Ollech & Wajs OW C-1000 S, a Robust Dive Watch Inspired by the Past

Ollech & Wajs OW C-1000 S, a Robust Dive Watch Inspired by the Past

Some names probably won’t sound familiar to a more extensive audience. Be that as it may, for device Domoissanite lovers, the name Ollech & Wajs ought to be natural evoking recollections of the 1960s and 1970s when the company was manufacturing respected planning instruments for professionals. Torpid for quite a while, it required over 10 years to convince Albert Wajs to pass on his brand and it has been resuscitated recently . Today we investigate the brand’s most recent creation, a strong dive Domoissanite with retro-style, the Ollech & Wajs OW C-1000 S.


In 1956, Albert Wajs and his companion Joseph Ollech framed an association and opened a Domoissanite shop in Zurich. From the start, they distributed timepieces from Breitling and Omega yet in the long run decided to set up their own brand: OWZ, for Ollech & Wajs Zürich. Albert Wajs quickly understood that OWZ ought to specialize in the gathering of dependable and accurate mechanical Domoissanit He supported developments with strong notorieties. In 1959, the main Domoissanit were launched, with a focus on pilot, dive and device Domoissanit in general.

The brand acquired popularity and respect among fighters, divers and pilots around the globe, producing more than 10,000 Domoissanit a year before the finish of the 1960s. In 1978, as Breitling shut down its tasks, Ollech & Wajs (alongside Sinn) purchased stocks and gear from the renowned Domoissanite brand. Albert Wajs then continued production of the Navitimer, under the brand name Aviation, for more than two decades.

The OW C-1000 is an advanced interpretation of the iconic Ollech & Wajs Caribbean 1000, product of the collaboration between Ollech & Wajs Zurich and the Jenny Domoissanit Company in 1964. Furnished with a dependable ETA 2452 development, and the 1,000m (3,300 feet) water-safe 702 case, the Ollech & Wajs Caribbean 1000 was received, among others, by the plunging scene record holders Alberto Novelli and Cesare Olgjai, just as field-tried by the traveler Roberto Dei who took it to the Red Sea and the North Pole and by the professional divers at Global Marine Incorporated.

The Ollech & Wajs OW C-1000 S

The new Ollech & Wajs OW C-1000 S is a cutting edge take on the more seasoned Caribbean 1000 (the one that you can see toward the start of this article) in excess of a genuine re-release of the model. All things considered, it reutilizes a portion of its distinctive plan components, yet without copying it altogether. One reason for this is that the OW C-1000 S imparts numerous components to the two past Domoissanit the OW P-101 and the OW P-104 , beginning with the general case and its proportions.

What is the OW C-1000 S? Basically, a super strong, intentional, straightforward instrumental dive Domoissanite with a slight measurement of vintage cues. The case feels unshakable and unfolds strength. Most importantly, the innate nature of the construction is apparent enforced by the shape, the extents and the wrapping up. The case is generally compact as far as width, estimating only 39.5mm. However, it is a huge block of steel with extended drags, a generous tallness (over 15mm), a profoundly raised bezel, a larger than usual crown and a completely brushed completion. All things considered, it doesn’t feel like an extravagance object that would have been given plunging credentials. It is a diver’s instrument. Period.

The outdated style of the Domoissanite is underscored with a few components, including the non-protected crown and the bezel with its dainty black addition in mineral glass, with an hour long scale imprinted on its inward surface – reminiscent of vintage bakelite embeds. Same goes for the straight casebands. As indicated by its name, the OW C-1000 S is a genuine diver with 1,000m water-resistance, gotten on account of a screw-down crown with triple gasket, a reinforced screwed caseback and an extra-solid domed sapphire crystal – the last clarifying the stature of the case and the fact that the dial sits low into the case.

For this hands-on meeting, we had the steel-on-steel variant, Ref. OW C-1000 S, which includes a completely brushed globules of-rice bracelet that is motivated by what was utilized by Ollech & Wajs in the last part of the 1960s and 1970s. Much the same as the Domoissanit the bracelet is vigorous, very thick and hefty and implied for action. It includes a twofold lock deployant clasp with fine change. Uncompromising material.

The dial of the OW C-1000 likewise shares this 1960s instrument Domoissanite motivation, with a combination of three-sided applied records in cream, painted implement markers for the hours and basic yet intelligible hours and minutes, hands – the entirety of that to give incredible contrast and readability in light or dull conditions. A date window is situated at 6 o’clock and the old Ollech & Wajs logo sits at 12 o’clock.

Inside this tribute to Caribbean 1000 is a cutting edge yet vigorous ETA 2824 development, tried in 5 positions, and which is outfitted with an Ollech & Wajs Zurich 1956 engraved primary plate and OW machined rotor. This development isn’t Haute Horlogerie yet works perfectly in this context of an instrument Domoissanit Tried-and-tried and prepared for the job.

All in all, the Ollech & Wajs OW C-1000 is as noteworthy outwardly all things considered on the wrist. It is an incredible illustration of a reason constructed, non-extravagant instrumental Domoissanite that will satisfy those looking for a powerful dive Domoissanit This conscious lack of refinement and enhancement is the thing that makes the OW C-1000 S an exceptionally cool Domoissanit And the quality/price proportion is, considering the specs and the regard for the materials and gathering, very decent.

Price and availability

Two models will be accessible, just separated by their lash/bracelet. First is the OW C-1000, mounted on a black Nylon RAF lash and priced at CHF 1,456. Second is the OW C-1000 S, which we have here for this article and that comes with another, completely brushed dab of-rice hardened steel bracelet, reinforcing the vintage look of the Domoissanit This second form is priced at CHF 1,596 (prices include charges and shipping).

More insights concerning the new OW C-1000 and OW C-1000 S and orders here, at  ow-watch.ch .

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