My Favorite Watch Of The November 2018 Geneva Auctions

My Favorite Watch Of The November 2018 Geneva Auctions

I got the opportunity to stop by Antiquorum Geneva and look at the watches in their upcoming November sale.  I am fortunately situated in Geneva and appreciate strolling over to find ahead of time the thing is coming up for deal. Antiquorum typically has huge lists and in May of this current year, they had more than 620 lots to glance through, which implies it takes a while.

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November 2018 Geneva Auctions

This Antiquorum watch sell off, which happens on Sunday, November 11th in Geneva, is comprised of 571 lots (not exactly the past deal). There is a wide assortment as usual and a few diamonds covered up in the thick catalog.


I chose to adopt a very surprising strategy this time and utilized a little control to pick my favorite watch of the whole deal. Indeed, only 1 out of 571.

Gold 3700s

As I was quite dazzled by the reality they had so many, I was thinking to make reference to one of the 3 yellow gold Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700 they have with original papers or even the 3700 steel & gold with cork box and papers. Shockingly, no 3700 in steel. All things considered, I unquestionably recommend to examine those and surely to watch out for results as Nautilus has been bullish, no doubt (GOLD – Lots 182, 228 & 523/Two-Tone – Lot 342).

There is additionally a cool pair of Bulova chronographs, however I’m remaining focused and we will keep this article short … for once.

So, here it is:

LOT #371 – Rolex 6034 Chronograph

One of the things I love about Antiquroum Geneva deals is that there is consistently a new original proprietor “cabinet find” to be discovered. For this situation, it is a wonderfully protected early screw-back Rolex chronograph 6034: The extraordinary granddad of the Daytona. Tracing all the way back to a short spat the mid 1950’s, it is the predecessor to the 6234, that offered route to the 6238, which in the end turned into the Daytona 6239 in 1963.

Valjoux 72A

The immense majority of 6034 chronographs have tachymeter and telemeter scales on the dial. They were fitted with a Valjoux 72 base type, typically completed particularly by or for Rolex and named 72A. Notwithstanding a vigorous screw-back (we freely utilize the waterproof) case, these dials and the presence of glowing radium records and brilliant hands show this wristwatch was not planned for simply looking cool at the office.

Although it keeps a feeling of 1940-50’s chronographs, there are components of this watch that are innovatively exceptional for the mid 50’s.

Now that we have set up that I discover this model to be fascinating, for what reason don’t we proceed onward to why I picked this specific piece to expound on: the condition.

I see a lot of watches each year. Exactly at these Antiquorum reviews, I’ve seen over 1,000 watches this year. I didn’t take a gander at each in incredible detail, yet I skim over a huge load of things and almost no grabs my eye. This one was a ‘page plug’ for me. It has that look of what it ought to resemble with immaculate dial and hands, completely safeguarded radium lume with fat plots on the dial and an unpolished marvelous case. The acrylic gem is popped and original to the watch. One of those subtleties that get us watch nerds extra excited.

Overall, most pleasant 6034 I have at any point found face to face and I will be anticipating seeing the legitimate outcome for this one.

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Estimate CHF 20,000 – 40,000

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