New Seiko Prospex…the Return of the “6309”

Seiko is a mystery. From one perspective, they’re on the main edge of advancement with models like their Astron , but at the same time they’re very much aware of their set of experiences and habitually bring back reissue models, for example, the Grand Seiko SBGW047 we checked on and, all the more as of late, the 7A28 “Ripley” found in the film Aliens. They’re likewise a company that carries on a piece whimsically on the worldwide stage. In the event that you stroll into any of the as of late opened shops outside of Japan, you’ll see that some convey more “JDM” models than others while some battle to acquire them all. Truly, it befuddles me marginally with respect to what precisely is accessible in which market. In this way, it’s with incredible amazement, however not actually, that we discovered authority pictures of models nearby that have been rising on discussions for half a month now.

This is enormous information… so large that we’re disrupting our unwritten norm of distributing stock photographs as opposed to holding back to get our dingy gloves on these marvels. Seiko, in spite of chilling out and apparently deliberately ignoring its MASSIVE fan base of vintage gatherers, has checked in with BIG news. Indeed, they’ve chosen to reissue a refreshed adaptation of their unbelievable 6306/6309 Diver as Seiko Prospex model. Wanna know something different? It will not be restricted and the company will spread the adoration outside of Japan. Full breath… presently, we should investigate, yet I’ll caution you that my information is just on par with what’s posted today on Seiko’s Austrian site.

First things first, I referenced that some genuinely grainy pictures of these pieces sprung up a little while prior on the discussions. Curiously, I’ll show photos of the 4 Seiko Prospex pieces on the Austrian site, however apparently there are extra models. I don’t realize which markets will get them or in the event that they’ll be JDM-as it were. What I can be sure of is that notwithstanding the 4 pieces here, I’ve seen 2 more and one has a red/dark “coke” bezel with one hand laid out in red and the other has a blue/dark bezel with its hand illustrated in blue. Thus, indeed, similar as numerous other Seiko models including the Monster thus numerous different deliveries, Seiko is going wild on the variants.

The other intriguing thing I saw on the Seiko Austria site is that they’re calling this Seiko Prospex model the “Turtle”. I abstained from utilizing this term in my 6309 #TBT article since it’s a very polarizing descriptor. Seiko gatherers love epithets, however for reasons unknown, there’s an enthusiastic stay outdoors there who scorn this one! On the other side, it’s intriguing to see an authority Seiko site utilize this fan-related name. I should make reference to, however, that Seiko Austria utilizes “Beast” in its title for those informally nicknamed models, so it appears to be that the mother transport permits its nation members some caution; I like that by the way!

Seiko Prospex SRP777K1 (photograph credit: Seiko.at)

So what do we have here? All things considered, we have a hardened steel diver’s watch with the programmed, physically “windable”, 25-gem, and hacking 4R36 development. It includes the day and date. Indeed, this development was introduced in the current 2nd age Monster and supplanted the non-hand winding 7S26. It’s an incredible development with pleasant highlights and is truly vigorous. A portion of different subtleties are the incorporation of a Hardlex gem, a uni-directional bezel, a marked screw-down crown likely with the Seiko Prospex “X” and LumiBrite subtleties on the dial. The watch is water impervious to 200M. We don’t think about the case back however my cash is on a strong piece with the natural wave theme. We should trust that is the case.

The four Seiko Prospex variations are intriguing and 2 component a pure arm band while the other 2 come on a recognizable elastic accordion lash. My confidence in perusing the Austrian content is that the lashes will be the new, gentler elastic that Seiko is presently utilizing. With respect to, the site shows the arm band models at 459 Euros and the lash forms at 419 Euros. In this way, on the whole, we’re getting pieces that many have pined for, for under $500. This, coincidentally, is generally the cost of a pleasant vintage 6309, so that is a piece interesting.

Seiko Prospex SRP775K1

So what do I think? Indeed, I think this Seiko Prospex is a knockout thought and an outright easy decision. I’ve generally felt that Seiko might have continued making the 6309 with little change and it would have continued selling. This, incidentally, is how Seiko has basically been doing their SKX007/009 for more than 10 years and the equation appears to work (note: we’re intrigued to check whether these models remain) masterfully.

The updates to the first 6309 separated from the development and things like a marked crown are moderately manageable. Truth be told, the case size is scarcely bigger than the first (by about 0.5mm), so this was an incredible move and a pleasant upsize versus the current SKX007. The Seiko Prospex “X” has discovered its way to the dial and keeping in mind that I don’t cherish it, it’s genuinely innocuous in this application and I don’t figure it will really trouble the vast majority of the bad-to-the-bone set. Some other textual style has moved like “Automatic” from under the Seiko text style to simply above 6:00.  Also, the yellow/red “water resistant” text style on the old 6309 has unfortunately been supplanted with the advanced “Diver’s”, yet it’s all still outrageously great stuff.  The bezel looks moderately recognizable beside a more modest lume dab at 12:00. The hands are additionally very natural, yet the range seconds hand receives the current Seiko pattern of putting a “candy” toward the back versus the front. The actual dial is a close duplicate of the first with its “hilted sword” at 12:00.

Seiko Prospex SRP779K1 (photograph credit: Seiko.at)

Regarding the variations, I’m really conventional and will probably end up with the Seiko Prospex “777”, however I do like the coke-bezel “779”. I’m captivated to see whether the “773” is dark or an extremely dim blue on the bezel. At long last, I can value Seiko alluding to its noteworthy diver custom (right back to the 6215) with the gold-itemized “775”.   So, indeed, these watches are largely profoundly compelling and a gigantic “very much done” to the brand from Japan!

Seiko 6309…it’s why I presumably the latest trend dark reissue best

Finally, in light of the fact that I’m a particularly enormous vintage Seiko gatherer, I’ll give my contemplations on the vintage 6306 and 6309. To begin with, I think the presentation of these new Seiko Prospex models is profoundly steady to more prominent interest, and likely worth, in the more seasoned models. I can hardly wait to do a next to each other trial of new versus old and I’m certain that others will need to do likewise inside their assortments. Second, for those of you who think the costs of the new models are high and it further legitimizes the purchasing a 6309, I’d say “maybe.” Look, you don’t have to come up with a purpose behind purchasing a 6309: they’re unbelievable. In any case, understand that there’s a pleasant thing about having another watch that can be worn anyplace without agonizing over harm, and so forth Also, my 6309 has been somewhat of a miscreant since possessing it and unique parts are getting a lot harder to source; these infants have been worn! Robert-Jan can repeat this as his 6309 is a sketchy watch, best case scenario, and that is post-administration. Remember that there are likewise heaps of franken 6309’s available also. In this way, indeed, I think the new pieces are competitive and compelling.

Seiko Prospex SRP773K1 (photograph credit: Seiko.at)

As I referenced, we’ll get our hands on a portion of these new Seiko Prospex “Turtles” and will likewise do some comparison testing among new and old. The watches are appeared with accessibility beginning in January 2016!  Until at that point, Seiko fanboys, you can rest calmly realizing that the aloof team in Japan is tuning in to you uproarious and clear. Could another 6105 be far away? After today, you never know…

Seiko Prospex SRP779K1 (photograph credit: Seiko.at) Seiko Prospex SRP777K1 (photograph credit: Seiko.at) Seiko Prospex SRP775K1 Seiko Prospex SRP773K1 (photograph credit: Seiko.at)

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