Only One Watch – 10 Different Price Categories

Only One Watch – 10 Different Price Categories

Every every so often we get the inquiry whether we could live with only one watch, and which watch that would be. You have most likely likewise fantasized yourself of exchanging (all) the watch in your assortment for only one watch.

One Watch Only!

In this article, we take a look at watches that we find fascinating in a specific value data transfer capacity. From a section level mechanical Seiko to something ‘haute horlogerie’. Obviously, our picks may change over the long haul (or constantly) as new models are being presented constantly (as in well longer than a week during BaselWorld 2017). Nonetheless, if we were going to pick just one watch, odds are very huge that we’d select a notable model.

That said, just having one watch… That is a serious troublesome ‘task’. You need in any event a chronograph, a watch with an additional time region, a diver’s watch (obviously, regardless of whether the solitary water you’ll see is either at the sink , shower, downpour or in the refrigerator) and a watch with a battery to make sure all the other things is running on time.

On the other hand, I begrudge that gathering of individuals with just one watch also. Makes life simpler and – indeed – aren’t we watch devotees envious of the +60 year old folks who have claimed their Rolex Submariner (or whatever) since their 20th birthday.

Reality is anyway that most of individuals – including me – need to make decisions. Thus, imagine a scenario where you need to get one great watch. Until further notice. Where would it be advisable for you to begin? To assist you with excursion, I will give 10 potential decisions in 10 diverse value classifications. From generally modest (under 500 Euro) to a watch with a sticker price of over € 30.000,- Euro and 8 other value classes in between.

For this outline of 10 watches in 10 distinctive value classifications, I will stick to new watches only as most of individuals likely won’t go vintage for their unrivaled watch. It would make a decent spin-off of this article however, to come up with a rundown of 10 vintage watches in a similar cost ranges.

Enough talking, the task is clear so let’s go.

Under €500 Euro – Seiko SKX007

In this value class you will discover bunches of watches. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you preclude quartz watches (and along these lines a great deal of style related watches) the rundown becomes very thin. I struggled choosing a Tissot Visodate ( we investigated it here ) and a Seiko jumper (SKX007). The Seiko SKX007 ( we investigated it here ) is fundamentally the replacement of the 7002, 6309 and 6105 models that have a high number of fans everywhere on the world. Indeed, even the SKX007 can be viewed as an exemplary today. This 41mm diver’s watch will suit most men and it tends to be purchased with a black elastic lash just as with a celebration style arm band. An assortment of different lashes and wristbands is accessible also for this model. Inside is a Seiko type 7S26 programmed development and has a day and date marker. I really purchased this model a few weeks prior, to have an ideal blender. In spite of the fact that rundown cost is €299 Euro here, real market costs make it a much more fascinating watch.

€500 – €1000 Euro – Longines HydroConquest

Last November we played out a top to bottom survey of this Longines HydroConquest with a proposed retail cost of €940 Euro. A stunning watch for just underneath €1000 Euro. Another incredible contester was that the watch maker from Frankfurt am Main, which is likewise evaluated just underneath € 1000 Euro. The Longines HydroConquest has an ETA type 2824 development inside and comes with a strong treated steel arm band however can likewise be purchased with an elastic tie. It is a regular diver’s watch with a screw-down crown, uni-directional bezel and wristband with diver’s expansion yet will likewise suit you prosperity a desk diver.

€ 1000 – € 2000 Euro – Sinn 857 UTC TESTAF LH Cargo

It as of now begins to become a smidgen more troublesome in this value range, as there is a great deal to browse, particularly from a portion of the greater (and maybe this assumes a part for some, individuals out there) brand names on the dial. In this value range, an exceptionally pursued watch is the TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500M, which is unquestionably an incredible purchase at (list cost). Notwithstanding, a brand that is natural to me actually and by a ton of fans of the online watch community is the previously mentioned Sinn from Frankfurt. Sinn has a watch for €1890 Euro. An incredible watch, restricted to 777 pieces just and comes in a magnificent Lufthansa Cargo box. Inside is an ETA type ETA 2893-2 development, showing an additional time region on a 24 hour scale. The photograph underneath is from our companions of Tidssonen in Norway who did a top to bottom survey of the watch ( ).

€ 2000 – € 4000 Euro – Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark

This feels somewhat awkward really, as I don’t feel that old however I can in any case recall the days you purchased an exceptionally fair new (!) Rolex Submariner for this cash as though it were yesterday. All things considered, those days are gone and where the current Rolex Submariner has a € 7500 Euro sticker price, Tudor comes in to fill that hole that Rolex abandoned. With their relaunch only a couple years prior, with Heritage models like the chronograph and this Black Bay, they offer a truly fascinating watch with regards to this €3000 – €4000 value range, with in-house development. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Dark has been presented in 2016. We did a top to bottom survey of this Heritage Black Bay watch here , in the wake of wearing it for a couple of weeks (this was the ETA form however). In the event that you are more into old style looking watches, I’d recommend to view a portion of the Longines Master Collection pieces , with moon stage and schedule functions.

