Luxury Hasn’t Lost Its Lustre – the ‘Ronde Louis Cartier’

Luxury Hasn’t Lost Its Lustre – the ‘Ronde Louis Cartier’

Ronde Louis Cartier

Cartier has been most popular for its square and square shape watches, ask anybody in the city to name a Cartier watch, and you will find a solution like; ‘that watch with the screws.’. That is the thing that Cartier is among the overall population; the Santos and the Tank watches. They address the common comprehension of the pith of Cartier, in the extravagance universe of watches. It accordingly had kept going 30 years, after the primary Cartier men’s watch was made, before a round mens dress watch was dispatched on a bigger scale.

Elegance, Style and Sophistication

The ‘Ronde Louis Cartier’ as it’s actually called, was conceived around 1937 and is a creation by the maestro himself. I must be somewhat unclear since there is no careful data from Cartier yet about the exact date when this model was introduced. The exquisite and – for that time – exceptionally current watch discovered its way to a segregating client base and was consistently work in little creation runs. This was before it became the good example for another men’s watch. The Ronde Louis Cartier should not be mistaken for the ‘Rotonde de Cartier’ which was dispatched in 2006. While the two models share a ton for all intents and purpose, the ‘Ronde Louis Cartier’ downs the ‘Rotonde de Cartier’ with regards to class, style, and sophistication. The drags of the Ronde are twisting inwards, more limited, more roundish and the sapphire set crown is less unmistakable. The ‘Rotonde de Cartier’ is a different universe, it was planned in 2008 and was worked to house Cartier’s new complicated movements.

A careful looking watch with a ton of appeal and the normal Cartier styling like the ‘Ronde de Cartier’, it doesn’t beat this. That’s why I was happy to see that this new and bigger form of the Ronde Louis Cartier was delivered last month.

Ideal Companion

When coordinated with a couple of sleeve fasteners you’re set for go anyplace with the Ronde Louis Cartier. From supper to wedding parties and with a more easygoing styling, the Ronde Louis Cartier is an ideal day by day companion. It likewise feels more strong than its more modest archetype, from around 20 years ago. (envisioned here on the left)

While that model from the eighties had a thin 34mm case and accompanied the mechanical hand wound Piaget 430 type, this new Ronde Louis Cartier is somewhat bigger and measures 36mm. It is fueled by the new programmed fabricate type, the 1847MC. Since the development is self-winding, the case is marginally thicker than its archetype and now has a thickness of 9mm.

Cartier Caliber 1847MC

This is Cartier’s second in-house assemble programmed type and it follows the food steps of the 1904MC, with focal hands for the minutes and hours. With the equilibrium wheel mounted at two focuses on a scaffold and the rotor joining an extraordinarily planned sturdy switch framework, the development is by all accounts very stable.

But as the more clearly finish parts with, this is the more section level type when compared to the 1904MC. The rotor twists in the two ways and has a force hold of 42 hours. In opposition to the 1904MC, the 1847MC has clear seconds rather than a sub seconds at six. The scope seconds doesn’t truly make the watch more appealing, for a perfectionist such as myself, yet for some men it is positively a decent option.


To me this Ronde Louis Cartier is an exemplary victor, all things considered. I like the way that the watch comes on a tie in earthy colored semi-matte gator skin, fitted with the 18 mm ardillon C buckle in 18K pink gold rather than the standard deployant clasp. That deployant clasp is a long way from ideal since it was upgraded in 2007.

Two Sizes

The 36mm Ronde Louis Cartier model, with its silvered flinqué dial and blued steel Breguet-styled hands, is an incredible size to wear for most men. In the event that the watch feels to little, there is additionally a 40mm variant accessible, with 1904MC type. Both Ronde Louis Cartier watches share similar looks and style and are both outfitted with a sapphire case back. Since the 40mm form has the 1904MC, the watch likewise has a sub seconds at 6 and a date window at 3. Furthermore, these two highlights may do it for the more down to earth individuals among us.

The 36mm ‘Ronde de Cartier’ will hinder you (about) Euro14000.- /US$14700.- while the 40mm ‘Ronde de Cartier’ has a sticker price of (about) Euro 16400.- /US$17100 (evaluating may shift a piece from one country to another because of VAT)

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