most conspicuous element of the Junghans Meister Pilot is clearly the dodecagonal bezel. The watch dial is dark however the bezel is steel and it gives an unmistakable difference to the watch. In spite of the case is really enormous at 43.3mm the dim tones make it looks more modest, it doesn’t stick out. Despite the fact that the thickness is 14mm Junghans utilized a similar plan component they did with the Meister Telemeter, we checked on some time prior, where the case is really limits towards the focal point of the case back. The case is brushed treated steel. Similarly as a genuine military watch ought to be.

The bezel is bidirectional and turns easily. Because of the size of the watch it’s very simple to turn it – even with gloves on – not that most of the Junghans Meister Pilot proprietors will at any point utilize this usefulness while flying. The 10-minute scales are recorded into the metal at that point topped off with dark paint, no lume on it aside from the little hover in the dark triangle at 12.

The pushers just as the crown stand apart from the case a lot for simpler access. The crown has the Junghans logo, a star with a J in the center, the pushers are oval. As I said before the case back is curved and 7 screws connect it to the case. At the 6 o’clock you see the reference number and at 12 the quantity of the watch (not the chronic number). In the focal point of the case back there is a compass rose with the water opposition (10atm/100m) the name of the model and the material of the case around it.

Dial and Hands

The dial of the Junghans Meister Pilot is straightforward, as you would envision. Military watches are not design things, they are intended to be unassuming and useful. Albeit this watch is certainly not a military given watch any longer, the company needed to remain as near as conceivable to the first details.

The dial has Arab numerals all around canvassed in beige lume. They picked such tone for the lume just to emulate the yellowed tritium on vintage models giving a more verifiable look to the Junghans Meister Pilot. The sub dials of the chronograph are at 3 and 9. While as a rule the constant seconds sub-dial is at 9 (like in the event of the vintage Junghans bund) on the new model it is at 3 o’clock. The 30-minute sub pointer is at 9 o’clock though.

Just like on account of the vintage model the watch just has the Junghans logo and the company name under 12. You can likewise peruse Chronoscope over the 6 o’clock, something you don’t see on the vintage adaptation. The 60-second chronograph scale is painted on the dial around the edge of the dial. The hands are blade formed, while the first hands were ordinary stick hands. I love blade hands on chronographs, again obvious sign of the vintage feel. The precious stone is arched sapphire gem with against reflection covering on the inside.


The development driving the Junghans Meister Pilot is called J880.4 which lamentably just takes after the first J88 in-house Junghans type in its name. That was hand would as contradict to the J880.4 that is a programmed type. It depends on ETA’s 2824 with an additional Dubois Depraz 2030 chronograph module based on top of it. The development of the Junghans Meister Pilot has 25 Jewels and 40 hours of power reserve.


The just territory I see space for development with the Junghans Meister Pilot is the lash. Despite the fact that when worn it is shockingly comfortable and delicate the appearance of the cowhide is fairly ease. The plan of the lash is like the ones we see on old flieger (German pilot) watches. These used to have fixed spring bars so the calfskin must be collapsed over the haul at that point fixed with 1 or 2 rivets.

The 22mm tie on the Meister Pilot likewise has 2 dark bolts obviously there are no fix spring bars any longer, this is just a plan impact. The cowhide is earthy colored, under the bolts it’s dark. The clasp is made of similar brushed steel as the case and bears the Junghans logo. It’s an extremely cool looking clasp I like it without a doubt. The tie is 22m wide, I would say this is typical for the size of the watch. All around the tie has dark stitching.

Variations and Pricing

The Junghans Meister Pilot comes in 2 tones; the earthy colored I evaluated and furthermore an all-dark variant. The solitary distinction between the two models is the shade of the lume and the tie. While the earthy colored form has beige/yellowed lume the dark variant has the typical greenish. Additionally the tie shade of the dark rendition is dark all around with beige sewing. I incline toward the earthy colored rendition as it has more matured look in my book. The Junghans Meister Pilot isn’t just a comfortable and fascinating watch yet in addition evaluated extraordinary. The retail cost is €2240, which is more than reasonable compared to the worth the watch gives. Because of its size, looks and cordial value the Junghans Mister Pilot can be an incredible decision on the off chance that you are searching for an energetic measured, German made, chronograph that has some cool plan components. I appreciated wearing the watch and truly anticipating see what Junghans has to bring to the table for us next year.

For additional data about the watch and other Junghans models if it’s not too much trouble, visit their .

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