Master Chronometer Explained – New Standards By Omega

On December ninth 2014, I joined Omega’s question and answer session where they presented their new guidelines and certification and the important job of independent foundation METAS. A wordy and stubborn report about that declaration can be found here .

Since at that point, Omega has endeavored to set-up the cycles expected to fulfill these new guidelines and to acknowledge them in such manner, that it very well may be accomplished for high creation numbers. I will return to the subtleties of these guidelines later on, yet let me move a couple of mis-understandings about the name and the job of METAS and Omega concerning the certification.

Chronometer, Master Chronometer, METAS: Confused?

When Omega declared these plans a year ago, they were utilizing the ‘Officially Certified’ as definition for watches that were tried and affirmed. So that would imply that these watches would convey “Master Co-Axial, Officially Certified” on the dial. This changed during the course, as Omega chose – presumably to end all disarray – that the new sign on the dial will be “Master Chronometer”. Chronometer in light of the fact that the COSC affirmation is as yet being executed for their developments and the pre-fix Master as they go a couple of steps farther than that. Other than that, you can just utilize ‘Chronometer’ when a development has been tried and guaranteed by the COSC. It is a secured name.

The Globemaster dial gladly says “Master Chronometer”

Whether the combination, ‘Master Chronometer’, is a secured name isn’t completely certain (most likely there are some legitimate things forthcoming right now) however Omega urges different brands to likewise satisfy the new guidelines and have their watches confirmed by METAS to utilize the ‘Master Chronometer’ on the dials of their looks also. As per METAS, different groups have showed interest in becoming compliant to these new principles also, which would permit them to utilize ‘Master Chronometer’ too. As I would like to think it is a flat out need that Omega will bring some mindfulness around the utilization of ‘Master Chronometer’ to shoppers, as some other watch brand that has chronometer-appraised developments can utilize ‘Grand Chronometer, King Chronometer, Grandmaster Chronometer and so forth etc.’ without agreeing to some other principles than those of COSC. It needs clarification to get the perfect measure of appreciation by consumers.

METAS staff on the spot in Bienne

The part of METAS is very clear (if you were to ask me, however my previous life as an IT evaluator would have something to do with that): Ensuring that Omega has all cycles set up for the necessary test work on their Master Chronometer watches, guaranteeing that the test exercises are performed appropriately to these cycles and obviously to ensure that the outcomes meet the prerequisites of the Master Chronometer principles. This does not imply that METAS works on the Master Chronometer watches, this would be an irreconcilable situation, obviously. METAS is a free gathering, that solitary screens the cycles and exercises that are identified with testing the Master Chronometer watches. The division inside the Omega HQ working in Bienne that is liable for testing the Master Chronometer watches has an office for METAS representatives, who are there to do tests on examples and to screen the test exercises and cycles. Only for explanation: All Omega Master Chronometer watches are tried, piece-by-piece. The confirmation did not depend on examining. In the event that a watch doesn’t meet the necessities will be treated as an exemption and requirements to return to a particular purpose of the creation or get together cycle to be fixed or changed. Watches that show a specific deviation while being re-tried by METAS (in any event, when it is still inside the prerequisites), should be dissected and explained.

One will comprehend that to set-up a work process like that for an industrialized interaction requires a lot of limit and speculations. Omega was glad to show us their METAS Labs just as their new T1 creation office of the 8xxx developments in Villeret. The METAS Labs are situated inside the primary structure in Bienne and will remain there for at any rate an additional a year. Directly close to the Omega HQ building,  there is a building site where another structure will emerge to – among others – the METAS Labs will move to. The current ability to test and ensure the Master Chronometer watches is ‘only’ a couple hundred every day, except this will at that point develop to bigger quantities.

Two enormous compartments like this are utilized to do ‘end-user’ reproduction in 23 degrees Celsius and 33 degrees Celsius. Prior and then afterward, deviation is being measured.

For now, the Master Chronometer is utilized first for the new Omega Globemaster assortment. We covered this new assortment recently, click here . Notwithstanding, we got a Sedna gold Globemaster quite recently to give it a turn a little while and we will before long report our contemplations and discoveries on this piece.

Master Chronometer – Specifications

As composed over, the Omega Globemaster will be the principal watch to have Master Chronometer composed on the dial (these watches will be conveyed in stages to the Omega stores and retailers, beginning first seven day stretch of November). Later on, the De Ville Hour Vision and Seamaster PloProf in titanium will follow. Around the year 2020, most Omega watches with Co-Axial developments will be a Master Chronometer ensured timepiece.

Besides the Chronometer affirmation by COSC, the Master part adds the accompanying specifications:



This trials more than 4 days and checks the every day exactness of the watch, all things considered, wearing conditions.  The watch is at first positioned in six distinct positions and two exchanging temperatures, at that point presented to attraction of 15,000 gauss, at that point demagnetized, at that point at last checked again in the equivalent contrasting positions and temperatures. For each progression, a photo is taken of the watch and checked 24 hours after the fact for exactness against UTC time.

