Review of Geneva May Auctions – PHILLIPS in association with BACS & RUSSO

Review of Geneva May Auctions – PHILLIPS in association with BACS & RUSSO

Since they started their relationship with Phillips sales management firm to reboot the watch division, the force couple, Aurel Bacs & Livia Russo, have been shaking the watch sell off scene. They have done that with energizing closeouts and amazing outcomes. Their two upcoming Geneva barters in May, including their topical treated steel chronograph deal (entitled Start-Stop-Reset), are again noteworthy. The lists are straightforward and exquisite yet striking and energizing. The adrenaline occupied activity in the room during their sales is something that watch enthusiasts fly in to see live or watch through real time video.

There are a couple of shrewd moves to note for this group that has put them on top. It starts with the way that they begin early and they distribute their indexes before all the others, which might be simpler since they have less closeouts, yet at the same time brings about gatherers’ seeing their watches first. They set up a solid group in Geneva just as the satellite workplaces and a splendid warning board, having been trailed by a few associates and companions. Additionally, this group hustles. They are flying around the planet and working like insane throughout each and every day. Their dynamic methodology permits them to be straightforwardly in line with market interest and they work really hard of carrying the sacred goals of watches to the field for gatherers to fight over.

START-STOP-RESET: 88 Epic Stainless Steel Chronographs

The topical Start-Stop-Reset sell off, which happens on the night of Saturday May 14th in Geneva is comprised of 88 tempered steel chronographs. Maybe the most pursued and collectible classification of watches today, this is the meaning of giving individuals what they are requesting. There is a wide assortment of brands, costs and times addressed while they all offer the ascribes of extraordinariness and top condition. My sibling and I had the chance to see these parts in Geneva and chose a portion of our top choices from the 88. It was difficult to pick as there were such countless wonderful and astounding parcels, yet we did. We likewise have spoken such a huge amount about Omega Speedmasters, that we however it would be fun test to preclude these from our picks. As it was normal, there are some especially uncommon Rolex Daytonas, Omega Speedmasters and Patek Philippes. What we truly love about this closeout is that consideration was likewise given to a portion of the specialty brands and lesser known watches from Omega and Rolex that a topical sale ought to expose. Here are the ones we decided to discuss:

LOT #8

Ulysse Nardin 7536-2, 1969

Imagine a Speedmaster straight haul case with its dark tachymeter bezel that has a dark with silver counter Rolex Daytona ‘turn around panda’ dial, however is a lot more extraordinary than by the same token. This Valjoux 72 base Ulysse Nardin chronograph is an uncommon and lovely piece that merits the gatherer consideration it is getting on the lookout. It is essential for the very marvel that has taken the Universal Geneve ‘Nina Rindt’ V72 chronographs through the rooftop. These are truly elusive, so when a dim chocolate tropical model comes around, we anticipate a decent battle. We have the inclination this one will be far off for us, yet it is well deserved.

Estimate CHF 12,000 – 24,000

LOT #9

Longines 5699 bunch 23086, 1947

Longines tempered steel 13ZN chronographs have become a staple of any fantasy assortment. Among these is the 13ZN 12, focal minutes chronograph, with the radium Arabic numeral dial. The blue hand is the chronograph seconds hand while the red hand is the minutes chronograph. The dial consequently goes about as the register for quite a long time at the same time while just the hour register is situated at three o’clock. This pleasantly estimated 39.5mm screw back case chronograph from the 1940’s is profoundly popular and particularly in mint and unique condition. Considering a year prior these were exchanging for near 50K and we realize a comparative model sold for 75K as of late, the gauge appears spot on.

Estimate CHF 40,000 – 80,000

LOT #56

Rolex 4113, 1942

Even considering the fame of vintage Rolex Daytonas at closeout and high outcomes seen in past years, this large kid actually leads the Rolex chronograph world as the lord of rulers. A 1940’s Rolex huge 44mm part seconds chronograph seems like a fantasy, however its genuine. Just 12 of these were at any point made and were never offered to general society, but instead uncommonly made for experts. The crown has a pusher that begins & stops the chronograph, the upper pusher fills in as the split/rattrapante work and the base pusher resets. The 4113 is the solitary part seconds chronograph made by Rolex, the main Rolex to break $1 million at sale and we expect a room loaded up with individuals recording and posting the outcomes when Aurel strikes the hammer.

Estimate CHF 800,000 – 1,600,000

LOT #59

Longines A7, 1935

Considering the topic hardened steel chronographs, we need to consider the significance of military interest as an impetus for this complication being encased in treated steel cases. Generally, versatile chronographs (on the grounds that the most punctual ones were static) were found in gold, or if nothing else silver, pocket watches. The treated steel chronograph got helpful as a compact gadget in the mid 1900’s for logical and military use. The circumstance of big guns shoot had been reliant on chronographs since the 1800’s and flight route in the mid 1900’s carried another influx of interest to watchmakers. Notwithstanding, military utilize implied a requirement for a not so much honorable but rather more vigorous case. Subsequently, the hardened steel chronograph wristwatch was the ideal solution.

As you would expect with a pilot chronograph, this is the biggest watch in the bartering. At 51mm, it is difficult to miss. It has a calculated dial direction just as its single push chronograph at the crown. The case back has the military given etching just as a US Army AC etching on a scaffold of the development. Longines executed this piece through and through for the US Army Air Corps, referred to the present time as the US Air Force, and obviously an unsigned dial bodes well since they had no requirement for marked products. For military watch authorities, this is a hard one to leave behind as it only occasionally comes available to be purchased. This makes it likewise difficult to assess regarding the worth, yet had heard effectively a couple of years back that authorities were paying huge cash for these generally secret military watches. I advise myself ‘on the off chance that I had the cash’ and I figure ‘I would spend it on watches in any case and wouldn’t have any cash left’ so I am interested to perceive how profoundly authorities will delve into their pockets for this one.

