Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM557 Destro 3 Days Review

I’ve never been a Paneristi. I two or three Panerai watches (PAM113 and PAM000) and visited some Paneristi occasions (like P-Day), however in the end I didn’t feel Paneristi enough to truly be associated. Nonetheless, the way that there is a community called Paneristi shows that there is a ton of affection for the brand. The Paneristi community praises its fifteenth commemoration this year and Panerai chose to create a restricted version Luminor Marina Base (PAM634) to commend this commemoration, restricted to 500 pieces only.

However, today, I am sharing my musings on the Officine Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM557 Destro 3-Days that was presented in 2014. Panerai gave me the watch borrowed a long time to give it a try.

Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM557 Destro 3-Days

The Panerai Luminor 1950 Destro 3-Days or PAM557 to put it plainly, is an exceptional thing as I would like to think. With its left-side crown, plexi gem, hand-wound development and vintage looking calf tie it honors the historical backdrop of Panerai.

Destro alludes to the way that this watch was intended to be worn on the right (“destro” in Italian) wrist where the left-hand wrist was utilized for other plunging gear (profundity measure for instance). Be that as it may, I surmise in the event that you are into Panerai observes effectively, this doesn’t need further explanation.

The dial of the watch looks magnificent with its false patina and overlaid hands, coordinating consummately with the shade of the Luminor Panerai composing on the dial and the hour markers. The dial has this ‘sandwich’ development that is so regular for these Panerai watches. Obviously, the huge Arabic numerals, stick hour markers and hands lume quite well in low-light condition.

One of the things I like best about this watch, is that – albeit the entire vintage air is somewhat pursued, yet pleasantly done – it gives me the inclination I am wearing something ‘pure’ because of the multitude of components that Panerai carefully dealt with. It makes me wonder some time how those load up gatherings occur at the Panerai HQ when architects come up with new recommendations. “Add a touch of this, eliminate some of that”, tweaking until they hit the weakness since truth is, the boundaries (or system) in which the Panerai planners work is to some degree restricted. However, this goes for some, famous watch models out there. Albeit the Paneristi community is unquestionably giving a lot of analysis on occasion, there is minimal the brand can foul up eventually. Regardless of whether you have a Panerai Luminor Base with Unitas-based development or one of their more costly pieces with in-house created development, you will be dealt with the equivalent by Paneristi or individual Panerai wearers. There is an extraordinary love for the brand out there. Maybe it is the equivalent with the Porsche 911, a symbol with regards to vehicles and despite the fact that their 996 model has a lot of ‘haters’, you are as yet one of the group when you drive one.

However, uncertain about whether you could draw the equal between the Panerai PAM557 and the Porsche 911 996 model. Actually, the plan of the PAM557 is mind blowing as I would like to think. Particularly for the individuals who might want to have or wear a vintage Panerai however are not able to face the challenge (monetarily or concerning harming it), this PAM557 is an incredible choice.

The PAM557 is conveyed – as composed above – on a calf tie, that looks as it has been worn or if nothing else produced using a piece of cowhide that has been utilized previously. The tie is entirely comfortable to wear and comes on this Pre-Vendome clasp. Pre-Vendome alludes to the time frame before 1997, when Panerai wasn’t part of the Vendome (presently Richemont) Group and utilizing these especially formed clasps for their watches. They began to utilize them two or three years prior and look stunning.

The PAM557 utilizes an in-house Panerai development, type P.3000. A development that has a 72 hour (or 3-days) power hold, because of the utilization of two spring barrels. The cal P.3000 development is ideal to see through the sapphire precious stone caseback and is certainly a stage ‘forward’ compared to the Unitas-based developments Panerai utilized when I a few Panerai watches myself.

What I couldn’t discover, is the reason Panerai didn’t choose to utilize their P.5000 development, which we found in this PAM510  and had a force hold of 8-days. That observe really had a more amiable sticker price also, so maybe I am neglecting a couple of things here. The P.3000 is a more pleasant glancing development as I would see it, with its bigger equilibrium wheel (compared to the P.5000) however there should be another reason.

All these improvements likewise come at a cost obviously. The PAM557 I am exploring today has a list price of € 8200 Euro, which is substantially more than the approx. € 3000 Euro I paid 10 years prior for a Luminor Base (which are presently € 6100 Euro, however with in-house development). You will get an unexpected watch in comparison to 10 years prior, essentially because of the in-house created development. In the line of competitors with in-house developments, the PAM557 cost doesn’t stress me much. You will get a great Panerai watch for that cash, with in-house development and with a lot of components that could make you think you are wearing a 50 year old watch, however with better and improved materials and developments because of the utilization of present day innovation. The way that the cleaned portions of the treated steel case and the plexi gem unquestionably will get a few scratches because of wear just adds character to this timepiece.

The just minor for me – yet that is carefully close to home – is that the 47mm is something that won’t get unnoticed. I have genuinely enormous wrists so concerning style there was without a doubt no issue, yet it is likewise the ‘presence’ on the wrist of that 47mm that you need to manage. In the event that you don’t have any issues with wearing enormous watches, up to 47mm, try to put this Panerai PAM557 on your short list.

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