A colossal magnet is being utilized for the 15,000 gauss test


This test looks at the development of the watch just, putting it in two unique positions, and exposing it to an attractive power of 15,000 gauss. During a period of 30 seconds in each position, the working of the development is perceptibly checked utilizing a microphone.

The precision of a watch is being estimated and observed utilizing photograph gear and by ‘scanning’ the places of the hands.


This test is like the second. On this event, rather than simply the development being tried, the whole watch is exposed to attractive fields of 15,000 gauss, with the working being checked via sound. In the present current world, attraction is surrounding us, in spots like tablets, telephones, hairdryers and even the metallic catches of ladies’ purses. Mechanical watches without against attractive advancement can endure long haul impacts in their precision when presented to these attractive fields.


This test works out the normal deviation of the watch between day 2 and 3 of the principal test. The outcome shows the every day exactness of the watch when openness to an attractive field of 15,000 gauss.


This test lowers the watch submerged, bit by bit applying more pressing factor up the purpose of the expressed water opposition. For specific watches, it likewise goes past. This guarantees that each watch is appropriately tried for submerged conditions.

Pressure test to check water resistance


This test checks the force save of the watch by taking pictures toward the start and end of as far as possible. Checking any deviation once more, this demonstrates that each watch capacities precisely for its expressed time. For wearers, it’s significant to realize that, even following an end of the week on the bedside table, your watch will in any case be performing well.


This test places the watch in six distinct positions, like each side of a dice. With the watch at full force, the watch goes through 30 seconds in each position, with normal exactness recorded via sound . The force save is then diminished by 66% and checked once more, to guarantee that exactness is kept in any event, when the watch isn’t at full power.

Operators in the METAS Labs make a solid effort to get all Master Chronometer watches certified.


This test is like the past test, and checks for any deviation in the running time when the watch is set in six distinct positions, comparative again to each side of a dice. With 30 seconds in each position, the outcomes are recorded through sound. By putting a watch in various positions, we can guarantee a watch’s presentation regardless of what the wearer is doing, whether it’s sitting at a work area or effectively playing sport.

What doest it mean for you, the consumer?

Good question ;). The Master Chronometer certificate implies that Omega doesn’t just disclose to you that your watch is exact, hostile to attractive and water safe however that they really ensure that it is. This assurance must be given when their test work – including their cycles – are inspected and tried by an autonomous gathering, for this situation that is METAS (and COSC). Purchasers these days are adequately basic to have questions about mottos and on-liners that are being utilized in watch commercials (I recall a Breitling promotion quite recently that expressed ‘The best chronograph in the world’), yet who really does come clean? Activities like this will unquestionably assist buyers with depending on what a watch brand guarantees. On the off chance that you are spending your well deserved cash on a watch, it better is a decent one and one that will stay with you for a long time to come.

Other brands have comparable test methodology and guidelines, yet they don’t utilize any (free) outsider to really do a certificate. For me actually, I don’t depend on brands testing their own cycles and work and have it ensured without anyone else. Guaranteeing yourself doesn’t bode well truth be told. I trust that different brands will follow and receive the METAS confirmation and increment the trust that individuals can place into their watches.

During the question and answer session last Wednesday, Omega referenced that the accreditation of their Master Chronometer watches would not be charged to the customer. Obviously, we can banter about that with the twofold cost increment we had for the current year with Omega (one was because of the distinction between the Swiss Francs and the Euro) in Europe however no different increments have been made for the Globemaster since its introduction.

We will distribute our top to bottom Omega Globemaster survey soon (for certain dazzling pictures taken by Bert, see beneath) and zoom into insight about the new Co-Axial Master Chronometer appraised developments and its development creation office in Villeret.

Omega Globemaster Master Chronometer in Sedna gold

Of course, Hayek was the first to get the Master Chronometer ensured Omega Globemaster out of the hands from METAS. The plastic guarantee card contains a remarkable code that you can use to look-into the test consequences of your particular watch (on-line).

Mr. Hayek got the principal Master Chronometer from Mr. Bock of METAS

More data can be found on the .

More pictures of the METAS Labs and question and answer session

An immense magnet is being utilized for the 15,000 gauss test The precision of a watch is being estimated and observed utilizing photograph gear and by ‘scanning’ the places of the hands. Administrators in the METAS Labs endeavor to get all Master Chronometer watches ensured. Two huge compartments like this are utilized to do ‘end-user’ reenactment in 23 degrees Celsius and 33 degrees Celsius. Previously, then after the fact, deviation is being estimated. Compel test to check water obstruction METAS staff on the spot in Bienne Mr. Hayek got the primary Master Chronometer from Mr. Bock of METAS

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