Launch of the Longines Conquest VHP GMT Flash Setting in Rome

Launch of the Longines Conquest VHP GMT Flash Setting in Rome

Last weekend we joined Longines to the capital of Italy for the dispatch of their most recent watch. After the dispatch of the Longines Conquest VHP a year ago they have been dealing with a cool GMT form which has some clever highlights. So right away let’s examine the introduction in Rome of the Longines Conquest VHP GMT Flash Setting.

Conquest VHP GMT Launch

After all visitors had assembled at the ‘ ‘, the man himself, Walter von Känel (leader of Longines) with Juan-Carlos Capelli (Vice-President and Head of International Marketing) at his side presented the expansion to the V.H.P. line. Gladly introducing the Longines Conquest VHP GMT Flash Setting. As this new watch is focused on adventurers, the occasion and the dispatch of their new media crusade is focussed on travelling.

We discovered that the Longines Conquest VHP GMT Flash Setting has may likenesses with the other V.H.P. models. However it comes with a couple of fascinating added highlights. The name V.H.P. represents Very High Precision which comes down to exactness of ± 5 secs each year. Something which is very unfathomable as of now for a watch. On top of that it comes with a GMT work and an extra method to set the watch to the most extreme exactness. Aside from the typical crown setting of the watch this watch can be changed through an application on your portable phone.

For this VHP GMT form a similar development was utilized with respect to the prior dispatched VHP models. For the additional highlights this development has an additional module which incorporates a tiny photo-indicator sensor. This adds about 0,3mm to the development and stature of the case. Something you will barely see on the wrist.

GMT Flash Setting

On the dial there are 2 images which are situated at 10 and 2 o’clock. These look like a home and travel time which are shown by a house and plane image. When squeezing the crown momentarily the seconds hand either moves to one of the images which shows the chose time region. From that point you can set the chose time region by hand. However the intriguing thing is the time setting with the application which is really exact. The application utilizes synchronized time and permits you to set the home or travel time with the push of a button.

After setting the watch to the Flash Setting you place the camera of your telephone over the dial. At the point when done effectively a green ring shows that it perceived the watch. In the wake of squeezing either home or travel time on the watch the blaze strobes in a specific example. In the event that you take a gander at the dial you will see a little opening in the 1 of the 12 o’clock marker. This is a photograph identifier sensor which peruses the strobe and changes the time appropriately. When checking it out we gain proficiency with this works impeccable. As referenced this is the most exact approach to set the watch as time on your telephone is synchronized online.

VHP Specifications

As referenced prior the Conquest VHP GMT Flash Setting comes with all the determinations of the VHP line. Its development is exact to simply ± 5 secs each year. Has an attractive field assurance that stops the development when obstruction goes over a specific level. While keeping timekeeping, when the attractive levels are back to ordinary the development adjusts to the genuine time.

With stuns up to 500G something very similar occurs and the watch is rectified naturally. With the shrewd crown you can make little or huge change utilizing  slow or quick pivots. On top of that it has an interminable schedule and long-life battery which ensures a battery life of at any rate 4 years. A finish of life marker will make the seconds hand move 5 seconds at once.

The Longines Conquest VHP GMT Flash Setting will be accessible in 41 and 43 millimeter. During the introduction the silver, blue and carbon model were in plain view. Contingent upon your taste and inclination it’s accessible with a metal wristband or elastic lash. Much the same as the standard adaptation it will be accessible in a dark DLC form too. Valuing begins at 1.250 Swiss francs relying upon the configuration.

Longines Global Champions Tour – Roma

As Longines is firmly connected to sports, the introduction was combined with  . Before the introduction we joined Longines to the fifteenth leg of this worldwide test. Being encircled by 59 (initially 60) old style marble sculptures of the Stadio dei Marmi. Each portraying various games. We saw the world’s best riders and ponies race for the bouncing competition trophy.

Even absent a lot of information about equestrian games as a rule it was amazing to see. After the speedy competition we delighted in a night loaded up with an assortment of shows. Counting the ‘Lancieri di Montebello’ which is the only mounted unit in the Italian Army. Completely wearing a late 19th century uniform with debris wood spears showing the equestrian ability and the authentic arrangement of a rangers regiment.

All together is was an activity pressed end of the week in which we additionally had the chance to investigate Rome a piece. Typically our excursions are completely booked from appearance to flight. Having the option to go through certain hours investigating the spot we go to is an extravagance we exceptionally appreciated. We express gratitude toward Longines for the experience and accommodation during the dispatch of the Conquest VHP GMT Flash Setting.

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