New Book Release – Time For a Change: Discovering Vintage Enicar

New Book Release – Time For a Change: Discovering Vintage Enicar

Despite the way that I’ve gone computerized for the heft of my understanding materials (fundamentally to diminish the measure of “mass” in my life), a decent watch book is something that will consistently have a spot on my shelf.  “Time For a Change: Discovering Vintage Enicar,” seems as though it will be the sort of book that will effectively acquire its place close to a portion ever watch-related favorites.  I got the opportunity to talk with the writer and maker of this undertaking, Martijn van der Ven ( on Instagram), and his commitment to archiving his #1 image works out positively past the norm.  indeed, after a short couple of sentences, I chose to whip out my Mastercard and back his venture, which appeared yesterday on .  At 65 Euros in addition to 25 Euros for delivery, this was a no-brainer.  As of a day later, the 29,500 Euro project is about 25% supported, so get out there and help!  This resembles a decent one.

Time For a Change: Discovering Vintage Enicar

“Time For a Change: Discovering Vintage Enicar,” will be an end table book when it is delivered in January 2020.  Weighing in at almost 1.5kg (that is approximately 3 lbs for us baseball fans) and measured at 25cm x 25cm (a foot by a foot), the hardcover book vows to cover the set of experiences, stories and individuals identified with the once-thriving brand.  There will be interviews with any semblance of Stirling Moss, data gathered from the grandson of the author Ariste Racine, and more.  van der Ven has made a trip broadly to Biel and Lengnau, Switzerland to get tales about the brand and to photo different parts of the brand including the old manufacturing plant and to “reproduce” a portion of the vintage ads by utilizing vintage Enicars.

A Passion Project

In conversing with Martijn, I was overwhelmed to discover that he left his regular occupation last September to devote his opportunity to “Time For a Change: Discovering Vintage Enicar.”  For him, it’s very a purposeful venture to report, interestingly, a brand that stopped to exist in 1984.  He even went through 3 weeks in Biel on the project.  You may not understand this however Enicar, at the stature of its prominence, utilized almost 750 individuals, created more than 800,000 watches yearly, and planned and produced its own movements.  Touchingly, Martijn referenced that he’s from Eindhoven, which additionally turns out to be a “company town”; it’s the place where Philips Corporation is headquartered.  Martijn reviews when Philips nearly went under in the 90’s and what it meant for the nearby populace to a particularly huge degree; the company was actually the foundation of the city’s social structure.  So, he could envision how the conclusion of Enicar affected the Swiss town.

Enicars: Quality and Innovation

As an aside, I own a couple Enicars: an early Sherpa Graph with a changed Valjoux 72 and a Sherpa Super Jet with an in-house caliber.  There’s little uncertainty in my psyche that Enicar was playing in the top level, thinking back to the 60’s when taking a gander at different games watch makers.  Their devotion to subtleties, quality completing, and development was genuinely impressive.  Yes, the authority market went crazy for these watches and maybe things even turned into somewhat overheated, however they’re fine watches worth gathering, and they ought to be recalled. The time has come for somebody to arrange a proper commitment to the brand; I’ll be holding back to get my hands on a duplicate of “Time For a Change: Discovering Vintage Enicar”.

If you’re keen on buying “Time For a Change: Discovering Vintage Enicar,” head to and browse a choice of alternatives to help uphold the project.

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