Estimate CHF50,000 – 100,000

LOT #64

Universal Geneve 22560, 1955

As referenced above, military wristwatches were obviously appropriate for the advancement of hardened steel chronographs from a memorable viewpoint and this piece is the ideal satisfaction watch as it has such countless stunning credits. The 24-hour dial or military time was ideal for military pilots just as the enormous 44.5mm size for readability. It is fitted with a Valjoux 55 base split-seconds chronograph development, which was additionally a valuable complication. The case back is engraved AMI (Aeronitca Miliatare Italiana) with the uncommon MM chronic number (Marina Militare) which means it was conveyed to the Italian Navy.

In expansion, the dial is marked A. Cairelli (as we have seen all the more commonly on the Zenith CP-2 flyback chronographs), which was a Rome based Italian retailer who uncommonly created, requested and provided the Italian Air Force with wristwatches. This particluar model went to the Italian Navy as referenced above, which are substantially more restricted in amount of a generally uncommon piece. This retailer mark was similar as the historical backdrop of Panerai, likewise an Italian retailer, yet situated in Florence, which had created and licensed the Radiomir and provided the Royal Italian Navy.

With the new flood popular for Universal Geneve chronographs, an uncommon military issue split seconds 24-hour model, for example, this one again shows the Phillips watch office’s capacity to carry top quality level watches to auction.

Estimate CHF 60,000 – 120,000


The general sale, which happens on the night of Sunday May 15th in Geneva is comprised of 138 watches and there clearly are no treated steel chronographs in this one.

The larger part of the watches come from the prevailing closeout brands, so 56 Rolexes, 32 Pateks, 12 Vacherons, 6 APs and 6 Omegas, which make up 112 out of the 138 parcels. A pleasant astonishment was to see 5 truly decent Piaget adornments watches, 4 of which are wristband or manchette watches, that we have seen doing great the previous years at closeout and it is a lovely determination. As I would see it, insufficient consideration is devoted to the Piaget vintage women looks as they really made some delightful plans in the 1970’s. Generally, a fascinating and mixed choice that we appreciating glancing through, however plainly we had our top choices and fortuitously all jumper watches, so here they are:

LOT #116

Omega 166.077 Ploprof COMEX, 1970

Although Rolex’s improvement of the Sea Dweller with its licensed helium get away from valve is most commonly connected with the Comex plunging company, Omega was engaged with Comex too in the advancement of their Seamaster 600 “Ploprof”. Additionally, acclaimed jumper and movie producer Jacques Cousteau helped in its turn of events. Ploprof was an epithet that came from the French expression ‘plongeur professionel’, which implies proficient jumper in English. Considering the Comex affiliation was brief and how uncommon these unique models are, we were enchanted to see one in this deal. This thick jumper was re-altered by Omega a couple of years prior is still essential for their assortment today. Not a simple watch to wear around, but rather it is a time machine for the wrist that returns us to jumping device watch improvement and headways in the 1960’s.

Estimate CHF 30,000 – 60,000

LOT #118

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms No Radiations, Late 1960’s

The ahead of schedule to mid 1950’s brought forth the improvement of the jumping apparatus watch. Blancpain was a basic part in this development.

Under the residency of CEO Jean-Jacques Fiechter, a devoted jumper, Blancpain built up its first genuine plunging watch. What might be compared to 91.45 meters, was the profundity rating for this watch. It was created with particulars and community oriented endeavors of the French Combat Diving School. The delivery occurred in 1953, one year before Rolex delivered the Submariner.

This ‘No Radiations’ variant implied it was bound for regular citizen use as Blancpain had contracts with a few militaries at the time.

Estimate CHF 18,000 – 28,000

LOT #203

Tudor Submariner 7922, 1958

Although we used to call these the poor-man’s 6536 (alluding to the same Rolex ‘little crown’ model from a similar time-frame), it appears to at this point don’t be the situation. Tudor, albeit still short of Rolex costs, has been making up for lost time. All things considered, we discover these to be extraordinary vintage jumper watches and with how the Tudor brand has been patching up itself in the previous few years, their vintage watches have acquired a great deal of interest too. Albeit the arm band is unquestionably a later one, the watch looks incredible and we like vintage Tudor Submariners as they are indeed more extraordinary than the Rolex ones. Less were fabricated and since they were less expensive than their Rolex partners, they were likely pitilessly beat up thusly considerably less survived.

Estimate CHF 15,000 – 25,000

LOT #233

Rolex Submariner 5513, 1968

So with regards to military issue Submariners, we for the most part think about the British Royal Navy Milsubs, yet the Chilean Navy (Armada de Chile) had requested Submariners too. Obviously, far less were conveyed and way less individuals think about them. These didn’t have the military specs that the Milsubs do, however are military issue in any case and exceptionally collectible. This watch was given before the overthrow and resulting military fascism, when the still in force president Montalva was a devoted ally of his district’s naval force and maritime instruction. What trailed the 1973 Chilean upset d’etat by the Chilean Navy and the other equipped constrained, was undeniably less glamorous.

This watch has a fascinating foundation thus few have at any point surfaced, it is difficult to assessed the worth. The internal case has the coordinating last three digits of the side case chronic number, which was likewise seen in Fuerza Aerea del Peru (the Peruvian Air Force or F.A.P.) conveyed Rolexes.

Estimate CHF 30,000 – 50,000

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