Junghans Terrace Building And More – Photo Essay

Junghans Terrace Building And More – Photo Essay

One of the advantages of living in Baden-Württemberg is that German watchmaking encompasses me. Whatever bearing I go – aside from the west, that being France–I will before long show up at a watchmaking city. In the north, you can discover Frankfurt with Sinn being the biggest company here. Drive east and you’ll before long arrive at Pforzheim, the gems and watch focus of (West-) Germany with brands like Laco, Stowa or Benzinger. Ultimately, you have the south with the Black Forrest. Numerous brands come from this territory like Hanhart and Junghans (in Schramberg). I visited them around 3 years prior during the introduction of their then-new Junghans Meister Pilot assortment. They didn’t just show us their most recent creation yet the start of their fantasy project; the remodel of the unbelievable Junghans Terrace Building. I’m glad to report that following three years the venture is at last finished.

Junghans Terrace Building


The Terrace building (Terrassenbau, as they call it) is the place where everything began for the brand. It is here, that Junghans fabricated the establishment of a fruitful business which later permitted them to develop a lot. Since many years now the structure was not piece of every day creation but rather Junghans consistently had plans of revamping it and opening it to the general population. This task began in 2015 yet as it was still a thought at the time I was unable to investigate it. We were as yet ready to visit the unfilled passageways and huge rooms where many watchmakers worked numerous years prior. Envision a 8-story fabricating that is constructed onto the side of a slope in a valley of Schramberg. Every story lays under the other step by step like porches, consequently the name. These are a portion of the shots I made during that outing back in 2015 showing the “before conditions”.

Towering over the “new” creation office, the Junghans Terrace Building is a design feast for the eye.


While we definitely knew recently (around Baselworld) that the structure is prepared, the authority prologue to the press didn’t occur as of not long ago. Junghans welcomed us to go through a day at the producer. We visited their structure, saw the creation office and met individuals behind Junghans. While it is consistently ideal to get a direct encounter on these subtleties what we were all looking forward was the visit through the remodeled Junghans Terrace Building. As a legacy recorded development, the Terrasenbau’s redesign was moderate, careful and costly. Despite the fact that you can’t see a lot of progress from an external perspective, within has been deliberately reestablished. It houses two galleries; one that shows Junghans’ own set of experiences and another that centers around clockmaking of the Black Forrest.  The last leg of our visit took us to these display spaces.

When you enter the structure on the least level you need to take a funicular right to the highest level. From that point on you can work your way down to arrive at the last stop; the blessing shop. As I referenced over, the Junghans Terrace Building is home of two exhibition halls; an assortment of divider clocks (Cuckoo clocks, Robert-Jan’s top choice, without a doubt) that are explicit for the Black Forrest. You can likewise locate Junghans’ own gallery in the structure. The display space was planned that you need to work your way down from the highest level. Under the clock exhibition hall, you have the historical center of Junghans’ set of experiences with a huge load of fascinating watches, clock, information sheets, diagrams even the real watches that are underway. You can get them, give them a shot and a couple of steps later in the showcase shop you can really purchase them.

Mega Movement

The last piece of the day was an affair supper and the introduction of the new Junghans Mega development. As it is a somewhat complex subject I won’t get into it for this article. We will before long survey a Junghans with a Mega watch so stay tuned for that. As a secret, I can reveal to you that, in spite of the way that it is a quartz development (that many don’t see as high as mechanical developments) it can sneak up suddenly, particularly at the value it comes with. I will not ruin the astonishment, come back and read when the article goes live.

I might want to thank wholeheartedly to the entire group at Junghans for welcoming us. It has been an extraordinary occasion and we were happy to see the last improvement of the Terrace Building. In the event that you wish to look at the most recent Junghans models visit their site, .


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