€4000 – €6000 Euro – Omega Speedmaster Professional

What did you anticipate? We committed a whole day after this symbol. The foundations of the Omega Speedmaster Professional (reference 311. return to 1957 albeit the current model looks more like the variant that was presented in 1968. It is as yet the flight qualified watch for all monitored NASA missions and right now records for €4400 Euro. This symbol comes with a huge presentation box with additional ties, a loupe, a commemorative coin and a device to trade lashes yourself. Inside is the Lemania based Omega type 1861 development. In the event that you don’t like a non-water safe watch, plexi gem or a hand-wound watch, you may check-out the Omega Seamaster 300 that was presented in 2014. Find it here.

€6000 – €8000 Euro – Rolex GMT-Master II

Introduced in Basel in 2013 and as I would like to think one of the most delightful GMT-Master II varieties around. This GMT-Master II 116710BLNR or ‘Batman’ is an incredible all-round watch with an additional time region. We did a review on the historical backdrop of the GMT-Master some time prior ( click here ), which you may discover intriguing to peruse when exploring a potential acquisition of this model. Inside is Rolex in-house development type 3186, additionally utilized in its archetype. The Oyster arm band isn’t to everyone’s liking because of the cleaned focus link, however it is perhaps the most comfortable bracelet’s you will at any point wear. Choices may be the Rolex Explorer II, Rolex Submariner or a Rolex Datejust II.

€8000 – €10000 Euro – Omega Speedmaster Gray Side of the Moon

In this value range, it gets somewhat tricky as it is the value range where IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rolex, Panerai and a ton of others live. However I picked the Speedmaster Gray Side of the Moon . Since I am a major fanatic of the Moonwatch, the hand-twisted forms to be exact, the plan of the Gray Side and Dark Side of the Moon watches are interesting to me. In the event that I would take that estimation out of my explanation behind picking this watch, that would be still a lot of reasons left to purchase this specific watch. The Omega type 9300 development is just staggering ( we’ve been to the gathering office, announced here ), utilizing the chronograph pushers feels like silk. The domed sapphire precious stones on the two sides and the dark clay case make this is attractive watch, as does the spread out of the watch. Usable for consistently wear. Elective? The Dark Side of the Moon. Another brand? Have you seen the JLC Geophysic?

€10000 – €20000 – Ressence Type 1

I might have said Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15202 yet reality of the situation is that I would presumably go used or vintage on that model. Ressence is a brand found by Benoit Mintiens in 2009, a supposed autonomous watchmaker. The dial has turning disks that will demonstrate the time, as though they drift on the dial. Something Benoit Mintiens truly dominated with the Type 3 watch where the dial module has been oil-filled. An intriguing and uncommon watch yet I’d say it would make a wonderful one-watch to possess. Sticker price on this watch is approx. €17.500,- Euro). Choices? Okay, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15202ST. An extremely dainty comfortable regular watch. Or on the other hand what might be said about the Jaeger-LeCoultre Ultra-Thin Perpetual Calendar of just underneath 20.000 Euro?

€20.000 – €30.000 Patek Philippe Nautilus

A safe decision maybe, yet it is the watch – along with the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak – that had gigantic effect in the market of extravagance watches during the 1970s. Albeit the current hardened steel Nautilus reference 5711/1A has an alternate case development than the first model reference 3700/1A ( read our 5711/1A versus 3700/1A comparison article here ), it is as yet an extremely appealing watch to have with its sleek lines and port opening appearance. Inside is Patek Philippe’s type 324 S C development, a delightful completed and built development. Elective? The Ressence Type 3 or the A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 or Patek Philippe Calatrava 5227 in the event that you are more into exemplary watches.

Over €30000 – A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 Time Zone

Although anything over €30.000 Euro would do in this class, I actually feel I am being unassuming by choosing a watch of €51.900 Euro. Nonetheless, this watch isn’t about the sticker price. The A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 Time Zone 116.025 in platinum depends on one of my #1 dress watches, the Lange 1. The watchmakers from Dresden combined this symbol with the usefulness of a world clock watch (I have a weak spot for those) and concocted this simple to-utilize Lange 1 Time Zone. As you can find in the photograph we took some time back (underneath), you will perceive how itemized the dial is of this watch. Also, that’s just the front side of the watch. On the back side, you can appreciate its hand-wound type L031.1 development with the 3/4 base plate made of German silver. This would be my watch of decision in this value class. Choices? Anything Patek from their Grand Complications assortment or something out of this world from one of the free thinkers? This value classification opens up a great deal of alternatives and you can talk about whether somebody with a watch in this value range stays with one watch. I question it.

Does your rundown look changed? If it’s not too much trouble, share with us in the comments underneath. You don’t need to experience all value classifications, yet kindly mention to us what you would purchase as your only one watch.

*This article showed up first in January 2015 and has been revised.

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