QlockTwo by Biegert & Funk – It Is A Quarter To Three

Only now and again we cover quartz or other electronic watches. We don’t have anything against them, yet it ought to be something intriguing or exceptional to give them any inclusion on Fratello Watches. We love mechanical watches, yet a few times there are quartz watches that merit a touch of consideration as well. Regardless of whether it is about their usefulness or their plan, or a combination of these two, it must be an exceptional thing. Watches (and clocks) we ran two or multiple times that fall into this classification are those made by fashioners Biegert & Funk, called QlockTwo.

Their watches and (divider) tickers work as per a similar guideline: to show time in composed words. The dials of these watches and tickers seem, by all accounts, to be a framework with words, or even better, letters. On the watch you will discover a pusher that will enlighten the words expected to demonstrate the time. Underneath, you see an illustration of one of their watches, the QlockTwo Golden Words. The entirety of their watches have a 35mm x 35mm case and are 9mm thick. They are either conveyed on a metal Milanese wristband or a strap.

A quarter to three – QlockTwo

QlockTwo W

Biegert & Funk’s wrist watches are called QlockTwo W. Where W represents watch, we expect. There are a lot of varieties out there, from tempered steel to rose gold and form in altogether white or dark. The time is being demonstrated utilizing 114 illuminating units utilizing LED innovation and there are 110 letters on each dial. As you’ve presumably saw on the picture over, the time is being written in augmentations of 5 minutes. This doesn’t really mean you will miss your transport, train or arrangement. The 4 little dabs at 6 o’clock (which is a simple method to demonstrate something is on the lower some portion of a dial) show the minutes. That, yet the watch is additionally fit for showing the date in words (press the pusher twice) and to demonstrate the real seconds (press the pusher multiple times). The dials are accessible in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Arabic.

When I was taking a gander at these QlockTwo W models, the fabricated quality just as the completion effortlessly persuaded me that I wasn’t taking a gander at a modest quartz watch or ‘gadget’. It is a genuine watch for the individuals who set out to appear as something else and have no particular ‘need’ or inclination to purchase something mechanical. I additionally saw that QlockTwo is being sold in The Netherlands at intense watch retailers (think Patek Philippe, Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, IWC and so on), like and . It shows that this item (both the QlockTwo W and the clocks) can exist together close to mechanical watches. Actually, it likewise represents the nature of the QlockTwo W watch that you will discover it close to the best mechanical watches. It is an indication of trust by these retailers and you can be guaranteed that they will deal with your watch when it needs a battery substitution or fix (in the event that it is necessary).

The caseback of the QlockTwo W likewise works as a basic manual on the most proficient method to work the watch. Time is one push, schedule is two pushes and running seconds is three pushes. The completing looking into the issue and the nature of the etching is essentially caught in this picture taken by Bert Buijsrogge. The lattice wristband fits consummately as well.

Prices of the QlockTwo W watch rely upon the materials utilized, however start at €595 Euro.

QlockTwo Touch

The QlockTwo Touch is one of their clock adaptations. It is the table clock release of their bigger divider timekeepers called QlockTwo Classic and QlockTwo Large. The Touch is a  13.5 x 13.5 x 1.8 cm clock for on your table or work area. It comes in an assortment of tones, remembering some exceptional releases for “rust”, “full metal”, “golden legend” and “deep black”. Much the same as the QlockTwo W watch, it can demonstrate time, running seconds and an alert. Other than that, the QlockTwo Touch permits you to utilize 20 unique dialects and has cool highlights like a night light, a night contact (to make it altogether dull, particularly valuable when you have this clock on your night stand), a rest work (everybody needs to nap at any rate multiple times toward the beginning of the day) and you can change the splendor of the LED lights. Costs of the QlockTwo Touch start at around €485 Euro for the standard shading forms. The uncommon versions may have a greater cost tag.

Operating the Touch is being done by means of the rear. With 5 fastens everything settings should be possible. The QlockTwo Touch is controlled utilizing the ordinary force supply (110V – 240V).

QlockTwo Touch “Rust”

More data on these watches and clocks can be found by means of their site . A major thank you to Alexander Wijt from for the prologue to QlockTwo. In the display beneath, you will locate all the pictures we took during our meeting with Biegert & Funk.


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