Reader’s Story On The Ochs Und Junior Mese Watch

One of our perusers and watch fans, Richard, returned from a little assortment of watches to only one watch. In this story he reveals to you why he offered the entirety of his different watches to have only one watch; the ochs und junior mese (note the absence of capitalization).

My ochs und junior mese has been my day by day watch for over a year now. Time to record a few words about this exceptionally close to home watch and an extremely close to home watch company.

It was some place in 2011 that I originally went over watches from ochs und junior. I don’t know precisely where, yet what I do know is the model I preferred best: the settimana junior. From one viewpoint I preferred the plan and furthermore its work day complication. Then again it was the solitary ochs und junior watch I could bear around then. I reached Beat Weinmann, CEO of ochs und junior, in the event that it is conceivable to have a settimana for grown-ups. That was the beginning of my excursion into the universe of ochs und junior that lead to my own mese model right around three years later.

Almost each day

Let’s talk about the watch first. My watch is a date watch, a ‘mese’ for insiders. I like that name better, yet I was informed that utilizing the date capacity of the watch in the name gives a superior query output in Google. For a company without actual shops, SEO is a urgent factor. The date work is one of the four accessible capacities right now, close to the moon stage, yearly schedule and double cross zones. The manner in which the date is shown on the watch is both basic and splendid. You need to see the speck moving from 31 to 1 toward the month’s end to comprehend the magnificence of this arrangement. From a basic perspective, one could say: it that all? Yet, I imagine that it is one of the extraordinary purposes of having one of Ludwig Oechslin’s innovations on your wrist.

Although I’ve consistently had an enthusiasm for watches, I am not a watch gatherer. Throughout some undefined time frame, I saw that I like watches that I can really wear consistently. A watch should be exceptional for me, however not so uncommon that it’s to fragile to wear. At the point when I ran over ochs und junior and got familiar with the company and their watches, I concluded that eventually my lone watch would be an ochs und junior. One watch to wear each day, on each occasion.

I need to concede that I am not living completely by that standard. As my mese has a calfskin tie, I will transform it for a Swatch Scuba Libre when I take a dip. A year ago when I went outdoors with my family, I left the Mese at home. Maybe one year from now, I will basically keep it on my wrist the entire days of the year, simply changing the cowhide lash for an elastic one would get the job done during the holidays.


There were a few minutes in the excursion that at last lead to my ochs und junior mese that are common for the individual methodology of the brand. As you most likely know there are no actual shops or stores that sell these watches. You can get them either on the web or make an excursion to Luzern, to the ochs space. Yet, a couple of years prior purchasing a watch that you have never felt on your wrist appeared to be a stage to far for me. I had the karma that the artist who made the pictures for the primary ochs und junior site, Sjoerd van Rooijen, is a Dutchman living in Switzerland. After some email traffic with him, I discovered that his significant other ended up claiming an ochs und junior settimana junior. He offered to drop off that watch at a companion in Holland that late spring so I had the option to attempt the watch, all things considered. After that I was significantly more established that I needed an ochs und junior watch.

I began to offer my different watches to make the buy. Despite the fact that I enjoyed the settimana model without question (and still do), it just has a 36mm breadth. Because of the state of the carries, that implies it wears compact. As the watch must be somewhat ideal, I began to take a gander at the other ochs und junior watches.

In December 2011, ochs und junior made a visit to The Netherlands. I at last had the chance to take a gander at all the watches, including a few models. It was likewise the second where the Tinta watches were presented. It was the initial phase in the customisation cycle that offers you the chance to have an interesting watch on your wrist. The combinations are interminable. There is an extraordinary customizer device now on the site, however when I purchased my mese, I needed to depend on the photos on the site. I purchased mine with a cyan blue dial and dark hands. Bea Weinmann, Beats spouse, made this excellent picture before the watch was dispatched to me.

I actually think the ochs und junior mese is the most pleasant watch I at any point had on my wrist. In any case, I need to concede that I committed an error in picking the tone. It would in any case have been blue on the off chance that I had not seen a minor scratch on the dial when I did a few trials with my large scale focal point. All the watches come with a lifetime guarantee on the parts that are created by the actual company. What’s more, the dial is one of them. So when I reached Beat about the scratch, he inquired as to whether I needed a blue dial once more, or another tone. I was a piece overpowered by that question, yet I spent the following a few nights on the lounge chair with the configurator on my PC. As I said, the prospects are perpetual. Luckily there are likewise some extraordinary pictures on the ochs und junior site to motivate you. I discovered that I favored some more differentiation on the dial. I likewise needed the hands somewhat lighter. The SuperLuminova will likewise work better with lighter colors.

I at long last chose for a light dim dial, dim hands, an orange date dab and a dark calfskin strap.

Enough watches

My ochs und junior mese needed to return to Luzern. That gave me an extraordinary chance to visit the ochs space. On the off chance that you consider purchasing an ochs und junior, you should visit Luzern first I think, albeit the new configurator gives you an incredible impression of how your watch will look. However, a visit to Luzern is actually a piece of the experience, not in a showcasing sort of way, but rather as a piece of your own journey.

It allowed me the chance to converse with Beat Weinmann during a great lunch. Beat represented his accounts with pencil drawings on a piece of paper. He clarified us that the lone way a company like this can work is to make “enough watches”. Right now that is around 150 pieces each year. Furthermore, it won’t ever be over 300 pieces each year. Really at that time, the communication can be that personal.

Beat likes to show new improvements to current clients of ochs und junior first. Tragically, I needed to vow not to compose any insights concerning them so I won’t. Notwithstanding, I was permitted to disclose to you that the possibility is little that Ludwig will build up a chronograph. He loves the congruity of time in various advances (days, weeks, moon stages). As there is more in the sky than simply the Moon, it would not be unfathomable that one of the new models will have (more) galactic capacities. As it won’t be essential for the center assortment, it will have another, more work of art, case design.

In the end, I am overly content with my ochs und junior mese and don’t feel the requirement for another watch to add. Who knows at the following help in around five years I will have the shadings changed again.

Perhaps there will be another ochs und junior watch some time or another that makes me need it more than my current mese. For the not so distant future a sturgeon tie is certainly on my rundown. It looks incredible, is water safe and truly solid.. Yet, for the present the ochs und junior mese is my interpretation for “enough watches”; simply this one.

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This article was composed by one of our perusers (Richard) from The Netherlands.

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